Friday, May 30, 2008

Did You Know SJP Looked Like My Little Pony?

In case you didn't, there is a whole site dedicated to comparing each possible horse face Sarah Jessica Parker can make. It's rather interesting. Actually, its more than's rather amazing that all this time /SJPCarrie was a horse in Jimmy Choos.

Need more proof? Look at many, many more pics at the official website called Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like A Horse.


A Lil Mornin Leading With The Left....

Seems everyone is doin it. Don't you love the play on the fingas (is it da middle? no its' da married finga but fuck all of us who are hatin!)? I say, when you have to lead with da left and talk about how real it is (all da fuckin time!), is when its faker than Lil Kim's face. I'm not sayin but I'm sayin.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

¿Qué no puede hacer Barack Obama?

¡El habla español también! Eche una mirada al alcance de Obama fuera a los votantes españoles. ¡Yo lo adoro!

Why Reading The Paper Is Worth It....

Don't you hate when you save someone's life and then regret it later?

Ummmmmm, all that huh? I know I hate when SAVBS get OCC and PMDHO and then have to DKAB.

You know you done good when a one-armed man is applauding you.

I mean, damn, that's a lot of fuckin.

Right. So I guess 25 is the new 19?

Raven-Symone Fans Tell Her She Can Put That Where!

Maybe Raven is just tired? I mean she has been working since she was 6 months old. I mean, I'm still believing that is the only possible excuse for those unexcuseable eyebrows. But that's just because I'm not Raven-Symone's biggest fan. And unfortch, due to Raven's lacakdasical attitude, her biggest fan has shut her site down and she is done. And well, I'm not mad atchu boo. It bees like dat sometime....and when you feel like you need to, moving on is always what's good.

"The time has come for me to personally close the site. We were at the top of our game and I cannot be more happy with the way the site had gone. The members were all so loyal.

However I made the decision to close the site based on this past year. This was supposed to be the best year for Raven professionally and she wasted it!
The movie did great, she promoted I couldn't have been happier, I got to meet her and even though she was very standoffish it completed my goal of wanting to meet her.

The whole album deal just infuriates me! She had a great album and she refused to do anything with it. She ended up selling only 4,400 copies!!!! That is a huge flop.

She did zero promotion and didn't acknowledge it on her OWN official website which showed little to no care for this album which is sad.

What just did it for me was her management team, we were told we would get an interview for the website 4 months ago... then it comes time for it and they decide we don't need it. Cause raven is so busy right? All the promotion we did online for years was nothing but free promotion for them. I am done supporting someone who just doesn't care about her projects.

I wish all the fans well and as for me, I have finally moved on..."

UPDATE: Seems as tho the favorite fan is a HE and not a SHE like I mentioned above. Silly of me to think that a girl would be running Raven-Symone's fan site. How u doin


Angelina Jolie.

I think you guys may already know that I love Angelina -- even tho she doesn't do my Baby Z's hair -- and that she is absolutely one of my fave celebrities. I can't say that I enjoy her acting...honestly, other than being HOT, I can't even remember her being in anything that I've enjoyed. Wait, I just thought about it and I did love "Gia". Anyway....I think I just love the essence of who she is. If she doesn't symbolize growth and change, then I don't know who does. She went from this crazy hot bitch who made love in da club and on red carpets with her big eyed brother, to wiping Billy Bob down on red carpets and wearing his blood and fuckin in secret chambers, to calming her ass down, 'saving' babies from all over the world and falling in love and in da family way with someone who is just as hot as she is. More importantly, during each step of the way, she could give a fuck about what anybody says or thinks, it is obvious that she is enjoying herself, and she loves who she is and doesn't require validation from anyone else to do what she wants to do.

So where is all of this coming from? Well I was just reading an interview with Angelina that she did was the "Sydney Morning Herald" and I just got all gooey inside. A lot of what she said struck a cord with me -- nothing I haven't heard before but I just likey. Don't be surprised if I go hiatus and then come back with a baby I found in the Amazon.

Here is what Angie says.....

On good friend Gwen Stefani, also due around the same time -- again!:

"Somehow we keep ending up pregnant at the exact same time. We were having a play-date and Gwen was trying to figure out what she was going to wear as she got more pregnant and I asked her if she had any spare clothes, and she gave me this [L.A.M.B. casual black] dress."

Plans after the birth of the twins:

"I plan to disappear for at least a month or two afterwards."

On rumors she and and Brad may wed:

"I know! [laughs] I turned on the news and heard we were getting married, and thought, 'That's odd!' You know, we're not against it; it's not something we're making a stand about or are scared of. It's just not felt necessary. We've both been married before and I think we feel like we are together because we want to be.

We want to raise these children together; we're committed to them and that's the priority. It's not about some contract binding us to have to be dedicated to each other, but that we were going to start building this family and be close just because we are. So we don't need to do it but one day we will. Maybe if the kids start asking -- they'll probably be the ones to make the decision."

On the focus on her looks:

"I don't take it seriously at all and I never listen to it. I look in the mirror and I see my mom and I see my little daughter. Like everybody, there are things about myself that I don't like. I don't want to point out my flaws. I have them. [laughs] But right now in my life I have a really good partner and somebody who makes me feel that even when I've got the flu and I'm sick or if I've just had my C-section in the hospital when I had Shiloh, he makes me feel beautiful.

I think there is a lot to being supported and loved. You know, my kids make me feel beautiful. True beauty is when you've really found something inside yourself that you're at peace with and the people around you are as well."

On being "Brangelina":

"We find it silly because we are both so goofy and we know who we are. The fortunate thing is we have so many kids and so many things that ground us. Brad was laughing on the red carpet and people were asking if we were having a great time, but what he was laughing about was he'd just gotten peed on by our daughter!"

On care for the children:

Angelina admits they have multiple nannies, but shared that they do not spend the night.

"We take turns working so one of us is always at home and when we work we limit the hours. We don't work on weekends. We make sure both of us are at home for at least breakfast or dinner. We adjust everything around family and we're lucky that we can.

I feel for mothers who give birth and have to go to work immediately. We can bring our kids to work, and we only work four months of the year."

On mending fences with her estranged father, Jon Voight:

"I think sometimes you have to distance yourself from relationships you feel are unhealthy for you. But we have spoken recently and we are going to try to get to know each other and maybe try not to be this daddy and daughter, but to be there for each other as friends in the coming years."

More kids?

"We keep thinking, "is there ever going to be a time when we don't have kids in the house?" Maybe we'll eventually start a foster home or something. We have a clinic that handles children so there are ways of looking after kids without actually physically having them in your home and we're doing more and more of that. But I think we will adopt again. I'd like to do it again."


Happy Birthday!!

Today is Latoya Jackson's 52nd birthday!! No wonder she's been seen out on the town! All she needs is Michael's gold clip for her lace front and she'll be ready to Par-tay!

A Lil Mornin Leading Wit Da Left.....

Just Cuz.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tyra Is A Talk Show Barbie/Bratz Doll

And I kinda love it. Check out Tyra in this Sunday's New York Times Magazine.

She's taking over.


He's Just Not That Into You.....The Movie

Here is the trailer for the movie version of the book I never needed to read, "He's Just Not That Into You"....I will catch this biz on HBO. Seriously. This movie could be funny as hell and in 1 minute you can tell that it is so not. I mean, I'm kinda upset too because I was ready to have somebody take me to the movies to see this so they can totally understand what is going to happen to them after our 'date' is over, but it just doesn't look good at all. First of females really do like that first girl does (you'll see her...she chases dude down after he gives her a business card)? And really, this looks like a slightly updated version of Dawson's Creek, Party of Five, 90210 and My So Called Life all rolled into one.

But um, what do you guys think? Are you seeing this? Funny...not a one black person must not know what it means to not have somebody not into them. Altho, I did see a token surrounding Drew Berrymore in that one scene.


Just For Giggles and Just What I Needed To Make Me Feel Better....

Guys. OK, I don't know if you've ever heard Cuba Gooding Sr. (yes, Cuba Jr.'s daddy) sing before, but now is your chance. This man sings the National Anthem unlike I've ever heard anyone sing the National Anthem before. I mean, dude is SANGIN! He starts with a "Test" and goes right into it....didn't need to tell anyone to turn his levels up or anything. Don't tell him he is not singin...

Did you hear that "WHAT so proudly we hail??????" And did you hear the pick up on the "Whose broad stripes and bright stars"???!!! I'm still laughing. I can't!

But here is really why this is even funnier. Maya Rudolph sang the National Anthem on Saturday Night Live....and it is sounds something like Cuba Sr. Please (NO YOU MUST) click: Weresogallantlystreaming to view this video!!!

(Elle, Aaronella, and Bella.....O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


AW HELL TO DA NAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holy Shit! Foxnews analyst Liz Trotta straight up said that Obama should be killed. She says, “Now we have what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama. Well, both, if we could.” Are you kidding me?????!!!! And then the bitch kept on talking like she didn't just wish death to the future president of this country. WOW! I mean, DAAAAAYUM.

She of course "apologized"....Bitch says: “I am so sorry about what happened yesterday and the lame attempt at humor,” she said, when reminded of her comments by Fox anchor Bill Hemmer. “I fell all over myself, making it appear that I wished Barack Obama harm or any other candidate, for that matter, and I sincerely regret it and apologize to anybody I have offended. It is a very colorful political season, and many of us are making mistakes and saying things we wish we had not said.”

2008. It's 200 fuckin 8 and people are on NEWS stations calling for the assassination of a black man because he is going to be running shit. And the bitch still has a job!!!!! I can't. My levels are just way too high right now and I might end up throwin a bow and drop kickin the next bitch who looks at me wrong. Damn.


Just For Giggles...

Only Mimi would wear what she's wearing (seriously, gag me with a fuckin spoon) and attempt to pitch a baseball with her left hand in her pocket positioned just her wedding ring stays visible. And seriously, look at the release on that ball? That ball went no where real quick and to the left. The Japanese (or anybody for that matter) clearly don't think Nick important enough to be the one to pitch the damn ball. Just why?! AHAHAHAHA!

The King Legacy Continues...

Welcome the first grandchild of Dr. Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King....Baby Yolanda Renee King!!!


Sex And The City NYC Premiere

I usually don't like posting pics just for the hell of posting pics cuz I don't care who wore what -- unless it was fug or extra hot and I have something to say. Buuuuuut, this is SATC and well, I just wanted to know who invited Latoya Jackson to the festivities? Can you find her?


Jelly Belly Is Not 40 Years Old....She's 39 1/2

Usher goes on a serious rant on TRL....he in love ya'll. HAAAAAAAAAAA....go head Jelly Belly. You got that. Whatever you puttin in his eggs, its workin boo. The craziness starts at about 2:35. Funny....this reminds me of a Mariah meltdown on TRL....minus the ice cream cart.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Does Anyone Know Where I Can Get That Gold Clip For My Hair?


All you skanks out there thinkin you were goin to be the next Deelishis or Buckeey (seems Buckeey was makin sex tapes slobbin knobs prior to slobin Flavs) or Thing 1 & 2, forget about it. You must find another reality attrocity or simply continue working at your local tittie bar to find success as a nasty ass ho who will actually let someone as decrepit and fugly as Flava damn Flav to touch, kiss and whoever knows what else you. WHY you ask? Well because Flav done went an proposed to his most recent baby mother...and she accepted, of course. Both vowing to be a great wife and husband.

More importantly, they both prove my theroy on how people are born hot or not. Two fugs most ALWAYS make a hot. Karma, Flav's son is quite cute and why? Because his parents are fug. It's a mathematical science. See for yourself.


OK. So Ursher is making the rounds to promote his new album which is out today. And, while I guess part of promoting yourself is addressing rumors - new and old - I'm kinda feeling like Ursher is reading from a script -- like this is what he thinks he should be saying about his marriage, his mother, and being a father to Baby Cinco (yes, they call the baby Cinco -- Usher V -- get it?) or Rabbit (Usher made that up real quick because "Cinco's new favorite toy is a blue bunny rabbit and he's always moving going no where fast."

In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, he talks about how he used to be this player and could have any woman he wanted and was product of his environment and Jelly Belly changed that for him and addresses why his didn't go the wedding:

''My mother made a decision not to come to my wedding because she didn't really agree with my decision,'' he explains, declining to specify whether she disagreed with his choice of wife or his decision to fire her. ''I don't know why,'' he offers simply. ''She's never told me and I've never asked her.'' Though he demurs when pressed further for details, he reveals: ''It hurt me very much not to see her there 'cause I would've liked for her to be there, not to mention that I paid so much money for her to be accommodated and her behind didn't show up. [Laughs] But just as she's made stands, so have I.'' (That may help explain the title of his new album, though he insists, ''It's not me lashing out at anyone; it was the hottest name for the project, and a testimony to how certain I was about certain issues.'')

Today on GMA, he tells Robin Roberts all of the same stuff....that all of the Internet rumors about his marriage ending are false. His wife has made him a man, a better man, a family man. When he became a husband he became a great man. Funny enough, Robin Roberts says "Let's talk about your son Usher" and he says, "Which son? I didn't know if you were talking about my fragrance Usher or my baby Usher." Hmmmmmm....interesting....he also says "just this morning, me and my wife were talking about the tragedies in Johannesburg and that is what you want in a companion".....really, Ursher? Just this morning that is what you and Jelly Belly were talkin about?

Then he talks about being on Dancing With The Stars....and how amazing it was because dancing is what he loves. Funny, it was said that his appearance on DWTS was a mess:

Usher’s pre-taped, edited performance for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale may look seamless, but what happened behind the scenes at the singer’s May 13 taping left host Tom Bergeron and company scratching their heads–and scrambling to set up for the live show.

First, the 29-year-old singer arrived late, throwing the entire production behind schedule. Then, while appearing to lip-synch two songs—”Yeah!” and “Love in This Club”—he fell out of step with his choreography, turning the wrong way once and losing his mic a second time. With each mistake he walked offstage.

The performance then went further off-course when the singer took a long break to get a drink. “He was ridiculous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Such a diva.”

Following Usher’s act, the DWTS cast and crew had only 15 minutes to prepare for the live show (rather than the standard 45-minute post-taping buffer.) “The [dancers] were all at their trailers ten minutes before the show was supposed to go live, like, ‘Don’t we have a live show to do?” a source says. “There was a lot of holdup. We almost didn’t [make it].”

The judges–who were dressed in their finale show formal wear for the pre-show taping–made a quick costume change, while a team of grips frantically wiped away scuff marks on the dance floor left behind by Usher and his dancers.

I just think when it is true, you don't have to try so hard. If it is true, it doesn't have to be so forced and rehearsed. And really, when you're mother doesn't go to your wedding, I personally think there is a problem. Even when mother's don't approve of shit you do, they may cuss you out, stop speaking to you, and harass you until the very end, but they show up. Fake smile, maybe even without a smile, but they are there. Hell yeah, she took a stand. And Usher is insistent on us never finding out why. Good luck with that.

And I'm Back....

I made it back and I can actually function. During my long holiday weekend, I managed to ride or die, despite having spiders crawling in my back and imaginary rubber bands cutting off the circulation in my right arm. I managed to eat like food was going out of style, I managed to offend some bible thumpers (GOD loves me and my bra UHOPs!), and I managed to have the best time ever with my bitches. I thought I was going to need to sleep it out....actually, I would really like to be sleeping right now but um, I forgot that I didn't adjust my schedule to accommodate extra sleeping and no working. So here I am. But really, I'm back on time just for you, AlooFar.

Anyway, I return and it doesn't seem I missed too much. I saw Usher on Good Morning America today...I'll address that in my next post. More importantly, I came across pics of the newlyweds. And how cute are Bey and Jay dancing? How not cute are Nick and Mariah...who manages to lead with her left? I'm guessing you are more inclined to lead with your left when you pay for your own shit OR make a man use almost all of his savings to pay for a ring that is almost the exact replica of the ring he already bought for the bitch he proposed to not but two months ago.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Until Tuesday I Think ....

Hey Bitches...I just got 5 minutes to zugsh up what's been going on today, and it seems while I'm struggling due to severe back pain (thanks for the Oxy for real, THANKS!) but can't even sit and deal with my pain and enjoy my Oxy cuz I have to get my shit together for my holiday weekend extravaganza in DC, Lindsay Lohan finally shows her lezbo love in public, Diddy kicked Naomi's ass off his yacht on her birthday, Four witnesses have identified R. Kelly as the molester but both he and the girl claim its not them, and Elle done got herself an intern...Miss Natasia, I hope you're ready. Oh and Elle...I'm still trying to find out where the hell John Legend was last night....but clearly, he was there.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell all of you that I luh u and I hope you have an amazin holiday weekend!!! Bloggin should return as per usual on Tuesday but depending on how things done went down, it may be Wednesday or Thursday. In any case, no matter when I return, I'm sure there is fug awaitin to be viewed and discussed. Oh, and In Love Wit My Best Friend, thank you for email, but I can't rescue you until next week some time. I will leave you with this jewel bout you get a life?



Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ray J "Unplugged" took a minute to talk to Ray J....with the success of his song "Sexy Can I" and his women Whitney and Lil Kim, figured he might shed some light on some things....and so we can just assume that he's fuckin both of them....ew. (Laughs) Did you propose to Whitney over the phone—I would hope not through the wire?

R.J.: No. I respect all the young men who are getting married and taking a stand to be faithful and having a good woman in their life who supports them. That’s a good, good look for young men. I congratulate all the young men with the older women who are helping these young men to grow and the young men for keeping the excitement in a beautiful woman’s life. So with that said, I don’t know… So you don’t know if you proposed to Whitney?

R.J.: I can’t say what happened. All I can say is that young men are being responsible, taking control and being bosses, that’s what I’m doing right now. So you’re not going to go on record on whether or not you proposed?

R.J.: Yeah, I’m just going to say it’s good for men and women to connect and have a spiritual bond so I congratulate everyone who’s doing that right now. (Laughs) And does that also mean congratulations to you and Whitney?

R.J.: (Laughs) I’d like to congratulate Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey. read him the blog item about his proposal)

R.J.: (Laughs) Wow, Blessings to the United States of America! Blessings, blessings… (Laughs) I get it “blessings” is your “no comment.” So you won’t confirm or deny the proposal?

R.J.: I can’t right now. You know, things happen so fast. Wow. I also know that celebrities often have someone in their camp planting the seed for the media to grow and build on.

R.J.: Yeah, but I just woke up for real. For real, this is crazy. Okay let’s make it more simple, are you and Whitney a couple?

R.J.: You know what? She’s a great friend of mine. “Great friend” as in a platonic or romantic friend?

R.J.: Just a great friend. You know, I would say a friend who loves a friend. How long have you and Whitney been friends?

R.J.: Since I was like young she’s been cool with my sister. If it wasn’t for Whitney my sister probably wouldn’t even be in the game because that’s who she studied every day. Then to have the chance to meet her, follow her and learn from her and develop her own style, that’s priceless. Whitney is my sister’s mentor. So I’d say, Whitney and I met when I was 11 or 12, I don’t really remember. The last few years have been tough for Whitney. What are your hopes for her as she prepares for her comeback? R.J.: She’s a great person and one of the greatest artists ever to do it and people want to see that experience again and that’s what I want to see and I know that’s what she wants as well and that’s the plan. There has also been speculation that your song “Boyfriend” allegedly addresses what Bobby Brown failed to do for Whitney. Is that true?

R.J: [He begins singing the lyrics 'Is that your wife/ is that your shorty/well I'm her boyfriend/I think the problem is you don't beat it right/Making love is cool/just pull her hair sometimes' ] That part? No, not at all. I didn’t even write that song. When I heard the record I thought it was a great concept and I usually write everything. I only added it when I was about to wrap the album up I just felt it was so real and I just went there on this album. How is your relationship with Bobby Brown?

R.J.: They are all great people. I’m a big fan of Bobby Brown’s. He’s the greatest R&B artist of all time so I have much respect for him and the whole family. So you two don’t have beef?

R.J.: No, not at all. If I see him out it’s all love. Like I said, I have much respect for him and what he’s accomplished in his career. So is Lil’ Kim your girlfriend?

R.J.: You know what she’s someone who inspires me and played a big part in my “Sexy Can I” single so I pay homage to her as someone who’s on my side. So you and Lil’ Kim are platonic friends?

R.J.: It’s more than that, we’re building dynasties. Up until this point in your life, what is the one thing you’ve discovered about yourself?

R.J.: That I’m growing—literally. I’m taking care of myself—working out, running—and I’m just focused and getting better.

To read the rest of the interview go to

New Muziq: Moving Mountains

Just in time for Ursher to file for separation from Jelly Belly, he has released his second single from his new album which is droppin in just 5 days. Say what, now? Oh yes, well according to Natasha, Usher filed for separation three weeks and is just trying to figure out if there should be an announcement or if we should all just be happy with the "leak". Ain't this about bitch? I don't have no words. I still don't believe that she was pregnant and I don't believe that they are married for real anyway. R. Kelly got more of a shot pretending that that mole isn't his then these two trying to somehow show that their bullshit sham of a marriage was real. I just want to know, what happened to the days of marrying HOT bitches for real or for fake? And if it is for fake, since when is it ok to marry and fake procreate with fugly stankin asses? UGH!
Anyhoo...for those of you who actually care about the music, check out Ursher's new winter wonderland video....

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This Is What Happens When The Man Gets Pregnant

Normally, when you're preggers, you get to sit and do nothing -- EXCEPT GROW A HUMAN -- and eat Cheetos wit Pistachio ice cream and pickles. Unfortch, when you're the pregnant man, you still have shit to do like weed wack and mow the lawn. And I give the transman's wife a high five on that one....just cuz you pregnant don't mean you get to avoid your sponsibilities. You want to be the man, well bitch, enjoy! Thanks BestWeekEver!

TEAM Jay & Yonce OR TEAM Mimi & Nick?

So oddly enough, I'm just having a conversation with a certain fellow stankin ass (yes, you bitch) regarding the ridiculousness that is Mariah's marriage but at least she put her shit on blast unlike some others we know, Yonce confirms her marriage (sort of). Yonce told Britain's Look Magazine, “I don’t deny it (the wedding). I just don’t talk about it. We’ve never talked about us and it’s kind of protected our relationship. I think it’s kept us out of tabloid drama. A lot of actresses that have had successful relationships don’t talk about them, so neither do I.”

And I say that's the way to go. Bey and Jay have been together for over 6 years and part of the appeal of their relationship is that you don't know shit except for what they decide to throw in a song er' now and then. When you do see them out and about, you may see her rockin a Roc-a-Fella chain and she might even throw up the sign....and yes, we did see them on the yacht but that's it. That's enough. Of course we would love to see them bust out in a fit of PDA -- if for no other reason just to see if Jay really doesn't swallow her head with his big ass camel lips -- but we know they get their loving on and we know its real. Not to mention, nobody had an album coming out during the wedding.

On the other hand, you got this Hello Kitty band aid wearing meeting some little boy on a video shoot and then marries said little boy and then sells the wedding pics to PEOPLE. For what?! It's not like Mariah needs to the money. Maybe the money was for Nick (I'm thinking Nick is the master mind behind this whole thing anyway -- he's been pressed to get married for a minute). Point is, it just adds to the extra over topness of it. Wouldn't you have purchased Mariah's album without a wedding?! Well....with songs like "This is for my people who lost somebody....." I guess the gimmicks had to take precedence. Anyway, the boy then goes and gets his whole back tatted with her name while she gets a tiny little butterfly that she can easily cover up should shit go wrong. That's his bad, not hers, but the point is, who are you doing all this for? For us? If you love somebody who gives a shit who sees it?

But for all we know, Mariah and Nick might last forever. Or at least until her Hello Kitty stupid ass band aids run out.

I just wanted to go on record as TEAM Jay & Bey. I can appreciate true love from a distance.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Simon Speaks On Fantasia

Simon takes a minute to explain to Ellen why his face looked like it look while Tasia was singing. I mean, personally, there is no need to explain the face....If you saw the performance. However, I love Simon and I love his attempt at an explanation. He's so funny.

New Muziq: Jennifer Hudson

I'm kind of loving J. Hud's new single "Spotlight"....but I had to really listen to it. The beginning sounds like a song I already know (a song from the 70's)....Ne-Yo was in a put your roller skates on mood when he wrote and produced this one. It clearly isn't a song that has her belting out notes like she's telling us she's not is a radio friendly song and I think it will do well in the clubs too. The single hits radio on June 9th. I'm ready for the album already and if this is any indication of what we can look forward to, then I'm pumped!!

What do you think? Listen to Spotlight!

Just Cuz: Baby Shiloh

In the next couple of months when Angelina and Brad have Princess 1 and Princess 2 (or da twins) no one is going to care about Shiloh. Well, I mean, I'll still care about Shiloh because she was the first baby to carry two of the hottest genes on this planet and you get your place in the history books for being first. It will be crazy to see what the next two girls are gonna look like...and they are fraternal so it will be like having two different kids at the same time. One is going to look just like Angie and the other will look just like Brad. But wait, this is about Shiloh. I just thought she looked cute eating her cookie and shopping with her mom.

This cookie is YUM-EE!

Mommy...I'm just tryna enjoy my cookie. Who are these people?!

Mad is like why is this B touchin me?! I mean, I'm used to the staring (see idiots in the back) but really, who said you could put your hands on me?

Nothing like a tasty cookie and then my daddy. Snap that bitches!!!!!!!!!!

It's Official: F.U. Is In Love

The dude that knocked Suge da fuck out done made a video. First of all, he's a cutie. That eye isn't near as wonky as that picture made it look. Secondly, he isn't hiding. He's in his barber shop chillin. Suge and er'body else no where to find him. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mommy Dearest

Seriously, What.Da.Fuck?! Keisha Whitaker why you let True out the house like this???!!! How did you think it was OK for her to literally be wearing purple gift wrap on top of animal print that doesn't match anything?! She seems old enough to be able to decide what she wants to wear....HENCE WHY YOU HAVE A MOM! And if the Mom clearly is more concerned about how she looks, where is the stylist?! It's all about the kids Keshia. Please, keep this in mind for future events.