Thursday, November 26, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Bye Karen and Victor

Karen and Victor

Um, this is the first time I actually would have won some money! I put my money on these two dancin for their lives and I knew they would be goin home. I will say that Victor surprised me with his solo...he kinda killed that, but oh wellz. It bees like that.

Happy Thanksgiving Bitches!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Plus A Lil Extra

I didn't feel like addressing a couple of emails I received askin me what I thought about the American Music Awards - and why I didn't blog about it - in a separate post, because one, I think it's old news and for two, that shit was boring as hell and I fell asleep and had to watch everything the next day online. So before I begin my weekly SYTYCD re-cap I'll just say this:

  • I will always love me some Janet Jackson but her 8 minute medley is something that I've heard and seen before a ga-zillion times and not only that, it was missing the excitement, the energy, and fabulousness of my Janet. I'm a fan of people goin out on top. Janet may want to think about that. And even if you do gain a lil weight and must perform maybe not wear...whatever that was.

  • Jennifer Lopez's song sucks ass, her performance sucked even more ass, it was funny to see her bust her ass, and she needs to stick to puttin her name on smelly perfume.

  • Mary J. Blige gets better and better with age. I will never question her talent or "intelligents". Go Mary!

  • The best thing about Rihanna's performance was her outfit and laser works.

  • If I hear Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "NY State of Mind" one more time....

  • Whitney Houston is back! She sounded beautiful and looked gorgeous. Proud of Whitney!!!

And there you go.

So now let's get on with why we're really here. SYTYCD! (Sorry that I find SYTYCD way more entertaining) Two routines per couple tonight. Let's get it!

Ellenore and Ryan

The Lindy fun! That was really cute and energetic. Who knows anything about the Lindy Hop from a technical aspect, not me that's for sure, but it looked hard without looking hard. I loved all the lifts, the kicks, and um "coffee grinders", and that final split by both of them. Awesome!!!

Next dance Ellenore and Ryan get is Broadway and these two just proved yet again how great they are. I totally believed that Ryan was the puppet master and Ellenore played the perfect puppet. They totally got into character, they were entertaining, and so believable. I have such a total dance hottie crush on Ellenore. She is a joy to watch. LOVED IT!!!

Kathryn and Legacy

A Jazz piece by Sonya. Mkay, this piece starts with Legacy doing an out of control backwards "crab walk". SICK!!!! This routine was great!!! I have to say that I watched Legacy way more than I watched Kathryn. Yes, it was smart of Sonya to add a lil dash of Hip-Hop into her routine, but I don't think it was for Legacy's benefit. It was to help make the routine even greater. Legacy doesn't need any hand outs or add-ins or extras. He is really a true dancer. And as he said, "I was dancing." Let em' know Legacy! Now, Kathryn did a great job as well especially with her split and back leg toe point. And I did like that leotard she was wearin. This is definitely one of the best routines all season. Loved it!!

So for their second piece, Legacy and Kathryn get the Viennese Waltz. Beautiful. That was gorgeous choreography and it was so beautifully executed. And wait, is Legacy crying about hope? OMG, he is soooo makin it to the top ten. I think I love him. But seriously, technically I couldn't tell what was wrong, I just knew that I thought everything they did was right.

Karen and Victor

These two lost their partners last week and are working together for the first time. They got the Tango and....Victor is way too gay for Karen. There was no hot connection, I wasn't turned on, and it was obvious nobody wanted to rip anybody's clothes off when it was over. With that said, technically I think they did very well. I think they hit their marks, they had the poise, the moves, and the look. So it was good and stuff but eh.

Karen and Victor get Hip-Hop for round two. Boom Boom Kat is back again. She's such a wonderful mess and she gives these dancers good stuff to work with. That said, that wasn't good. Karen was tryna dance her ass off and she did but something was off...and I think it was Victor. He needs to go. Not great at all.

Mollee and Nathan

The youngins start off with some Hip-Hop choreographed by Jamal Sims. I have to say, it was pretty decent. The routine wasn't technically difficult and it wasn't anything to "phone home about"...but it was aight. I like that it is obvious that Nathan and Mollee enjoy dancing with each other but I'm with Nigel...if they make it to next week, I'm so ready for them to dance with someone else. I think they young/dumb each other down dance-wise.

These two are doin The Can-Can with the help of Tyce Diorio. And wow, I'm totally impressed. I was just waitin for this to be a total womp womp but it was actually really great! And I finally got to see the Nathan that I loved from the very beginning. Nathan has skills! And Mollee was great too, and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in Circ Du Soleil (or Circus Soil Le as my friend Tee would say) or in that kind of performing dance troupe. The dance was obviously energetic and full of kicks and spins and all that great stuff. They were great. The Can-Can prolly saved these two.

Noelle and Russell

Russ and Noelle start off with a Samba. First of all, great song selection..."Hips Don't Lie" and while it wasn't as sexy as it needed to be, they tried to make it do wut it do. You can tell they give it everything every time and that's why I love them. So wish it was better, but still get an A for effort from me. I also don't ever want to see Russell in that outfit or any outfit like that ever again.

The second time around Russell and Noelle perform a Tyce D. Contemporary piece which included paint and creating art. That was an amazing routine. They absolutely hit their marks, executed wonderfully, and effortless. And you could tell from the very first move that it was going to be worth watching. So happy they ended with such a strong routine. Excellent!

Ashleigh and Jakob

First let me say that Ashleigh is gonna miss Jakob cuz he is the reason she's still on this damn show. But anyway, their first dance is a Lyrical Jazz piece and it is another Sonya original beauty. And another opportunity for Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob to dance circles around Ashleigh. So here is the thing. I just need to know how Jakob is splittin, liftin, spinnin, leapin and boundin while Ashleigh is doin like a kick and walk? It is obvious that the choreographers enjoy giving Jakob the major moves cuz he can do them. You can't help but watch him and love him. Now I do think this was Ashleigh's best piece all season. And this piece was fantastical. Loved it.

Leaps and Bounds and Ashleigh end the night with a Cha-Cha. Finally, something Ashleigh knows how to do! This was the first dance that I actually paid attention to her throughout the dance. She managed to put Jakob in the background a lil bit. It was sexy, it was hot, it fun, it was entertaining and not much else to say but they worked that. And I stand corrected...THIS was actually Ashleigh's best piece all season. NICE!

So seriously, dancers were dancing tonight and the choreographers were giving the dancers dance! So many of them brought their best tonight like Ryan, Ellenore, Legacy, Kathryn, Jakob and dare I say Ashleigh. Even with that Can-Can I think Nathan and Mollee should be dancin for their lives but Karen and Victor are the two that I can actually put money on. And while I think Russell and Noelle's Contemporary piece was great, I think they might be in trouble too.

We shall see tomorrow! Good work people, good work!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just For Giggles....

HAHAHA! I can't! But seriously, if I was a tranny I woulda snatched that bitch's wig and crown off too. Fuck being a gracious loser. Tran Trans have rights we don't. Check the rule book: #99 - if you lose at anything, beat that ho.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Bye Kevin and Channing

So the bottom three couples were Channing and Victor, Kevin and Karen, and Mollee and Nathan. I wasn't surprised by any of these couples landing in the bottom but after they danced for their lives, I was surprised that Karen got picked to stay over Channing. I thought Channing's solo was better than Karen's and Mollee's AND I thought that Channing, even tho I forget about her, has done better than Mollee throughout the season thus far on a technical level. But I thought the judges would be over Karen and her "smoldering sexy". However, if anybody should have gone, it should have been Mollee BUT I knew she and Nathan weren't going anywhere when Nigel said he knew they were gonna give great solos....and Mollee did flips and stuff and because she and Nathan keep the young and deaf people watchin.

Now Nathan's solo was indeed pretty dope and Victor's solo was filled with way too many pirouettes, but Kevin didn't dance for his life and he hasn't gotten better each week (like say, Russell).

So peace out Channing and Kevin. You won't be missed, but it was nice having you. And Kevin, look into botox for that top lip. Please.

Mary J. Blige Wants To Know...

Yeah, I don't know Mary. But it don't matter. You are only one of very few that can get away with the level of your "intelligents". It's fine boo. Love u, mean it!!!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Childhood Memories

So we get to take a look at the childhood pics of the judges and blah blah blah...I must say, Mary Murphy was actually a cute little girl with normal sized teeth. Surprising.

OK now on to the show!

Ashleigh and Jakob

So Ashleigh's most memorable performance as a child was a ballroom competition she performed when she was 14 years old because it was her last dance for six years cuz her illness overtook her body and she couldn't dance anymore. But she fought to come back and well, now she's on SYTYCD. Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob was a fat kid and started dancing and lost weight while dancing so he kept it going. I'm glad he did.

These two do a Tab and Nap Hip-Hop routine. Ashleigh doin hip-hop...really? Well, Leaps and Bounds out danced her as per usual BUT Ashleigh actually made it do wut it do! I'm shocked and RuPauled on this one. First of all, Tab and Nap came up with a HOT routine. Love the text message that starts off the dance. Great choreography that told the story. And of course, Jakob killed it.

And Nigel boo, I'm not eatin my words. Ashleigh is still riding Jakob's coat tails...she just finally danced tonight. Adam Shankman, please don't lose your mind on this one. Seriously, Adam? Ashleigh in the top ten NOT because of Jakob? Stop it. For the first damn time, da bitch danced. Relax.

Karen and Kevin

So Karen grew up in Venezuela and had some really bad hair cuts. But she grew up to be cute and learned how to dance by watching. Kevin was the oldest of six kids. He started dancing when he was 17 and was a late bloomer. He's pretty talented to be as great as he is for starting so late.

Anyhoo....they perform a Broadway number. Spencer, new choreographer, did a great job with the Broadway choreography. The problem here is that they were so focused on the routine that they didn't add the Broadway. They didn't add the characters and they didn't quite even kill the routine from the technical aspect. Yes, they hit all their marks and did what they were supposed to do, but it looked like it required lots of effort. Not horrible, but not really good.

Noelle and Russell

Russ was sangin This Lil Light of Mine as a child. He was 8 years old doin the Michael Jackson. He was actually a cute kid. Noelle broke her toofus as a child and now has a fake half tooth. She just remembers not being such a great dancer. I guess she's come a long way.

So they get the Foxtrot...again. The first time, Noelle broke her leg and Russ had to dance it with Melanie the big sexy red head. This time they get to dance it together and...I truly enjoyed them!!! These two were not on my radar at all but all of a sudden they are workin it! They made this Foxtrot fun, sexy, and entertaining. They had great lines and from a technical point of view, I think they did a SUPER job. Russell's confidence is through the roof and it shows. And Noelle looked pretty too. Excellent!

Channing and Victor

Channing did a dance as a cat when she was six and loved it. Victor was that brat kid that would get lost in the stores and mother would run around looking for him screaming "Victor!" (but he did it in the funny Latin voice.)

OK, I forget about these two every week. I think these two get really fortunate with their routines but this is the first time that I enjoyed them. They got a Tyce Diorio Jazz routine and Tyce picked great music and a told a fantastic story. They were black birds dancing in a cage. I loved the cage and how they used it to tell the story throughout the routine. I really liked this dance, I liked them dancing, and I had fun with watching that. Very cute, very fun, and executed very well. Good job!

Kathryn and Legacy

Kathryn was a shy girl who did her very first dance with her mom. Legacy was a rebel. He did what he wanted to do and his first performance was at a house party and his father gave him $5 to dance. He's been poppin and lockin ever since.

Kathryn and Legacy do a serious Pasa Doble. Ummm, I felt that. That shit was hot. And really Legacy...I was distracted by that body situation. Daayum. Anyway, I don't really know what else to say except they killed that. With the exception of Kathryn not being able to grab her ankles fast enough while Legacy picked her up and wrapped him around her at the end, everything else was executed perfectly. That was some sexy dancing right there. Check.

Mkay and this is why you don't watch TV Live. But we take a break to see what Dizzy Feet Foundation is doing. They have so far been able to give nine scholarships to dancers who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend dance school. They are having a gala to raise more money. Nice. Very nice.

Ellenore and Ryan

Ellenore was a lil sassy thing and during her first routine did everything but the routine. She's so cute. Ryan comes from a line of professional ballroom dancers and his first dance was wearing some bunny ears and bunny tail hoppin around the stage. Heehee.

Ryan and Ellenore do a Contemporary by Travis Wall. So everything Travis has put together on SYTYCD has been beyond beautiforous and emotional and simply artistically fantastic. And well, this time was no different. I absolutely believed that these two were former lovers who bumped into each other and had to re-live the drama. That was beautiful. Ryan and Ellenore were beautiful and it was effortless and technically just great. I felt that, I enjoyed that piece, and was transported to their story. Loved it.

And again, Adam shut up. Ryan might make it to the top ten but it won't be with his wife and if it is, it will be cuz of Leaps and Bounds! Geez!

Mollee and Nathan

Nathan was a brat. When he was ten, he choreographed his own dance. And started from there. Mollee was a diva who was all about curls, make-up and being grown. Now that she is older she acts like a lil kid. Mkay, great.

So these two get a pop jazz routine, choreographed by none other than Boom Boom Kat aka Laurie Ann Gibson who is now rockin an almost Cassie wit only one third of one half of her hair shaved. Anyway, that was fun to watch and waaaay better than what they did last week. But I will say that that wasn't all that great. Did not give me goose bumps. However, I will say that I think Nathan gave more this week and attempted to show us how great he really is. Mollee is just aight to me.

So tonight we finally see what these dancers can do! Finally some real choreography and real dancing! I know for sure Kevin and Karen will be dancin for their lives and will prolly end up goin home. I think Nathan and Mollee, who should have been in the bottom last week, might be in the bottom this week but you know, they are young and Nathan is soooo cute and Mollee still got that deaf vote, so one never knows.

Guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Beyonce: Video Phone

Seriously, I can't wit Yonce. Her sickness is just ree-fuckin-diculous. She just shuts bitches down constantly...and it almost seems effortless. I might have been Yonce from Video Phone for Halloween had she done this shiz sooner. Side note, coulda done without the Ga Ga. I prefer that she stays in her lane with bird cages on her face. But back to Yonce, bitch is deelicious. You.betta.Work.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Um, it might just be me but, I soooooo want to see this. OMG, it's Sarah Palin. Heehee. I could use a little less love for a while, maybe even for a few years. Hahaha. Can you imagine having to be in Witness Protection forever with the man you were gettin ready to divorce cuz you hate?! That just gives me the giggles. This is a must for me.

Friday, November 13, 2009

OctoMom is Tardy...But We Know This

Not sure why I felt like sharing this, but I did. A lesson on where babies come from from da OctoMom...who got 14 babies and don't have not one story of hot sex on da platter to show for it. Such a waste.

Rihanna Makes Psycho Look Sexy

No need to watch 20/20 two weeks in a row just for Rih Rih. The video was supposed to premiere tonight but it's here now. And of course it's hot. Still not a fan of the song...but I can watch this video more than a few times. Pull the trigger bitches!!!

Chris Brown Is Crawlin On Wendy

Well, his video for "Crawl" debuted on the "Wendy Williams" show and I must say...I like the video and the song. And Cassie should really stick to being pretty in videos and pictures and stuff. Bitch is hot.

But in regards to to his interview with Wendy...I love how girls in the audience get all excited and screamin and whoooo for him when they know last Friday they was watchin Rih on 20/20 shakin their head at his woman beatin ass. I'm all for redemption and dude is young and he should be given the opportunity to heal, change, and grow but I struggle with listenin to him say he wants to keep his feelings about what happened private (when he was the first one goin on Larry King and Angie Martinez and MTV etc.) and how he's a changed person cuz of anger management. That shiz is a life long journey. You don't heal from that over night. You aren't just all of a sudden better cuz you singing songs about crawlin to get back to where you want to be. I dunno...I like the song and I want him to get better and become a grown man but something about him isn't sincere to me and I'm sorry...I'm Team Rih Rih (porno album covers and all). Crawl bitch, crawl.

Much Better Alicia Keys. Me Likey.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Muziq: Letoya's Regret

I regret that no one will care about this video. But she looks gorgeous as per usual and I love this song. Keep tryin Toya!

So You Think You Can Dance: Bye Pauline & Peter

Another tapper bites da dust. That shiz was rough! First of all, Nathan and Mollee should have been in the bottom three but I told ya'll Mollee was gonna get the deaf vote and Nathan is just hot. What are ya gonna do? So that meant that Peter & Pauline (which I was kinda shocked about), Karen & Kevin, and Ellenore & Ryan (definitely not a shocker) ended up in the bottom. And not nan one of them danced for their lives. They was good but all of them coulda went home. Nigel ain't neva lie when he said did ya'll not see Ade dance his ass off er'time???? You betta come harder bitches.

Pauline and Peter

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Good To Know Alicia Keys...Cuz Um, Me No Likey.

Sammy Is Bleaching His Skin

I saw this pic a few days ago and thought it was some kind of photo shop bullshiz. But really, I could care less about Sammy Sosa so I ignored it and went on about my readin. Well today I learn that Sammy has admitted that he does indeed bleach his skin. He went on Univision's "Primer Impacto" talk show and said "It's a bleaching cream that I apply before going to bed and whitens my skin some. It's a cream that I have, that I use to soften [my skin], but has bleached me some. I'm not a racist, I live my life happily." Sammy would not name the cream divulging only that it came from Europe and that, "I'm going to market it, I'm a businessman."

Well I'll be. I really thought after Michael, LaToya was the last of the bleaching cream Mohicans. Sammy is actually going to promote this shit. But I don't understand how. I mean at least Michael, if he ever admitted to using the cream, would have said I have the skin disease vitiligo and this cream helps me even my skin out. What is Sammy's reason for using the cream? Is it not damn near 2010? Are people really still bleaching their skin?! I could have sworn it was determined that Black was beautiful dumb long ago. I mean just Daayum. UGH.


Rihanna is HARD

Mkay. Just the other day I was talkin bout how much I'm feelin Rih Rih and how I'm really preciatin her grown woman steez. And I'm all about takin shiz to the next level, growing up, and becoming who you want to be...but why must her cover of her new single look literally and metaphorically like straight up porn. Why must she be ass out for real for real? Cooch out too? I mean, Rih. We get it. You're hot, you're sexy, you're young, and you won't get your ass beat anymore...unless it's during foreplay maybe? I dunno Rih Rih. Just when I get excited about you....

I'm scratchin my head on this one....

And can the music at least be good?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: What Should America Know BoutChu?

First just let me say to my friend Tee...I was so wrong. The show is still two hours. And second, can Ade try to get anymore air time? A few members from last season were in the audience and er'time they showed anybody else in the audience, Ade somehow managed to be cheesin. Anyhoo...they will be performing, along with dancers from Dancing with the Stars and dance crews from America's Best Dance Crew for the Dizzy Feet Foundation on November 29th. For more info or to donate go here:

OK now on to the show!

Karen and Kevin
We learned that Karen and her husband decided to get a divorce after he got cut from Vegas. She said they were having problems before and they grew apart but something tells me that he was hatin and couldn't deal with her makin it and him sittin at home watchin her live their dream. It happens...and she don't seem sad about it. I am so Team Karen! I think Kevin said something about dancing on the Wall of China but I get so distracted by the fact that he doesn't have a top lip that I don't learn much from him.

Anyhoo....they did The Hustle. Now for the most part, I thought they did a good job. I like their partnership, they looked like they were having fun, and they were handlin their steps and owning the performance. BUT I feel like we've seen some WAY better Hustles on SYTYCD. I was kind of bored. I did get a lil interested when I thought he almost dropped her at the end...that would have been really entertaining. But anyway, not great but good. Really good.

Ashleigh and Jakob
So we learn that Ashleigh is a nerd cuz she studied Political Science and History in college and had an internship. Isn't that what most people who go to college do? I thought she was gonna tell us that she knows she is no where near as great a dancer as Jakob is and she wishes he didn't out dance her every week. Then we learned that Jakob's best friend is Jeanine...winner of last season. I still think Brandon was robbed and I'm not over it. I wish Jakob had told us what kind of eyeliner he wears. You know, something useful.

Anyway, they got Jazz. A routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. They had to dance with a cane. My friend calls Jakob "Leaps & Bounds" cuz he out dances Ashleigh consistently by leaps and bounds. The cane was totally unnecessary cuz Ashleigh is his prop. I think this is the first time that she showed she could keep up with him a little bit but I think that is only cuz Mandy's routine had Jakob a tad on simma and workin wit two props. Even with all that, I thought it was a cool routine, not as jazzy as I was expecting, but I enjoyed that.

Pauline and Peter
So we learn that Peter volunteers his time teaching disabled children how to dance. So he's cute and helps the challenged. How can you not love him? Oh Peter. And Pauline eats a lot. She is one of those that is constantly eating but by lookin at her you can't tell. Wasn't there something way more interesting than that to share? I mean you still want the fat vote Pauline! How many fat bitches are gonna hate that you get to stuff your face all day and still weigh 92 pounds? And they got the Quick Step aka The Kiss of Death, just off GP I was already thinkin she will be dancin for her life.

But I actually enjoyed that routine! First of all, Peter looks too cute in that uniform and Pauline really looks like a cute Hula girl. Perfect concept, great story line, and they stayed in character. The choreography was great and it worked for their partnership. I had fun watching them and they look great together. I hope they are not dancing for their lives. CUTENESS!!!!!

Kathryn and Legacy

So we learn that Kathryn likes to help people so she went on mission trips to Costa Rica and built sidewalks for the poor. Legacy was supposed to be a soccer player. He was scouted, got scholarships, but chose to focus his energy for soccer into his dance. Yeah um...their routine better be great.

They got Broadway and was pretty good. I thought Legacy was great and showed a lot of technique and character. While I think Kathryn danced well, I think her performance was a lil lacking. Like I agreed with Adam Shankman's critique in that she was so busy tryna be cute and adorable that she forgot she was supposed to be mad at him and fighting for his attention. So I think Legacy out danced Kathryn BUT I think they work well together and I liked it.

Channing and Victor
So we learn that Channing raced lawn mowers as a little girl. Like was in the newspaper and er'thing. Her daddy would set-up obstacle courses for her to practice on. Did so well she won a trip to Disney World. That's country as hell but it was smart to share that info. You know the country mofos don't have shit else to do but vote. So, well played Channing. Victor, whom I forget about all the time, told us that he went thru a Goth stage and then grew out of it. Ummm, so?

So they got a Contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey and technically, I thought it was beautiful. Great choreography and just an overall wonderful piece. I thought that for Victor and Channing to be partnered together for the first time, they did a fantastic job. BUT...the whole time I was wishing that somebody else danced this number. Like if Jakob had gotten this piece can you imagine the leaps and bounds he would have taken it? There are just other dancers that would have taken this routine to the next level. So while I thought it was beautiful choreography, I didn't feel it the way I know I could have had it been somebody else dancing.

Ellenore and Ryan
Ellenore tells us that she is made up of six different ethnicities. Didn't feel like rewinding but I heard African-American, Mexican, Hawaiian, Philippine and two others. She said she's a mutt. I guess that is something we could have known about her. She looks black to me and she's hot, so I'm just gonna stick with that. Ryan tells us that he is an extreme sports junkie and has a secret desire to be a super hero in an action movie. I know somebody who has a crush on him who just got a hard on watchin that lil clip and speakin of lil...

Lil C is back and he has them doin a manifestation of his calculations by way of unification and reverbertaion to bring together a Hip-Hop creation. And Ryan fucked that up. In a bad way. He's cuh-learly not a Hip-Hop dancer but he tried. A for Effort tho. Ellenore handled her biz and worked it out. I wasn't that impressed with the routine in general and that had nothing to do with Ryan or Ellenore...that was all Lil C. They might be dancin for their lives.

Mollee and Nathan
So come to find out Mollee is deaf in her left ear. You know you got skills when you can't even hear the music but you can still dance for your life. She totally got the deaf vote with that one! And Nathan told us he likes to jet ski. Boo. I wanted to know if he likes boys or girls. I mean, I think I know but I might could maybe be wrong. But how cute would he and Glambert be together?

Anyhoo....they got Salsa and while I'm impressed that Mollee can do all that being deaf in one ear....just no. Mollee isn't sexy and those characters didn't work for either one of them. They looked like two little kids playing dress up and that's not how I want my Salsa dancers to look. Like if nothing else, you have to look hot and sexy and like you know what you're doing. They were able to handle some of the technical aspects of the routines but their lines, the steps, and just the style of it all didn't work. They didn't sell that at all. And Nathan was one of my faves from the very beginning. I compared him to Brandon from last season. I'm not crazy...I didn't say he was as good technically, but very close. And he's losing my vote. He hasn't really shown me anything great and I know he has the potential to be amazing. Step up your game Nathan! With that said, I think they should be in the bottom but since Mollee is deaf, they might catch some sympathy votes.

Noelle and Russell
Sooo Noelle comes from a big family and her brother had a stroke and only has use of one side of his body and he was her dance inspiration. Mkay. Russell let us know that he isn't just a krumper but he is also a pretty damn great artist. Dude is talented. He has a future in dance or art. I like Russ.

Anyway, so new choreographer Sean Cheesman teaches them an Afro Jazz routine which is in line with the new Disney movie The Princess and the Frog...except in the movie, the Princess's name ain't Noelle it's Tiana and she's Black. But I digress.....that was fuckin awesome! Best performance of the night! YES!!!!!!!!!! They smashed that! The choreography was AMAZING! Go Sean!!! And I believed Russell was the frog! He hit all his lines, he was so believable, and so technically great. I didn't believe Noelle was an African princess but I believed she could do Afro Jazz and that she was necessary to the routine. I loved it!!!! I will break something if these two end up in the bottom.

So this show was better than last week but still not as great as it should be. Is it the talent or the choreography? I think it is a lil of both. If things go as they should, Nathan, Mollee, Ellenore, Ryan, and maybe Peter and Pauline or Karen and Kevin dancin for their lives. It could be anybody other than Russell and Noelle. We'll see tomorrow!

If I see Ade's face one more time....