Tuesday, September 16, 2008

21st Century Depression

I've been looking for something to talk about that would get my mind off of the fact that Wall Street is crashing and our economy is beyond fucked and people still want to talk about that heffa Sarah Palin being a pitbull with lipstick. Seriously, I just don't get it. When do people start to face reality and realize that there is about to be real suffering. More than what we are currently experiencing. If people continue to focus on the bullshit and not what is staring them right in the eye, we are all doomed.

Of course, you and me both, believe that Barack Obama is the key. He is the man that sees what we are all facing and actually has real ideas and plans to fix what Bush, who isn't smarter than a fifth grader, has done to this country. Thing is, we are so fucked up on everything from Iraq, to the economy, to taxes, to global warming, to education that I'm even confused as to where Barack is supposed to begin.

I got to thinking about this because all the news people wanted to know was whether or not Sarah Palin was offended by Tina Fey's imitation of her in her SNL skit. I'm like wait a minute. Are we not in a financial crisis and you want to ask this bitch if she thought Tina Fey was funny???? I can't. Since when did John McCain not even become a factor in this race? Oh wait, he never was. This election is now officially race vs. gender and it doesn't seem to matter to anybody that Palin hasn't done shit AND if we do include McCain in the equation, he has admitted to not knowing a whole lot about the economy AND did ya'll know he graduated 790th out of 795? This dumb ass graduate damn near last in his class. WHY LORD????

I came across this article in Slate Magazine and it basically looks at both sides and has decided that neither Obama or McCain can truly benefit from the current state of the economy.

On McCain:
"McCain's other economic plans also have a similar action-oriented feel. He's going to cut earmarks! Cutting earmarks isn't going to do much to improve people's lives (in fact, if you benefit from them, your life could get worse) because they're only a small portion of the budget, and it'll be hard for McCain to cut what's left. But McCain can sound like he's going to take action when action is what voters want, and it's an issue with which he has a record."

On Obama:
"If Obama can't get anything more out of the McCain-is-out-of-touch strategy, then a day full of lampooning McCain may not do much to help Obama. Voters would miss any programs he was offering to fix the crisis in the blizzard of McCain mocking. Obama has struggled throughout his campaign to show that he has both a plan and the ability to execute it. That's why last week he was at pains in New Hampshire to walk voters through exactly what his tax-cut plan would deliver for them. It was not his most stirring performance, but it may be one Obama needs to deliver more often."

I think the bottom line is that no matter what McCain says or doesn't, it is obvious that he has the GOP in his ear tellin him what to say and do and if they have anything to do with it, things need to stay the same. Let the rich continue to get richer. You know, anybody making more than $5 million a year, right McCain?

And the real fact is that Obama needs to come out right now and start smashin heads. We have less than 7 weeks until history is made. I think he can benefit from this Wall Street drama and let people know how much we're losing and how we'll continue to be financially destroyed on all levels - from businesses to homes - if we allow another term of this bullshit.

Cuz seriously, I can't. Yes we can!


Simone said...

Thank you for this post! Did you also know that it took Palin 7 years to get her bachelors degree after going to 6 colleges ... a few of which, she failed out of! Now McCain is damn near dead, and if he dies ... we have a multi-college dropout on our hands running the White House. Not to mention all of her other stances on things. And you're right, she's not even the real issue here. Republican values are the issue.
Obama must win!!!