Monday, June 30, 2008

Just For Giggles...

YOU MUST watch this video for Cleveland's Next Top Model. Yes, you read correctly.

That's right look like a Kathy. Some runways don't have sides, when is the last time you've seen a runway with sides? Litigation that!!

I Love It!

The F.U. Hour!!!

F.U. wants to thank all of you who listened live and those of you who have streamed the show!!! I had soooo much fun doing the show and big shout outs to Elle, Bella and Aaronella for co-hosting! I'm still trying to figure out how often I'll be doing my show...right now it is looking like bi-monthly. I'll let you know when a show will be airing.

Now I do want to say that this first show sounds a lil janky - due to to the sound quality - and that was my fault. Maybe next time I'll be a tad less intoxicated and celebrate AFTER the show. You can still listen and still hear but um, for those of you that hear the jankiness, don't tell me the sound quality is fucked up cuz I already know. (Click THE F.U. HOUR to listen)

Anyhoo....since Miss Jonez got fired from Hot 97, somebody got to take her place and well, I think this means F.U. will be taken over Hot 97 sooner than later. I'll keep you posted on that.

I luh u for listenin and I luh for reading!

OK, Now I'm Officially Done

This BITCH spit her gum out in the audience. I feel woozy. The vomit in my mouth taste like a strawberry smoothie. Oh lord why??! I CAN'T!!! When does it end!!!

Do you see how gum can be used to harm people?! GUM IS EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So Amy Wino, What's Really Good?

I totally understand that carrying a crack hive around, smoking crack regularly, and on the verge of having emphysema can be really stressful and as we know, lethal. I know you have a problem and a real disease. However, should people who are actually still paying to listen to your crack head ass have to suffer? Can we understand why during the middle of your set you threw a bow - yes, bitch elbowed somebody in the crowd - and then proceed to deck that person or someone else about four times. And then just kept it moving. She needs to be put down. Just WHY?!

Some Happy Birthday Just Why In The Mornin...

Fantasia celebrated her birthday in a satin, sheer, pink leopard party dress, with a red ruffle liner underneath. My eyes...I CAN'T! Damn you, Tasia!! When will someone save her from her hood rat ghetto fried hot mess designer wear?! Jesus take the wheel and drive her ass to Neiman Marcus. Puh-Lease!!!!!!!! Happy birthday, Tasia. Happy damn Birthday.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fabulosity Of The Day: Will & Jada

Will and Jada attended the 10th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation and they both look like amazingly regal. I love, love, Jada's dress. And I love them. They are just so fab.


So You Think You Can Dance: Re-cap and Results (Kinda)

Yes, I know. It is Friday. My SYTYCD re-cap is beyond late. Totally not my fault - well I mean technically it is - but I'm just a busy beaver and it bees like that sometimes. So thanks to the 3rd best invention ever (after the phone and television) TIVO, I'm able to even give a re-cap days later. And somebody better read this shit.

Kherrington & Twitch: I said it last week, but I'll say it again....I really like these two. This week they had Hip-Hop and the dance was about them breaking out of jail. I liked the orange SYTYCD jumpsuits and even better I liked their dance. I think Kherrington did her thing altho she smiled just a lil too much for you just escaped from jail, yeah you should be happy, but you ain't safe yet. That's was the point. I enjoy both of their personalities and it came across very well. I had fun watching them.

Courtney & Gav: I wasn't bored this week, that's for damn sure. Courtney and Gav got the Rumba and it was sexy as hell. I mean, Courtney's costume was a barely there half dress and once I saw her slide down his back and his one leg, I was like well damn. They both were clearly very into the movements and really tried to bring the passion to the dance. I'm still not pumped about them but it was a HUGE improvement from the past two weeks. Like I actually remembered them this week.

Comfort & Chris: OK, so CC got Jazz but their choreographer spiced it up and made it African Jazz...or maybe just incorporated some African moves and concepts into a Jazz routine. Anyway, I thought it was excellent and for the first time, Christina out danced Comfort. He really stepped it up. Now while I agree with the judges that their fire could have been more serious, I liked it and was pumped for them. However, by the end of the show, I knew that they would be in the bottom three yet again.

Jessica and Will: Disco. Will & Jessica got disco. I wasn't happy with that choice because I just don't get into disco. And then during the rehearsal sessions when they were like Jessica was playing around more than she needed to be....I was like oh hell no! If they land in the bottom three again because this bitch - who needs more help than most - wants to be foolin around it is bout to be me and her. However as much as I don't like disco, thanks to Will and his serious John Travolta move, all the spins and tricks....I still don't like disco but Will was great! The funny thing here is that yeah, Jessica was good too, right? BUT, the choreographer lady was really trying to make this Jessica's dance and Will still stole her shine. He can't help it. He could dance the hokey pokey and it would be the hottest shit ever. But wait, before Adam the judge (who is hilarious) said how cute their fall was.....did you catch it? I was laughing because you could tell that she slipped and then Will put his hand down to hold them up and then while smiling, Jessica slid her hand down to the floor to help him hold them up. And then when Adam actually said, "that was cute when you fell and you put your hand down to hold each other up" and then Cat said, "Adam you aren't supposed to tell" and then Adam said, "oh like we all didn't just see it?" That is when I lost it. I thought I was the only one who caught that....clearly I have a dancers mind and I see all. All that to say, they were good, but I don't like disco.

Kourtni and Matt: I enjoyed them. Uma and Matt had a really cute contemporary piece that had them showing off all of their technical skills. They were in synch the entire number. I couldn't really tell if they were supposed to be monkeys or puppets or hobos but it didn't matter. They hit all the marks and it was fun and I liked them alot.

Chelsea and Thayne: Oh Chelsea and Thayne. Why did ya'll have to get the damn Quick Step! WHY?!! Let's start with the good. Their costumes were waaaay better this week. Chelsea looked very pretty. Ok, that's bout it with the good. The whole time watching them I'm like what is going on here? What are they doing? And why is Thayne smiling so hard?! And really, they don't know what they are doing. However, I refused to believe it was their fault. I kept saying it's not them. It's the dance. But I was only saying that because deep down, I knew these two were about to be dancing for their lives one more gin. And dammit if Nigel didn't tell them to get their solos ready. Damn quick step.

Chelsie and Mark: Seriously, these two are amazing. Love them. I have mentioned that I'm in love with Mark. He is just so damn hot. Do you see him! Ok but even better, they got Hip-Hop and their choreographers (that cute dancin couple) created a fantastic dance story to the song Bleeding Love. Everything was right. The song, the dance, the emotion, the movements...everything. I truly believed that Mark would rather be at work than home with her and I would have kicked his damn brief case too. He's too hot to be wasting his face at work. I didn't really like Chelsie's made her look more like his kid sister than wife of that hot man in a suit BUT she killed it. If her costume didn't convey who she was, her dancing and her face did. The poppin for the heart beat and the you cut me open and the "Man in the Mirror Michael Jackson jump" did it for me. Amazing.

Katee and Joshua: And one more gin. I. LOVE. THEM!!! These two are just off the chain. And what makes them so dope is that they are deadly on the low. Like you almost forget about them (especially after watching Chelsie and Mark) and then they come and make you remember why you love them and they kill it. This week Katee and Joshua got the Samba and all I had to say was daaayum, that's hot. And I was talking bout Joshua's booty! Did ya'll see his booty...even Nigel had to say I don't what's really good with those trousers but damn your ass is on point. Then they made his father, who was in the audience get up and show his booty -- but I'll get to that in a minute. Katee had on a version of Courtney's dress except it was purple and had feathers. I think the costume designer was just like fuck it. Make them the same shit just switch sides and colors. Anyway, the dance was hot and sexy just like I would think a Samba should be. They hit every point and they just dance so well together. They are the couple to beat. For sure.

Mkay but I'm not done. Let's just take it back to the pre-taped segment of Joshua and Katee and Joshua trying to teach Katee how to scream like a girl. Joshua, we know you and that luscious apple bottom of yours is beyond How U Doing but really, boo? Don't be hittin high notes like that. If Katee wants to scream like a boy let her. One of you has to play the role, you know? AND can someone please tell me why his father has platts in his hair that start in the middle of his head like Stevie Wonder's? And has a gold toofus. WHY?

Lastly, I just want to say, I love Adam as a judge. He does talk too much and I would be the same way. I don't know when the hell to shut up and I would have something to say about every last thing. At least he's funny with it. And lastly, I'll say again, da hell was Mary wearin? She had every piece of bedazzled glass she could find on her damn dress. It was an upgrade from last week tho.

OK so the results. I didn't watch the results show but a quick zugsh on the blogger told me that Chelsea and Christina got the boot. I'm so not surprised. I don't know who they had to battle but Christina should have been gone last week because I think Marquis out danced him and Chelsea just lost her shine. She started out as my favorite but she got worse each week. We can blame it on the costumes and the quick step but really, she just didn't have what it takes.

If you watched the results show last night and you feel like it, please tell me who was in the bottom three and whether or not you think Chelsea and Christina were the two that deserved to go home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Ish...

-Barack Obama is on the cover of Rolling Stone for the second time...ever wonder what your future president listens to on his iPod? (Rolling Stone)

-Kimora's model behavior seems to be working in her least in the court room. (Bossip)

-Naomi's model behavior got her ass banned from Nelson Mandela's concert celebrating his 90th B-day. (D-Listed)

-Naomi was, however, invited to the pre-party along with Oprah, Will & Jada and many others A-listers and clearly fun times were had. (ConcreteLoop)

-And speaking of Naomi, who knew that Rev. Run had more hair under his armpits than Naomi has on her edges? (YBF)

-Did you watch the Celeb Family Fued with Ice -T's family vs. Joan River's family?! A botox silicone nightmare. (Lipstick Bitches)

-Syesha Mercado does OK! magazine fabulously. Who da hell is Syesha Mercado? (Inawordfab)

A Lil Just Why In The Mornin!

Feast your eyes on the Tranny Tragedy that is New York. These photos are promo pics for her new VH1 show 'New York Goes To Hollywood'....nice to know that all you need to get a show on VH1 are atrocious lace fronts, ridiculously giant fake titties, horrible make-up, and a man face.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just For Giggles...

B. Scott better watch his Paw Paw cuz this lil boy done worked it out to the PCD song "When I Grow Up" and might have stole his shine! Actually, nope, that is not possible. B. Scott is way too fierce.

First, please watch this lil boy with his red skinny jeans that may as well be spandex and his tight yellow shirt and his glasses (which are clearly prescription) tear it up.

Um, you know you fly when you can pop it like that and your glasses don't fall off and when they do slide a bit you can push them back up on your nose on the beat. I think my favorite part is the high kick at the end....and he's done. You better work lil boy!

But now you must watch one of my favorite B. Scott videos of all time.

Now that is what you call sexual gyration. Loves it!

New Muziq - J.Hud 'Spotlight'

For those of you that watched the BET Awards Pre-Show you got to see Jennifer Hudson's new video for her song 'Spotlight'. She looks great in the video and I love this song! This might be my new favorite song of the moment. Had Jennifer actually performed instead playin peek-a-boo on my guitar with Terrence Howard that might have made up for all the other crapola. Enjoy!

Are You Ready For F.U. To Take It To The Next Level?!

People! F.U. is ready to take shit live! The F.U. Hour is coming to your online airwaves. Say What Now?! Oh that's right, F.U. done started a radio show and it is about to be off the chain. This is your chance, you my loyal YISIAW readers to hear F.U. actually talk her ish. As you know, I'm not like any other blogger out there and my blog is not like any other. I don't just throw up pictures just for the hell of it. I talk my shit cuz I damn well feel like it and cuz I can. You actually have to take the time to READ my rants, my stank ass questions (how many times a day do I ask Just Why?!), my re-caps and my (possibly) psychotic vents -- and trust me, I preciate cha.

And now you can hear F.U. speak on it live! My first show will debut on Saturday June 28, 2008 at 11PM EST. You can find the show here:

You can call in and we'll chat about whatever it is you feel like chattin about. If you've been feelin like telling F.U. to shut da hell up or if you need F.U. to the Rescue, you can call me! You can find the call-in number on my blog talk site (at the url listed above). If you don't feel like calling just EMAIL me before the show and I'll be sure to read your questions and comments on air.

Now I know some of you might be saying, F.U. I'mma be at the club sippin on dat sizz on Saturday night! It's all good, boo. You go and get wiped down in your freak em' dress. The great part about this show is that after the show airs, all shows are archived and you can listen whenever you want. F.U. is available to listen to all day er'day. Blog Radio is cool as hell.

I'm thanking you in advance for your support. I don't know boutchu, but I'm ready to have some fun! We gonna take this ride together bitches!!

B-Day: Solange

Yonce, other family and friends celebrated Solo's B-day the other day. Word has it that she and Ludacris are dating. I mean, it is a serious upgrade from her ex....if it is true, its a good look Solo! Happy Birthday!

Ummmm, so we now throw up Roc signs on our foreheads? Mkay.

I just decided I don't like Solo's make-up...matter of fact, I don't like any of it. Da hell kind a clip/barrett/center piece is that in her hair?

Yup, I see you Luda, tryna make Jay your brother-in-law. I'm not madatchu.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Gist: BET Awards 2008

* Disclaimer: I couldn't find pics of er'body that I talk about and I ramble a bit because this show had me zonin out. So hopefully you saw, you understand, and well, you get the gist.

Sometimes when you are really looking forward to something, you are beyond pleasantly surprised and things are better than you could have ever imagined. Other times, you are disappointed and left feelin like you could have had some Coldstone and watched the new show, Wipe Out. In case you can't tell, I felt the latter. The BET 2008 awards get a big boo and boo from me. While, there were some great moments, no one was absolutely beyond amazing (I won't even name people from past shows that already set the bar cuz ya'll already know) and I feel like most people were either good, mediocre, or just why? And this includes performers and presenters. So instead of giving out awards this year, I'm just giving grades. Here's The Gist.

Usher kicked off the show with a lil 'Love in Da Club'. Overall, I enjoyed his performance. I thought the choreography was good but we've seen the moving floor thing before and truth be told, the whole time I was waiting for Yonce to come out. Actually....I was really hoping Monique would come out and do a routine to Freak 'Em Dress, but anyhoo....I guess there really isn't much else that Usher could have done to top his past performances (actually there is, but maybe next time?). I was more into my Cheez Its. Ursher: B+

Then D.L. Hughley starts talking. Why? He is so not funny. Not at all and throughout the show I questioned whether or not he and Weezy sipped on some cocktails together prior to the show. I mean, how else can you explain his not funny dyslexic ass? Why did he say "please remember and put your hands together for Young Jeezy?" Where did he go? Why wouldn't we remember him? Ugh...Moving on.

I think I'm the only one who doesn't know the words to Young Jeezy's "Put On For My City" (and not just the I put on for my city part). Seems er'body in the audience knew all the words. Jeezy made it do wut it do and the crowd participation made it even better, but I think Kanye's appearance made it hot. Young Jeezy: A-

So of course right before a commercial break, Neffie and Frankie (Keyshia Cole's mother and sister) make some kind of announcement and tell us to stay tuned for a performance from Keyshia. I have to say,I thought they both looked great....and when I say that, that is keeping in mind that it wasn't but a year ago Frankie didn't have not a tooth in her mouth and was wearing an orange jumpsuit and Neffie was a mess of gi-normous proportions. I won't even talk about how Frankie was tryna wipe down Pretty Ricky during the pre-show. But speaking of Keyshia....

She looked pretty enough...but um er uh, da hell was wrong with her mic and/or her singing?! Keyshia did not sound good at all. We know she can sing so, maybe there were some technical difficulties and they needed to turn her levels up? I don't know what the hell but I would have much rather her sing the "Sent From Heaven" song (and sound like how it sounds on my CD) than have her flip into the "Let It Go" song with the wack as choreography.....the guy standing there waiting for her not to hit that note to rip her dress it was so so corny. Did somebody not get paid to make her performance a hot one?! And then all the dances in the 'Let It Go' song was like shit I do at the club. And then didn't we see this whole routine before? Well almost. Last year, Lil Kim lookin a hot Bratz Doll mess coming out from the side of the stage tryna stay relevant with her lil rap with Diddy and Keyshia when they performed "Last Night" at the BET 2007 awards. I actually enjoyed that performance and even gave it The Fun Times Award. Funny enough, this was exactly what I said about Lil Kim last year: "Could have done without Lil Kim tho. Her verse is corny and she didn't even look hot. Like if you are going to make a surprise appearance Kim, surprise us." And again, a whole year later it was the same shit. Same side of the stage, same hair, same everything. Did you notice that during the time Kim came out John Legend's girlfriend whispered in his ear something about how Lil Kim looks a hot mess and Keyshia should have spent more time in rehearsal. John just giggled. Keyshia Cole feat. Lil Kim: C-

Can we just hold the presses real quick and talk about how these older women are puttin these youngins to shame. Nia Long looked AMAZING! But even more that damn Morris Chestnut. Still just as scrumptious as he wants to be. I can spend time wipin that chocolate down. But for real, was Boyz In the Hood really 17 years ago?! Daaayum.

Next up was Ne-Yo. Ne-Yo's not a dancer/entertainer/performer. He's a singer and a song writer. I must say that he did his thing with the choreography. I wasn't sure, but those guys with the masks on at the end, were those the Jabbawakies (or whatever their names are) who won the Americas Best Dance Crew? Doesn't matter. Point is, Ne-Yo's performance wasn't anything spectacular but I was pleased. Ne-Yo: A for effort. By the way....did anybody notice that er'time the camera showed Ney-Yo he was trying waaaay too hard to look like he was really happy to be there with his date? How u doin 101: When you are pressed to prove something, you usually waste your time and only confirm what everybody already knows.

Ashanti and L.L. Cool J. present the award for Best New Artist. I liked Ashanti's old glamour look but her hair was a bit high or something....something didn't work for me. And really, L.L. why in the name of all that is your receding hair line (still yummy tho) are you putting out another album?! And Da Hell was Dream doin that he couldn't be there to accept his new artist award? Hopefully fixin his rooster lip and shaving. That was some bullshit by the way. Estelle should have won that but it is the BET awards so....

Alicia Keys performs and she sang "Teenage Love Affair". I thought she looked really cute with her wig on but she needed some earrings. She did a tribute to the best Girl Groups to ever do it. She started out singing "Weak" (one of my favorite songs ever) and I was like why does SWV look scared to walk down the stairs. En Vouge LOOKED FABULOUS! Some more hot grown ass women puttin these youngins to shame. And seriously, to this day there hasn't been a girl group that has touched En Vogue. T-Boz what were those pants? Chilli is gonna be 90 years old with baby hair.

How cute was Niecy Nash?! Loved her hair and her dress! And she brought out the white kids with the ghetto names. Rayneshia. Funny. She was presenting an award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist. Of course Kanye won and had Weezy come up on stage with him. I couldn't tell if Wayne was high but I'm sure he was. Anyway, loved that Kanye kept his speech real short and simple. You know he had to switch it up since er'body was expecting some long winded speech about how Weezy may have broke his first week sales record but he's still the best to ever do it and Ice T don't know what he talkin about, Soulja Boy is what hip-hop is all about. (In my mind, Soulja Boy is the equivalent to gum, so there is my opinion on that.) I'm just glad he didn't even go there.

T-Pain looks like he belongs in a traveling circus, so that was the perfect theme for his performance...and since he believes 'this industry is his circus'. Rick my girl GiGi who I had to rescue the other boo, supposedly Foxy is wipin' Rick Ross down as I'm sure many women do and he is clearly at 48 DD. I guess with all the rappers and such that came out this was a good one. T-Pain: F; Er'body else: B+

Sigh....Derek Luke. One of my favorite actors and sexual hurts my heart to see him knowin we lost him to the milk. Yeah, that would be a white girl to whom he is married (they showed her tryna pretend she had some rhythm while Al Green was singing...did ya catch that...yes I'm hating and what? I got love for the milk. Trust me. I can still hate tho.). Anyway, he and Gabrielle Union looked like a chocolate oasis and I wanted to dip and dive in both of them. Beautiful.

Um, I could have sworn I heard D.L. introduce Warren Sapp as a gospel great. I thought Warren Sapp played football. D.L. fuckin sucks. Anyway.....I'll try not to curse while I let the church say Amen! Marvin Sapp tore it up! I went to church for sure. Marvin Sapp: A+...and I'm not just sayin that cuz you can't give the church performance a bad grade and so that I can be forgiven for that incident the other day. God already knows what's good.

OK. Chris Brown performs. Really, all I have to say is he let Ciara steal his whole show. AND the leg flip move they did at the end came straight from So You Think You Can Dance and not even from a live show. That was exactly the move that this chic (I actually think it was Rayven - the first girl to get kicked off) did with her dance partner in her audition and that is the exact move that got her her ticket to Vegas. Chris Brown is a cutie tho and I'm sure the lil girls loved the hearts in the rain or whatever da hell that was. Chris Brown: B; Ciara A+

The Next Generation (or whatever) came out to present an award. Cassie is friggin gorgeous....altho she can't read. Solange looked pretty too, I think. I didn't really like her hair but I think I liked her dress. I know they were telling people to register to vote, which is great, but all I could really pay attention to was the fact that Cassie and Solagne were both taller than the other boys on the stage with them. They presented the award for Best Collaboration and Kanye and T-Pain won for "Good Life". T-Pain is gross. Kanye went on to let er'body know he is one of the Kings in this game and his opinion counts....I mean, well since he won another award and T-Pain was doin his slow walk so that er'body can bask in his fugly horrendousness, it gave Kanye time to remind us all. I kinda love him.

The Al Green tribute. Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Maxwell did it up for Al. Jill was great as always. Anthony Hamilton minus his cheek naps. Loved it. He's actually not bad to look when he cleans up and dude can sang. Definitely needed to be in the tribute. Maxwell where da hell you been? And I saw a wedding ring. Did I miss something? He looks good....and I keeps the pumps on baby. Jill, Ant, Max: A

After the singing, John Legend tells Al Green to come on up and accept his award. Did Al Green forget he was at the BET awards and was bout to thank the Academy but fixed it right quick and said of the BET Awards? Ain't no academy boo. Ain't nobody but Terrence and Rocsi counting votes. (Speaking of those two...I miss Free) Anyway....was Al's acceptance speech just a bit janky? He sang tho which was beautiful. I always ask why do people break up and turn around and make up, Al. Just Why? Black people love some Al Green. Al Green: No grade necessary.

Da hell?! Lil Wayne wins an award. Mkay, so does someone want to tell me why they let Lil Wayne dress his kids in the dark after drinking a half gallon of that Sizz? Why they had on pink and white stripes and black and white polka dots? I'm just sayin. More importantly, did the whole three front rows have to get on stage to accept his award? At least he was coherent.

Rihanna. She's just beautiful. Even better, she actually sounded good. Not really a fan of the "Take a Bow" song....ironically, as I thought about it, I think other than Umbrella eh, eh, the only other song of hers I liked was the S.O.S song. Oh wait, I do like the song she has out now with Maroon 5...but more so cuz both she and Adam Levine are so fuckin hot in that video. Anyway, Chris was singing along...and they showed him enough that he could have sang the damn song for her. We get it, they in love. Damn. Rihanna: B+

Congrats to Quincy on his humanitarian award. Nothing much to say here except that the man is a genius and a wonderful human being. Even more important, I think I'mma name my baby Delight. Ashanti comes out to introduce Nelly. Could have been real cute if she didn't come out holding the bottom of her dress. If you can't deal with a train, then have your stylist find you a short dress. And then, what the fluff was she and D.L. talkin bout?! First she said I got this...then she didn't say shit. So D.L. says, OK and then she says, we got this. And then something about she originally was taking this song but she got the good ish so she traded for something else. Yonce and Jay would have never done no bull shit like that and if they did it would have made sense and been way hotter. I hate bootlegs. But speaking of Nelly, I prefer him with a shirt - yeah his body is on point but I think he could have started out with a shirt. As for the was all good. Ciara again brought the fire and was extra cute. Fergie was aiight too. Nelly: B

Lauren London and Diddy giving out an award. Lauren is adorable! As for that guy...Seriously, I love Puff. I do. As much as you want to hate him (kinda like you want to hate me) you can't because he's just fun. Did he really promote his Ciroc vodka on stage while giving out an award? Cheers bitches!

Weezy F. closed the show and I was tired by this point -- tired of seeing T. Pain and tired of this long ass not as fabulous as previous shows show.

And that was it folks. I was not impressed in the least. I did not enjoy myself. One big blah....

I just want to end with the following:

If someone can explain to me why Keri Hilson (who is very cute) would wear that disco ball jumpsuit with a hot ass satin jacket and her hair in a mushroom, I might feel better about all of this. What am I missing?

And Lil Mama is always a hot mess so this is no surprise but really, when does it end? A sports bra under a red Amish apron? Just WHY?! I'm done.

You Better Work Sharon Stone!

This is da hell why we love photo shop! Sharon Stone was just on TV the other day telling the Chinese that the Earthquakes were karma...and she wasn't looking like this. While Christian Dior dropped Sharon from it's Chinese Ads, Damiani, the infamous Italian jewelry house has made Sharon their new piece (get it? piece...heehee, oh man, I slay me). Tell me Sharon is not workin this shoot! And I want er'thing she's wearin....