Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bad Girls...

But not really. Who has been watching this season of the Bad Girls club? Of course I have and I have been thoroughly entertained. Not enough to talk about it each week on the blog, but enough for me to make sure I tune in each week. The finale episode was a womp womp BUT it looks like the reunion is gonna be a mess of all ridiculous proportions. Lucky Perez is hosting....and here is a clip of what we can expect tonite.

Oh my, how many times can one call and be called a bitch? Seems like it is the only word these bitches know! But what I want to know is, Kayla (girl in the yellow plaid jacket thing) since when is beatin a bitch down arm flailing? I don't understand how one can talk so much shit and never once throw a fist.

Anyhooo, tune in tonight on Oxygen at 10 PM.

Steve Harvey: Act Like A Writer, Think Like A Thief?

A woman named Sharon P. Carson is claiming that her book was straight up jacked by Steve Harvey. She says she wrote and copyrighted the book, "Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man" in 2004, only to watch Steve Harvey become a best selling author of a book with the same title and same content, going on Oprah gettin the shine of his life and having women believe he is fillin us in on HIS logic and advice on finding and keeping a man. The Savy Sista posted Sharon's statement and you should go there to read the whole thing, where she gives examples of similarities in their words, but I'll just give you a lil of what she says...

"My name is Sharon P. Carson and I copyrighted the book: Act like a lady think like a man in 2004 and Steve Harvey’s book with the same title was published in 2009.

Let me say first of all that I have read Steve Harvey’s book, and I have no doubt that either he or someone involved in the writing or publishing of his book, read my book first and used it as a model for his by copying my title, my theme and my general format.

That someone knew that they had found a very profound title for a book; Act like a lady think like a man, and if they could find a message to fit that title, they could use the celebrity of Steve Harvey to sell it.

But in my view, they could not find a consistent message because they really did not really understand the title and they did not understand it because they did not originate it, they copied it.

I understand it because I originated it, - it came from my heart and not from my head.


Throughout Steve Harvey’s book, he tells women that they should “ACT LIKE A LADY’ But there is no place that I found in his book where he defines exactly what that means in context.

I can tell you, however, how it has been defined in my book.

And I quote: For me and the purposes of my book, acting like a lady has nothing to do with manicures, pedicures, high-heeled shoes or weekly hair do’s. A woman who acts like a lady is one who exudes self confidence. She accepts and appreciates who she is both inside and out. She respects herself and demands respect from her male counter part.

I also tried to convey that message through the books cover that I designed, that shows a woman in a boxing ring looking very much like she is ready to hold her own in any situation.

Now for the second part of the title: THINK LIKE A MAN

In Steve’s book the words THINK LIKE A MAN, seem to mean that; a woman needs to learn what a man thinks; in terms of his likes and dislikes in women.

Things like; credit, success, housekeeping, weight gain, smoking, and heels or flats among other things. The premise seems to be that if she meets the man’s expectations in these areas and others, he will provide her with that loving relationship she desires.

But when I placed the words THINK LIKE A MAN in the title, my intent was to deliver a message to women that they should be as tough minded in relationships as many men are."

This is real interesting, isn't it? I mean at this point, unfortch, there prolly isn't a whole lot Sharon can do about it, if this is indeed true (and I sooo wouldn't be surprised if it is). Steve done made his money, done become Oprah's new relationship advisor, and done took Tom Joyner's spot in Chicago. Even if Sharon is able to prove that Steve stole her book, it will prolly take her forever to do so, all of her money, and by then Steve will be taking over Dr. Phil's time slot and no one will give a shit. Sucks azz!


New Muziq: Ginuwine

The video that did not break up Ginuwine and Sole's marriage due to rumors that Ginuwine was wipin Lisa Raye down behind da scenes is finally here and I give it a thumbs up! Last Chance is Ginuwine's latest effort and I am really diggin this song...it is stuck in my head, which in this case, is a good thing. I keep walkin round hummin 'Then call me Jordan in 92....'

Monday, March 30, 2009

UPDATE: Who Is Having A No. 1 Ladies' Detective Viewing Party?!

I hope you are!!! I told you guys how PUMPED I was about HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" series featuring Jill Scott as the marvelous Mma Precious Ramotswe over a year ago and tonight, 8PM, is finally the premier! Break out the popcorn, get your drinks, and support our girls Jill and Anika Noni Rose!!

UPDATE: I'm hooked! Jill Scott does a FANTASTIC job portraying Precious Ramotswe. She is beyond believable and as an avid fan of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective books, I could not have asked for a better cast to bring the stories to life. Anika is SPECTACULAR...she has Grace DOWN. Don't tell her she didn't get an unprecedented 97% on her secretarial exam. And Idris....well he can do no wrong EVER...but he too offered another level of realism and depth that I am so excited about.

The best part is that the series is showing Botswana as a beautiful country with beautiful people who live normal lives, who are decent, educated, and loving people...but just like any country, there are people who cheat, rob, and kill. However, not ever country has The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. Lucky for us we get to tune in each week to see Mma Precious Ramotswe on the case.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Teen Girl Nekkid On Her MySpace Page

So what da fuck else is new right? Well this 14 year old girl has been arrested and charged with child pornography and distribution of child porno and if convicted could be forced to register as a sex offender and faces up to 17 years in jail. She said she just wanted her boyfriend to see her doin zexy times and lookin hot.

Da children, yup, the ones on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter and er'where else....they are our future. Bless the Internet.

I Can't Pay For My Lights But My Hair Is Tight!

Black women and their hair! I came across a very interesting article at The Root that talked about how the economy is hard on everybody but when it comes to black women, they will sacrifice a car payment if that means they can't get their hair did. This isn't only because black women have to stay looking good and new growth or a lace front that's liftin ain't cute, but it's also because the beauty salon is a place to go so we can gossip, buy bootleg DVDs, and get away from home to be pampered.

How many of you are that serious about your beauty salon visits? How many of you wouldn't pay your cable bill for a touch-up?

Russell Takes A Break From Doin A Downward Dog...

To speak on behalf of Damon Dash and for some reason, I really appreciate what he has to say. You know, I can't say I've ever been a fan of Dame but I've never not be a fan either. In my mind, Dame was just there, poppin bottles in Jay's videos. But when you stop and really think about it, I mean really think about it, Damon Dash is more than the reason why Jay even had videos to be in. No, he isn't responsible for Jay-z's skill or talent BUT if it weren't for Dame hustlin to make sure HIS artist was heard....who knows, you know?

I say all this because recently, the Net has been laughin at Dame and the fact that his wife of four years is divorcing him and that he is having tax issues and serious financial woes. Basically saying that Jay-z was more than lucky to get out when he did (and it is kind of clear that he was) and he's a mazillionaire while Dame is scrippin and scrappin and losin it all. I just think it is interesting how we all forget sometimes...or how we immediately label someone a loser...someone who managed to figure out how to build an empire and then make a few mistakes (as we all do). I, for one, hope he makes a ree-diculous come back. I dunno...I have a thing for the underdogs...

Anyway, I just appreciated Russell's support of his friend Damon Dash.

Ain’t No Nigga Like..Dame Dash
Hip-Hop Chronicles: A Blog by Russell Simmons

Sitting in the audience last night at the crowded 37th Street Arts
Theater in NYC, I witnessed another great Damon Dash contribution, one
that takes hip-hop culture to another significant level of

Sony Entertainment and Damon Dash produced the “Hip-Hop Monologues:
Inside the Life and Mind of Jim Jones.” It’s a fantastic show that
portrays the evolution of hip-hop through the life of Jim Jones.

I have to say: Damon Dash is a hip-hop genius who should never be……underestimated. I have watched Dame’s growth, development andentrepreneurship over the years, not from a distance, but through first hand observation. He was one of the creative forces behind Roc-A-Fella Records, the architect of Rocawear Fashions, he made
significant, culturally relevant movies with Dash Films and has made
other creative cultural statements through Dash Enterprises. And
another great note… He spent a small fortune developing a major
talent and women’s brand through supporting his wife to the hilt !!

In our early days, Lyor Cohen and I used to shout at Damon. And Damon
would shout back. Then we would hug and go handle our business That
was our way of communicating. Eventually, Lyor got older and I did
more yoga and we both stopped shouting so much . Dame eventually made
a few bad choices and a few things went sour. We know haters love a
man who’s been hot to catch a lil cold. Hate spreads. But like Tony
Montana said “Two Quaaludes ….. And they gonna love him again.”

So haters, it really doesn’t matter about your blogs from the
sidelines. Dame’s gonna help heat the economy again!! But if he
got hit by a truck today remember this: Dame’s a giver by nature.
That’s why he has already received so much. He was the business
leader, the Architect, and one of the creative forces that built
Roc-A-Fella Records into an empire. I remember that it was Damon who
came to my office, after we signed Jay-Z to be on The Nutty Professor
soundtrack, with a bag of cash ready to put his money where his mouth
was. :-). But the record “Ain’t No Nigga…” didn’t need his cash
(hit from The Nutty Professor). It was a masterpiece and so was his
artist. Jay-Z: the greatest rapper of all time. I saw countless
displays of vision and faith all the way up to and beyond his struggle
to convince everyone, when no one else believed him, of the artistry
and the genius of Kanye West.

In order to succeed in this business you need to have both a business
sense and great creative instincts (The latter is intuitive and
cannot be learned). Damon has, once again, proven that he is a great
innovator with amazing vision.

So now he is helping Jim Jones in a powerful manner that combines
their collective experiences around being born and raised in Harlem by
taking the culture to the 37th Street Theater, off-Broadway in New
York City, with a live hip-hop band, dance, multimedia and the
dynamics of theatrical stage presentations focusing on the struggles
of life through the lens of hip-hop. I have two pieces of advice: 1)
respect Dame’s gangster 2) go see the play immediately.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sasha Fierce On Tour!

Yonce was so in love with Thierry Mugler's designs for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Superheroes exhibition, that she recruited him as creative adviser for her world tour. Sooooooo, do we like? I do!

She is gonna put on a hella great show and gonna look even better doin it. Yup...put a ring on it!


Gunz Blazin!

Rihanna is sending some kind of message with her new gun tat....what do you think that message might be? Maybe she's tryna say she's done with domestic disturbia and if Chris Brown tries to, well Chris Brown her, ever again she will bust a cap in dat azz? Or maybe she's tryna say that she protects herself and we all need to mind our bizness?

Either way, I'm just happy she didn't get the guns blazin on each shoulder....

Not cute.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I Love My President

I'd be here all day typin my list of all the reasons why I love my prez and how superfantastical I think he is but last night, he helped me add one more reason to my list. As I'm getting dressed to go out, I'm listenin to his press conference (shout out to the bestest lint brush user in the world...and the bestest lots of other things too) and I hear him letting these reporters know the real, what's the deal and the fact that he is trying his best to fix the major problems and trillions of dollars of debt he inherited and I'm like yup, that's right, let 'em know 'Bama! But then this one jackass got up and asked him, real stank too, why it took him so long to go public about something and then Barack said, Because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak....all right?" Shut that jackass up right quick. I mean duh, dummy. Wouldn't you want your President not to speak out on shit until he knows all the details, knows what he is talking about, and knows the best way to go about handlin the situation? Makes sense to me Mr. President. Love you, mean it!!

Super C Is A Biter? Say It Ain't So!

Soooooo the most talked about shizz on the net today is people wanting to know why 'Ciara ain't do shit but lick Yonce's ass crack'. Seems Ciara has done nothing but swagger jack Yonce's whole steez. Now if you guys recall, Ciara's #1 fan called me an "ghetto azz, black bitch" for asking why da fuck Ciara had to have a alter-ego (like Yonce) and why da fuck she couldn't at least come up with a betta daayum name than Super fuckin C. But you know, I'm the ghetto black bitch cuz I would dare ask such a question....and that's fine for I can't fault bitch ass retards, for they know not what they speak.

Anyhoooo, seems people have a real problem with Ciara's new video claiming that she stole er'last bit of it from, well, Yonce of course. I said da otha day, I think the video is zexy and me likey uh-lot buttterummm....I came across the bestest opinion of how Ciara hasn't managed to stunt without jackin.

Per The Cynical Ones: "While I’m sure her intentions were to get me to focus on how sexy she is and forget how mediocre her material has been thus far, all I can think about after watching this is how much of a wack azz she is. This video looks like a tribute to the Beyonce anthology, and while Beyonce is not an originator by any stretch at least when she jacks something she makes it her own — which is what you’re supposed to do when you bite. Beyonce may bite, Alicia may steal, and Rihanna may have bought all of Fefe Dobson’s clothes at a garage sale, but they’re all much better actresses than Ciara.

Her fusing Beyonce’s video treatments with Madonna’s old hoe sh*t doesn’t seem like a woman embracing her new found sexuality. I think she looks like a prostitute trying to score a hit before her pimp puts her back on the street. I find her pathetic in every sense of the word.

Maybe if she focused on her music as much as she did her ever changing image and sound she wouldn’t be reduced to doggystyle positions and rubbing her azz cheeks on Justin Timberlake for a cheap hit. I thought this chick was supposed to be a great dancer anyway. How do you put Justin Timberlake in a video and not have any extensive choreography? Wasn’t her being some supposed great dancer what separated her from the other singers reduced to dip it, pop it, twirk it stop it dance routines?

Some feel I’m being too hard on her. I think the problem is I know Ciara had way more successful when she was seeking to give folks blue balls instead of full fledged hard-ons.Far too many people rely on sex to sell forgetting one important fact: Thanks to the internet we can see hoes all day for free."

And I think that about sums that up.

HMMMMMM.....Can You Tell What's Different Here?

So Complex Magazine did a shoot with Kim Kardashian and some how, the pre-airbrushed/photoshopped picture was put up before the offical final airbrushed/photoshopped pic was put up. And of course, we have to dissect and see if we can see what's different.

I have to say that overall, she looks pretty much the same EXCEPT it is obvious that they made her skin lighter, they made her thighs thinner and less cottage cheesy, they sucked in her waist, and they of course fixed her shirt/leotard with seams coming undone.

I love these can you tell what's different here games! How did I do? Did I miss anything?

Oh and speaking of Kim, word has it that Kim had lunch with Vera Wang to discuss her wedding dress....at the end of the day, no matter what, Reggie LOVES it.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Power of Oprah

Steve Harvey done been on Oprah twice giving women advice and promoting his best selling advice book "Act Like A Lady/Think Like A Man" and now his radio show that has been broadcasting on WGCI has replaced Tom Joyner's morning show in Chicago on V103. The reason this is such a serious situation is that Tom Joyner has been on in Chicago for 16 years and is the flagship station for the Tom Joyner Morning Show. AND what is crazy is that V103 and WGCI will both be broadcasting the Steve Harvey show until WGCI gets a new morning show. DAAYUM. Tom Joyner must feel like hot shit. But he says very nicely....

"We always say that when we come back from vacation something big has either happened or is about to happen. Well, this one topped them all. After 16 years, the Tom Joyner Morning Show won’t be broadcast on a local Chicago radio station, at this time. For Sybil and me, our relationship with the Chicago radio listeners goes back more than 20 years and believe me it has not ended by any stretch of the imagination.

Friends and family in the Chicago market will continue to listen to the Party with a Purpose on www.BlackAmericaWeb.com . So this isn’t the end, it’s just a change.

Even though we’re heard in more than 100 markets around the country, Chicago is home, it’s the Mother Ship, the Flagship, all those words that mean it is the place that launched the TJMS. It’s where we came from and where we always could go back to. And we’re still there, just in a different way—for now! We’ve had great times in Chicago and we’ll be there soon to officially thank the thousands and thousands of you who made us what we are, and will be here with us as we take this to another level. We got where we are by knowing who you are, what you want and by Super Serving our audience, just like my mentor John H. Johnson taught me to do. This world is changing but the doing the right thing never does, and we will continue to do what we’ve always done for the African American Community."

Can't be mad at Steve for gettin his upgrade on but seriously, OPRAH PLEASE ADOPT ME. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!



I bet Retha ate the whole bow by herself. I keed, I keed! HAHAHA Happy Birthday Aretha!!! Lookin good gur!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye Does Complex

LOVE THIS COVER! Leave it to Kanye to make lookin like a robot frozen alive hot.

Check out the interview HERE and look at the behind the scenes video...

Fun In Da Sun....

Christina Milliblonde and Dream look really cozy frolickin on the beach for the promotion of their relationship and Christina's upcoming musical stylings. My thing is, isn't there somebody else you would rather fuck for tracks? I mean, I would fuck Dream over say T-Pain...but that's about it. Dream is not cute and yes his muziq situation is pretty hot right now but still....Christina, you can do so much better boo.

New Muziq: Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake

Not a huge fan of the song but this video is Zexy. Me likey....yeah, me likey uh-lot!

Friday, March 20, 2009

She's Neffe's Mom....UPDATE!!!!!

Neffe responds to her mother and er'body else....she don't give a fuck if you call her the octomom cuz she didn't have to get invitro for her babies, she laid on her back and got made love to....good.

So yesterday I asked what if Frankie was your mom as we watched video of her being the out of control hot mess that she is. Today, Frankie tells V103 radio host Ryan Cameron that Neffe's 5th baby daddy/fiance Soullow basically ain't doin shit for Neffe, ain't got shit, won't be shit, and that Neffe is more man that he is. I will most certainly be watchin the Neffe and Frankie spin off show.


Can't Da Prez Make A Jokey Joke?

So Barack makes history AGAIN being the first sitting president to do The Tonight Show. He talked about er'thing and was fabulous! He was talking bout his bowling...how it isn't so great....he said it is kind of something like the Special Olympics. (Giggle) So, no it was the most politically correct thing to say....mkay, he prolly shouldn't have said that at all. It was still funny tho. And he's so hot.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What If This Was Your Mom....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Deeznuts.com! Holla!!!! Man Down!!!


Diddy's son Christian looks beyond cute for the new Sean John ads. He really is the hot version of his daddy.

And then of course, my favorites....the adorable Ming and Aoki Lee do Baby Phat. Gorgeous!

Macy Gray is a Fluffin Head Case!

Please tell me ya'll have Starz!!!! Macy Gray is in Starz' new comedy series called 'Head Case' and um, I don't think she's acting. Please watch this clip of Macy in her therapy session....she's talking about how she wants to wipe down President Obama (and she's not alone with that one....). If you have Starz, tune in tomorrow, Friday March 20th at 10pm.

Funny shizz, Macy. Funny shizz.

Just For Giggles...

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, the DIVA who is servin it in this pic ain't Yonce or Sasha Fierce! Three snaps in Z formation boo!!!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Damn Disney!

Just when Disney got us all excited about the first ever Black princess, they remind us how shit really is and show us the prince. Silly of us to just assume that Princess Tiana would find love with a Black prince. They think cuz Prince Naveen is voiced by a Brazilian actor and has a tan, that they've done their part. This is so sad. Why can't Prince Naveen look like Princess Tiana? Why is Disney scared to be responsible for the positive representation of Black love? So unfortunate. As per usual...take two steps forward to take five steps back.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Hard Is It To Use Birth Control Nefferteria?

Neffe, Keyshia Cole's sister, is preggers again. This time, the baby daddy is her fiance Soullow. This is Neffe's 5th kid...she just had her son Jaylen. There was all kind of drama with Jaylen because she wanted to have an abortion but obviously, she had him, she moved on and is finding happiness in love and professional success. So now she just confirmed that she is expecting and these are her words:

“I’m pregnant and I got an attitude with him and don’t want him to f***ing touch me right now—or ever. Because I—was not supposed to happen this way. Now I’m trying to figure this s**t out, ’cause I just had Jaylen.”

Right Neffe. You just had a kid, you aren't even married yet, and you have so much planned. It's called a pill, a shot or a even damn Nuva muthafluffin Ring! Anyway....congrats.


The Saint & The Sinner

What a play on words, GQ! The Saint, The Sinner....fuckin hot. Just daayum. Reggie and Kim make it do wut it do in GQ and the two of them together really are kinda gorgeous. I mean, normally I see how ridiculously HOT Reggie is BUT this time I can't and I won't ignore...her. They look really happy, they are disgustingly beautiful, and well....it is Reggie.


Monday, March 16, 2009

Mornin Grossness...

Dawn and Q stopped by Shade 45’s Lip Service and talked about their sex life....Q says "I like when she licks my nipples." "I got a ring, so she kinda does it back and forth." I might be wrong, but aren't male nipple rings gay? And um, I know Q is the young one but why does that mean he has to be the Bitch?

Friday, March 13, 2009

When BeBe Winans Is Wife Beatin....

Houston, we obviously have a problem. BeBe was arrested on domestic abuse charges after he put the smack down on his ex-wife. Seems they were fighting over their children's custody and it turned violent and ugly. Of all people, shouldn't BeBe know to just simma down, take a breath, walk away and call on the Lord?

And speaking of all this absuse drama, did you guys catch Oprah's abuse special? I have to say, I love me some Tyra, but I really wanted her to shut up. Just because a boyfriend emotionally abused you, you are not an expert boo. And she made the show all about her. Anytime anybody said anything she turned it into a 10 minute rant about her. They didn't even get to one of the groups of kids skyping in because Tyra talked so damn much and I don't feel like she was helping.

I do hope that there were people watching who took something away from the show and realized that love doesn't hurt. Stop da violence people!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

For Emeritus: Candy Girls

So my girl Emeritus asked me what I thought about the new E! reality show "Candy Girls" which follows the owner of Bella agency and her models who she books for hip hop videos, magazines etc. I finally saw it and um, I think it is more than fake and kinda corny. And with the exception of Brooke, the girls are just aight. So the one interesting 'scene' in the first episode was when the stank girl Terricka gets into an arguemnet with her boss and owner of Bella, Danielle. Now who can call their boss a bitch and still have a job let alone have the boss be the one coming to apologize?! Fake, fake, fake, fakity fake. Bottom line is that I'll watch it if I catch it, but it is definitely not on my must watch list.

This clip is the Danielle/Terricka fight scene.

Has anyone else seen this? Thoughts?

New Muziq: Chrisette Michele

I have been waiting for some new Chrisette and it is finally here! Chrisette's new song is called Epiphany and I'm diggin it! I'm feelin this video too. Chrisette is lookin good and I can tell she's tryna come with something a lil extra this time. Chrisette is one of those beyond talented give you goose bumps when she sings type singers. I remember I saw her live before she even had an album out and I was mesmerized. She was friggin amazing. Then her album came and I was type disappointed. It is obvious she can sing but with the exception of a few songs, her album was so boring and I couldn't relate and I just didn't like it. But this time, I think she's gonna make the hot album that we know she's capable of making and I'm pumped about it. Are you guys looking forward to new Chrisette?

Do you love this song/video?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Muziq: Letoya Luckett

Letoya is gettin her Dreamgirl steez on in her new video for her new song 'Not Anymore'. Not over the moon about the song, but I like it, she always looks purdy and any video that has Lance Gross is just HOT.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Eat Dried Grits On Toast....

And you stan HARD for Beyonce. He knows "the Hilson sisters"...he knows "Niki Hilson and Paris Hilson" but "who the fuck is Keri Hilson???!!!!!" Ummmmmmm, all I have to say is Keri Hilson please watch out because he will "hit a bitch" and "bite your muthafuckin nose off"...JUST WHY?! WOW.

And since we're talkin bout Yonce....TV One Access aired a special which featured their list of the 16 Sexiest Black Women alive who are as follows:

Halle Berry
Tyra Banks
Alicia Keys
Jada Pinkett
Serena Williams
Joy Bryant
Gabrielle Union
Alex Wek
Naomi Campbell
Kerry Washington
Angela Bassett
Paula Patton
Beverly Johnson
Janet Jackson
Vanessa Williams
Lauren London
Laila Ali

I am actually shocked and RuPauled that Yonce didn't make this list. Thank all that is good that Keri Hilson didn't make the list. Dude might have thrown his TV out da window and broke all the chairs in his kitchen. Who else do you think is missing or do you think this list is more than right?

And let's just make this all about Yonce...please watch these little Filipino boys WEEEERK IT OUT to Put A Ring on It!!! And they even added some of their own choreography....don't tell these little boys they aren't killin it in their poom poom shorts....LOVES IT!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Z!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby Z's side eye is soooo serious. She's like, what da fluff are you lookin at? Can I get my shop on with my daddy and my sister without ya'll all up in my grill?! I mean dayum!

It's all too much for her. She had to put her shades on. She can't with the foolishness.

It's been so long since I've seen my Baby Z give a serious side eye. This little girl is too much and I love me some her!


The First Lady Does O...With Oprah Of Course

For the first time in 9 years, Oprah has let someone else on the cover of 'O Magazine' and that honor goes to the most fabulous, First Lady Michelle Obama. To be honest, I'm not sure I like this cover. I mean, I love it just because it is Oprah and Michelle and they are two of my most favorite people, let alone Black women, ever in the world. However, I think I understand the idea to have somewhat of an action shot and not to have them posing.....BUT is it me or does it look like they weren't even together taking this pic? I mean, what is Oprah looking at? And I'm sure there was a better shot that didn't have the fly-aways goin on with Michelle's hair. I dunno...I would have worked on that just a lil more. In any case, it is still fabulous and I love them and I can't wait to read the article. But lucky for you, we get a lil sneak peek....

Oprah: So after the inauguration, what was your first weekend in the White House like?

Michelle Obama: Well, we still had family here, so it was almost like a wedding. A huge, very complicated wedding. The last visitors didn't leave until Sunday. And then the first Monday was kind of weird. You know: "Now we live here, and Barack is getting up and going to work, and it's just us. This is our home now."

Oprah: I had heart palpitations coming through the White House gate, recognizing that this really is now your home. It's the White House, and it's your home.

Michelle Obama: And it's a beautiful home. When you go out and come back, especially at night, with all the white lights on—it's just beautiful. We feel privileged, and we feel a responsibility to make it feel like the people's house. We have the good fortune of being able to sleep here, but this house belongs to America.

Oprah: How will the decorating style change?

Michelle Obama: It will reflect our family. I want comfortable sofas, I want art that reflects contemporary and traditional, I want to bring in new American artisans.

Oprah: You want more than just a few plates on the walls. You want pieces that are inclusive of American culture.

Michelle Obama: Right. And we want approachable comfort.

Oprah: So you can take off your shoes.

Michelle Obama: And you've got to be able to make a fort with the sofa pillows! Everything must be fort-worthy.

Oprah: And the kids know he's home when they hear his helicopter landing.

Michelle Obama: Once someone on my staff e-mailed to tell me that the president was on his way. But you could already hear the helicopter, so it was like, well, no kidding.

Oprah: "Dad's home!"

Michelle Obama: The girls don't move. I’m like, "You want to see Daddy landing in the helicopter?" "No, that’s okay. We already saw it."

Oprah: So what do you know for sure, Michelle Obama?

Michelle Obama: I know that all I can do is be the best me that I can. And live life with some gusto. Giving back is a big part of that. How am I going to share this experience with the American people? I’m always thinking about that.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nivea.....Just WHY?!

Nivea...ya'll memba her right? She had a couple of good songs back in the day and she was kinda cute-ish. Anyway, she was married to The Dream (who is now poorly influencing Christina Milian) and then she was with Lil Wayne. Anyway, no matter, she is clearly all kinds of fucked up, acting like she just inhaled very deeply and lookin like she doesn't own not a one mirror cuz if she did there would be no fuckin way she would walk out the house like that. I mean, in the name of Lil Mama Nivea, why?! The make-up, the clown wig, that gliterrati top to match your weave with the tank top underneath....just no, boo boo. Just no.

Domestic Disturbia: Chris Brown CHARGED!

This Just In!!! Per People: According to FOX 11 in Los Angeles, which claims to have obtained the notes from a search warrant in the case, Rihanna, 21, read a lengthy text message from a woman on Brown's phone, which led to an argument. Brown – who has a standing court date Thursday – allegedly tried to force his girlfriend out of the Lamborghini, and hit her head against the passenger window.

Brown, 19, then punched the singer while still driving, according to the detective's notes, and blood filled Rihanna's mouth. He allegedly told her, "I'm going to beat the ---- out of you when we get home." Rihanna called her assistant and left a message saying, "I am on my way home. Make sure the cops are there when I get there." The police notes say that prompted Brown to reply: "You just did the stupidest thing ever. I'm going to kill you."

The report also says that Brown bit Rihanna and put her in a headlock, and that she almost lost consciousness.

Did he really have to put her in the sleeper hold?! And could he have pulled over first instead of whippin da car wit one hand while puttin lumps on her head wit da other hand?! I mean just DAYUM.

Anyway, because of beatin Rihanna's ass and threating to kill her, Chris has been charged with two felonies – assault and making criminal threats. He is going to be arraigned at 3:30 in Los Angeles Superior Court and of course a serious plea bargain is being worked out as we speak.

The thing is, he's not going to jail, Rihanna isn't going to press charges, they're back together and he'll be beatin her ass while eat Doritos and watchin 106 & Park next week.

ANTM: How Could I Not?

After the last season of America's Next Top Model, I said I was done and wouldn't and couldn't watch another season. Last season was wack as hell and in fact, for the last few seasons I could no longer even remember who won or who some of the stand outs were. Basically, there hasn't been an Eva, a Toccara, a Bre, a Mercedes, a Yaya, a Jaslene or even a Shandi, a Jade, or a Furonda....I might be kidding about Furonda. Point is, ANTM used to have some fly memorable models that you rooted for or loved to hate and there was a lack of all of that in these last few cycles. I thought ANTM would never be the same again and I was going to find a new obsession. But alas, I knew who was gonna make it into the top 12 on American Idol (Lil Rounds and her serious badoonkadoonk, the blind guy, and Jorge) and I could catch the Top Chef Reunion 10 more times this week and nothing else was on.....so I had to just take a peak. And I'm so glad I did. America's Next Top Model is back bitches!!!

This season the girls are purdy and they have attitudes for days! Before the final 13 were selected and they were going through the semi-final blah blah, there was a girl named Angelea from Buffalo, NY rockin her door knockers, a my little pony fake pony, and long ass air brushed lee press on nails that were atrocious. Even worse, she couldn't hide the fact that she was hood and more than rough around the edges. She ended up getting into a fight with this chic Sandra. More on her later. And what is really good with these ghetto ass white girls? There was this chic that said in her AUDITION tape that she would smack a bitch if she got in her way and she don't give a fuck. Ummmmmm, really? She's more hood than Lil Hood on For the Love of Ray J (I told ya'll I can't help it) and Tyra knew damn well she wasn't going to pick her to be on the show so I have no idea how she even made it to the top 36.

Anyway, so the girls that did make the top 13.....

This is Thalia. She was burned as a baby and has scars all over her body. She has a pretty face and I think there is something beautiful about her scars. I don't know how far she'll get, but I hope she does well.

Meet Teyona! She's one of my early faves. She's reppin Jersey (even tho she's from West Bubba Fuck Jerz) and I, like Tyra, love her small head and her wind in her face face. If she learns how to model, she's gonna do VERY well.

This bitch is Sandra. Lemmme tell you bout Sandra. So when I first see her, I'm like look at Alek Wek's cousin! She's beautiful. Her smile, her face, her skin, her hair. Loved it! It was obvious that she was confident and she should have been, but then she just got a bit extra wit it. Then during the semi-finals, Tyra says strike a pose and you can see her try to step in front of Angelea (the one from Buffalo) with her arms spread wide and they got into it a little bit about that. But then, somebody rolled their eyes, and the two of them go at it. Sandra started it but because Angelea was the more aggressive of the two, it kind of seemed like Angelea was the one in the wrong and Mr. Jay reprimanded her and not Sandra. Sandra makes it to the top 13, Angelea doesn't, and Sandra who is the last name called, bumps Angelea as she walks over to the other girls who made it. SO mean and unnecessary. Like you won bitch! Isn't that enough? How can you still have hate when you made it?

So then they get to the house. Celia gets the key to the house and they tell her that because she has the key she can pick her bed. Sandra picks a bed and says that she picked it because she isn't there to make friends with those bitches and she's just there to knock them all down. Well Celia picks the same bed that Sandra does and she has the right to because she got to choose whatever bed she wants. Sandra of course is not happy and she is tryna make Celia share the bed talkin bout "I hope you don't snore"....da hell?! Then a group of girls are talking while Sandra is trying to sleep and she tells them to go into the living room and have their dumb conversation in there cuz she's tryna sleep....da hell?!

Now the whole time, Sandra is talkin about how great she is and there is no competition. Well they do their first runway show and Sandra trips and stops not even 1/3 way down the runway and goes back. Then they have their first photo shoot and her joint is wack. And she ends up in the bottom two. Of course Tyra saves her because she has such potential, but her cockiness, her rudeness, and all around stankin ass is gonna be her downfall.

I HATE to love her....but you kinda have to. She's gorgeous. Bitch.

Nijah! She's just so pretty and seems to have a really sweet personality. She hasn't shown me anything spectacular yet, but I see potential. She could kinda of be like Danielle...she's pretty and has talent but she's quiet about it.

This is Natalie. Ummmm, I don't memba her.

London the street preacher. Yes, she gives sermons on the street about Jesus. I think she's interesting...not sure if she has model potential tho.

Kortnie is the only plus-size model who is the former girlfriend of Dale Earnhardt Jr. I think she's kinda hot. She's on my one to watch list.

Jessica from Puerto Rico! I was laughing really hard when she said she's never been called ugly in her life and my boo Miss Jay said, you mean you've never been called ugly to your face. AHAHAHAHA....sigh, I need Miss Jay in my life. Anyway, she is very pretty but I didn't see anything model fierce about her. It may be there, but I see her more as like a Maxim chic than a runway chic.

Isabella. Well she is epileptic and has the kind of seizures where she falls out and her eyes roll back in her head. On the runway, there were strobe lights which can affect her epilepsy....I have to say, I was just waiting for it...but of course she did a pretty good job. Too bad her first picture sucked, cuz she's gone. Oh wellz.

Love me some Fo! Yes, this is Fo. She calls herself Blackxican cuz she's Mexican and Black. I think she is absolutely cute as hell. She's shorter than the other girls so that may be an issue but if she learns how to work it, I think Fo can be fiiiiiierce!

Celia. She's from Kentucky where she says people don't care about fashion cuz they're too busy mowing their lawns. She moved to NY because she loves fashion, its her life, and she is really tryna do this modeling thing. Eh.

The Weirdo. Allison. She thinks nose bleeds are beautiful. Total nut case. But she has this alien weirdo look with these ridiculously round eyes that come across really well on film. She may be around for a while.

Aminat!!!!! Right, now she is my absolute favorite!! I love her. Love her hair, love her look, love her body, love her attitude.....and I LOVE the fact that homegirl is 6 feet 1 inch tall and still rocks her 3 and 4 inch heels. That's what I'm talkin bout! You Betta Weeeeeeeerk Aminat! (I know a lil sumtin sumtin about dat Amazon steez) Her look is luscious and very modelesque. She looked gorgeous on that runway. Her photo wasn't the best and she has to work on her faces, but she is definitely gonna do the damn thing this season. I'm excited to see how fabulous she does. (And she's from Jersey too!)

And that's the rundown. I can't believe I'm pumped about this season. So not expected. Well done Tyra! So um....until next week....MAKE OVERS!!!!!!