Friday, July 31, 2009

Atlanta Housewives By The By....

The shemale Sheree is now my favorite. Anybody ready to go toe to toe with a stankin ass queen who is all sorts of wrong and then calmly ask, "What happened to customer service?" is my kind. Definitely my kind.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Reminded Why I LOVE This Show...

This time, they chose to show the Emmy nominated routines that had us watchin in total amazement and awe of the spectacularness that is attempted and created by the most talented dancin individuals. Oh wait...did I just use too many words like Lil C? I talk too much and prolly use too many words too which is why I try to be understanding of his ass but I think he uses "big" words for no reason and talks for days just cuz he's short. Gotta use something "big" huh, Lil C?

Back to what's more important, tonight's show was fantastic. I loved the opening number performed by the top 6, which was a sad clown contemporary routine choreographed by Tyce Dioro.

Then Will and Jessica perform one of the best routines on SYTYCD!!! Will's body is sick. He looks GOOD! And as I've said before, Will can dance the hokey pokey and you'll think Alvin Ailey created that piece. And Jessica has stepped her game up too. I see somebody's been practicin. That performance was better tonight than it was when they first performed it.

Then Twitch and Katee do Mia Muichael's number with the door. Duffy's song Mercy. Loooooooove this dance!!! I loved the door dance when they danced it the first time and I love it now! Twitch of course is one of my faves of all time but I loved me some Katee too. So happy I got to rezsugsh this dance!

Chelsea and Joshua...with a baldy. I'm not used to seein him without hair. But I do memba that booty. Not my fave this time or last but great to see Joshhua and his booty.

And definitely one of my all time SYTYCD performances ever Chlesie and Mark's Nap & Tab's Hip-Hop Bleeding Love routine. Oh Mark..he's so cute. My recap for this last season kind of says it I really friggin watch this show man!

We were just reminded that last season was the best SYTYCD season ever and with the exception of a few people (Brandon, Janette, Ade) and a few fabtabulous amazing routines, this season kinda sucks. I think much of this season has been based on choreography and not really the dancing and/or dancers. Cuz for real, for real, Jeanine wouldn't be in nobody's finale if this was last season. But anyway....

Going to the finale:

At this point, if Brandon doesn't win, which would be horribly dreadful and ridiculous cuz he is absolutely the best of the 'best' it doesn't matter...he is going on to do MAJOR things. Just like er'body else who was dope on SYTYCD. My bestie GMV just saw Will in "The Wiz" with Ashanti...and basically, Will and his body was better than Ashanti.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Just Cuz I'm Addicted

So I was going back and forth about whether or not I could even continue to watch SYTYCD. After last week's performance episode, I said that Brandon and Janette need to be the final 2. I was also more than lookin forward to watchin the 100th episode and seeing all they had put together and what all the build up was for.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmm, talk about a bitch being beyond pissed and totally shocked and rumuthafluffinpauled!! My eyes hurt cuz my Audrina eyes were on full friggin blast the whole damn night. Katie Holmes sucked major fuckin balls...seriously, I can kick rocks better than that bitch can "dance"! All she did was walk, make a pouty face and do shit wit her stupid hat. I find it offensive and disrespectful to every real dancer to ever take the SYTYCD stage that they let that bullshit take place just cuz her name is Katie Holmes. And the routines they chose to re-do cuz they were Emmy nominated were just aiight (other than Hok's Hummingbird). There are sooooooooooooooooooooo many other performances they could have chosen to represent the 100th episode. Fuck an Emmy nomination.

But what hurt me more than I can even understand is the fact that both Brandon and Janette were in the bottom 2 AND Janette is gone. What.The.Fuck????!!!!! I said this is why I can't watch this shiz anymore. I can't and I won't. BUT I'm over it. It was over a week ago and I'm better, I can't not watch.

Tonight is a new night and we'll just see whatever it is they do. I'm still rootin for Brandon but now, I'm just doin wut I do...lettin ya'll know who was great and who needs to put that where? Let's get it!

Um, I really have no words except: BRANDON.


Oh wait, I lied. Lil C gets on my lastest nerve. Can he say anything in less than 1,000 words? Cuh-learly, he can't. I really wish he would shut da fluff up.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Ming & Aoki: 2009 Baby Phat Cuteness

This is one of the pics from Ming & Aoki's new Baby Phat campaign. They really are the cutest baby girls ever! Side I the only one who is really wondering what the point of the little white girl is? She really looks thrown in there for no reason.

And how beautiful is Ming? Just beautious!

But um is my Aoki not gorgeous????!!! I think back to when I was so worried about her cuz she looked more like her daddy but no more! My Aoki is not only full of personality but she's sooooo pretty. She is wuuuurkin this pic! Love her.

I am still waitin patiently to see their Mandigo baby brother....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weddings Ain't What They Used To Be...

Now you gotta have choreography and a back-up dancers. When my bestie Tee finally does the Stanky Leg down the aisle, cuz she mostly certainly will, all I ask is that I get to wear the Beyonce Single Lady one shoulder leotard. Thanks.

The wedding march...

The first dance...

Speakin of Weddings...

We're learnin why men, Black men especially, would rather be at a wedding lookin for some sad desperate bridesmaid wishin it were her gettin married to fuck, than to ever be the groom.

Kelis got what she wanted. Nas has been ordered to pay $40K+ a month in spousal and child support for their new baby Knight Jones. He also had to pay Kelis' legal fees. On a personal note, if I were in Kelis' position I would prolly be thinking I should have got more, but as an outsider lookin all up in their business who has no idea what really happened between the two of them, I think Kelis prolly got way more than she deserves or needs.

It looks like the married men are the ones who take the major hits when it comes to the monthly pay outs. Russell Simmons pays Kimora $40K a month for two daughters and makes WAY more than Nas does. While Diddy has 3 kids and only pays Kim $20K a month and 50 Cent only pays about $7K a month. This could be another reason why dudes don't be tryna get married...if shiz don't work out they spend 18 years payin out their ass.

Redman and Method Man spoke on it:

“…as far as speaking on men and women in general. 50 grand a month for some p*ssy is some bullsh*t. Ladies for real all you did was f*ck your man. that money right there. A kid doesn’t need that much to survive. You trying to maintain your life style. That’s f*cked up. I want to see the shoe on the other foot.”

“If we don’t nip this sh*t in the bud right now and have the court system to see sh*t for what it actually is. If you ask me the court system is geared more towards the women than the men”

“What the kids don’t understand is the air they breathing. The lights. The cable. The Mortgage. All that fall on Daddy’s shoulders. Not to mention he has to pay this stanking azz b*tch that he don’t even f*ck with anymore to look good for some other n*gga. This sh*t is crazy to me and any chick that does that sh*t is foul.”

While I understand where Meth is coming from I really need him to know that the court system is not geared more towards women BUT if it is, that is the way it should be. All does not fall on DADDY'S shoulders. How many fuckin men don't even see their kids. How many men don't do shit for their kids? How many fuckin men DON'T pay their child support? How many men spread their seed all over the place and don't take care of not one of their kids or help their kids mothers out in any way? And YOU should be payin her to look good for some other dude cuz YOU are prolly the reason ya'll not together anymore anyway...while she was tryna look good for you and take care of your kids you was off fuckin some other chic. So she needs to find her somebody else that is willing to take her and YOUR kids.

It's all a mess. I can't. This is why we all need to be scraped out.


All Hail The Queen: Beyonce

Mkay, so I know I talk shit about Yonce. I know this. BUT ya'll do know that as much as I hate on her, I love her, and I always give props where props are due. I had the pleasure and the privilege to experience Beyonce live at her "I Am..." concert and seriously, I was beyond entertained.

What amazes me and the reason she really is the best doin it (and maybe to ever do it as it pertains to female performers), is cuz SHE IS SINGING!!! She is singing live and she sounds BETTER than she sounds on her damn CDs. She KILLS it!!!! She looks fabulous, she is very engaged with the audience, her band is sick, her dancers are hot (two of the male dancers bodies were reeee-dickkkk-uloussssss!), her back up singers - Tha Mamas - are curvy, sexaay, and sangin, and again, Yonce sounds AMAZING.

She manages to sing like er'song she's ever done, including Destiny's Child stuff, she flips and flies in the air, she moves the show to the middle of the arena so er'body gets to see her even better, she sang 'Say My Name' to some guy named Jeff, gave him one of her sweat rags and made his life (you know he's jerkin off to that towel right now), she included the cutest home videos of her as little girl, and you know that she gave over 200% to us. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. If I could, I'd tell her thanks for making my way too expensive ticket more than worth it.

I also LOVED snappin for each an'er kid that was losin their mind. My two faves were this pair of how you was very small and petite and had on Dereon head to toe, a pink Dereon very, very, very, tight shirt, skinny jeans, and wedges, with some special Yonce earrings. I couldn't believe he didn't have on a Sasha Fierce weave to complete the look but he just rocked a low cesar. The other was taller, a whole lot more chubbier (actually he was just fat), and had on the same Dereon very, very, very tight shirt but it was blue, some knee-length cut off Dereon shorts, and sneakers with some Chanel earrings and bracelets going all the way up both arms. I saw them as we were leaving and they were overwhelmed by what a fabulous show Yonce put on and they were buying a program. They couldn't even move while lookin at the program. Watchin a gay love Yonce is like watchin unicorns fly over rainbows. I could watch it all day.

Now listen, Yonce is the undisputed Queen and no one can touch her BUT just cuz she puts on the best show ever don't think I won't still talk about her...for example, while we waited for her to come out they played music by Solange, Michelle, Destiny's Child, and some other people...Kelly got a number one song right now. Just cuz she chose to move on and allow new people in her life, why she can't get a lil support? Ain't she part of the reason Yonce can even do this damn show? And I will still talk about those ugly ass House of Dereon clothes and when her nappy edges are hangin out her lace front. Yes, yes I will.

Luh u Yonce, and I mean it!

I Am....a fan.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

TV Will Eventually Be My Only Wendy Williams Fix

Da hell am I going to do from 2 - 6 pm er'day????!!! Sigh...I knew this day was coming, especially after all the drama with Nicole, Charlamagne, all her suspensions and then of course her new and here to stay talk show...but I was hoping that Wendy Williams would literally remain the Queen of all Media and stay on radio and TV. However, an era is coming to an end. The Wendy Williams Experience broadcast from WBLS is will introduce Wendy for the last time on July 31st. I feel pricklin' in my ice box.

I've been listening to Wendy as long as I've been listening to radio. Back in the day when EVERYBODY hated her but listened to her EVERYDAY, when she was fat and her weaves were a mess, she was a coke head, and she told us who all the gay rappers were. Then her life was being threatened on a regular basis and she had that fight with Angie Martinez at Hot 97 and well, the execs over there were Team Angie. Angie became the voice of Hot 97 and best friends with all the rappers. Angie don't gossip, she kisses ass. Er'body thought Wendy was done. But she wasn't...

She made her way onto a Philly station, made that number one right quick. Started her own family, husband and son, then came back to NYC and took over one more gin. Her radio show is a mess and three quarters. Example, this ridiculous 42 year old bitch called in to advice hour because she is pregnant with her sister's husband baby. She said she baby-sits for her (younger) sister and one night the husband got some ice cream while they were sitting on the couch and he spilled it on her neck. He then said he would clean it up and started lickin her neck and the two dumb fucks started fuckin. Wendy of course tried to tell her what a dumb donkey whore she is and she's going to destroy her family. This bitch gets mad at Wendy and hangs up on her. And this is the kind of pearl clutchin, mouf wide open, ree-diculously entertanin mess that goes on er'day....I really don't know what I'm gonna do. Her television show gets better and better everyday but an hour on TV is not the same as four hours of personal time that I feel I get with Wendy er'day.

Since she confirmed her departure she said: "she was “blessed to have a broadcast home” on New York radio, adding: “My hope is that you will do your best to find me on your remote so I can continue to entertain and inform you each and every day.” Which basically means that as much as Wendy Williams loves radio, she's over it and ready to take over America via your boob tube...and she's going to.

Deon Levingston, the vice president and general manager of WBLS said in a statement: “We are saddened to lose one of our most popular personalities. But we understand what it requires to put a live show on television each and every day and wish Wendy all the best in this new venture.” That basically means they only kept her on cuz she is the only reason anybody even listens to WBLS (well since they got Steve Harvey he's helped a lil too) and her ratings are the reason they make the money they do BUT they are tired of her drama and having to suspend her cuz she let her husband come on the show and say shizz or she said something inappropriate about someone who has an expensive law team, or she kicked somebody off her show cuz they were boring and not participating in the Experience. But what is WBLS gonna do now?

Lately, when Wendy's been gone her replacement has been April Woodard from Inside Edition. I hate her. She's boring and has no idea what's goin on. Some people can't do ALL media, especially radio. She needs to stay right where she is. She's a total WOMP WOMP and I swear if they give her Wendy's slot I will never listen to WBLS again...or at least not when she's on. I might even walk to the offices on Park Avenue and raise a five finger salute from the back side to whoever is responsible for the bullshit that is April Woodard.

Thank you Wendy Williams!!!! You've made me laugh, pissed me off, got me excited, have me gossipin and using words that have no meaning. You have totally zsugshed my life!!! And who knows, maybe I'll be followin in your ginormous size 11 need to have shoes made cuz you can't find none in the store foot steps.

How you doin? Awwwwwriiiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt!!!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CNN: Black in America 2

Soledad O'Brien is back on CNN to continue the discussion of what it means to be Black in America. Tonight's focus was the Black youth in America. A large majority of the young and the Black in America lack pretty much everything, have absent or drug addicted parents, don't have enough money for groceries or basic necessities, are two, three or four grade levels behind in school, and college is never even thought of as an option....well, unless they play basketball. But there is always someone who knows that so many of these children deserve so much more and have so much to they do what they can to help. Even if it starts with just helping a handful.

Chris Rocks' wife Malaak Compton-Rock has created a program called "Journey for Change," that is a year long empowerment program that sent 30 underprivileged Black kids from Bushwick, Brooklyn to Africa. This being the first time most of the kids left New York....who would ever dream they would get to go to Africa. While in Africa they were there to volunteer their services to help the children of Africa who are suffering tremendously, living without electricity, plumbing, beds, clothes, food, and living infected with or affect by the ravishes of AIDS.

The American kids, who essentially believed that they were as poor as it gets, were awakened to what their lives could be. As hard is was for many of them, it was fantastically empowering. Some of the students with non-existing confidence began to step into the light, those who didn't see school as important discovered that they can go to school for free, without a uniform and fees, while the African students don't have that ability, those who may be poor but still have parents see that there are children raising children. Two weeks of their life on another continent where they see that hardships, pain, and suffering are not unique to just them and if they really thought about it, they are actually privileged.

Returning to America didn't stop the change. These kids decided that they would use what they were given and make the best of it. They don't have to be victims of their surroundings, their backgrounds, and what they don't have. They will take advantage of what they do have and discover what they can do to give back to the world. Ultimately learning that being Black in America can actually be a good thing.

In Connecticut, a Black man by the name of Steve Perry decided to make a difference. He founded a year-round school, Capital Preparatory Magnet School, that would give Black students a chance to not only have an education but the opportunity to build a life for themselves. Connecticut is a state with one of the largest achievement gaps between black and white students in the nation, and those that are accepted into Capital Prep are often three to four grades behind. Literally being in 9th grade reading at a 5th grade level. Yet, Steve Perry has managed to send every graduate of Capital Prep to college.

He is the parent, the bus driver and even the school janitor and he does it for "his" children. He sacrifices time with his own family, his wife and two boys, to support his other children. These children do not have parent support or even the means to get to school, but Mr. Perry has made it his business to do what it takes. He is a child of a teenage mother, grew up in the projects and was most likely on his way to jail. Fortunately, his fourth grade teacher saw his potential and made it his business to set Mr. Perry straight. He chose to be better and pay it forward, to help others be better and do better. His dedication, his strength, and his belief in what can be is astounding, admirable and awe inspiring.

What about Black kids in America who are children of CEOs, doctors, lawyers, and business owners? They too struggle. Most Black and White people don't even realize that the affluent Black community even exist. In America the stereotype which stems from nuggets of truth, is that Black people are on welfare or only get to do anything thanks to affirmative action and even with that, they might own a house or get to go to college, but they aren't necessarily wealthy or successful, unless they are rappers or athletes. How do they find their place when the are in a small minority amongst their own race but still looked at as a charity case or a "nigger" by White people?

Affluent Blacks stick together. They help each other carry on the legacies of their families, specifically pointing out the Tuxedo Ball which was formed by Dr. Carlotta Miles, which offers wealthy and privileged Black people the opportunity to network, find mentors, jobs, and more than likely find someone of the same pedigree to date/marry to maintain affluence, education etc. on both sides. The goal, however, is to grow this group. It is easy for this group to be almost invisible because they aren't always recognized (unless they get arrested in front of their house like Dr. Gates), people within their own race reject them because they don't believe they can relate to their struggle and White people don't care how much money they have...they're still Black.

Helping with the growing of this group is John Rice. A Black man who grew up affluent and surrounded by the best of the best amongst Black people. He left his executive job with the NBA to start Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)a program for minorities that prepare them to be CEOs and leaders in the corporate America. He understands that while education is more than necessary, there is so much more to excelling in corporate America that cannot be learned in the classroom, and is especially not taught to Black students. In reality, networking skills, leadership skills, and general business acumen is taught to those, especially White people, as kids and continued throughout their lives. They witness their parents having business dinners, making deals on the golf course, and attending black tie affairs where companies are started, kids are accepted to college before filling out applications, and promotions are made while sipping on Dom Perignon. Most Black and Brown people do not have a clue, and even after getting a college degree and doing what they are told is the best way to succeed, still end up in a middle management job for their entire career watching those around them become executives, VPs, and CEOs. Programs like MLT help those who understand that there are ways to reach the top of the top, get there.

Shout out to my girl Ms. Wonsley who is gorgeously, fabulously, and successfully Black in America. I saw you!!!!

Part 2 of 2 of Black in America, tomorrow.

So You Think You Can Dance: 8 Oh 8!

Last week we said goodbye to Kupono and Randi. I was more than happy to see Randi go. So over the dancin oomp loompa. This week it's all the same shizz. I'm not giving a full rundown cuz each dancer performs 4 times and well, I can't...just an overall blah blah blah, my faves, what I love and what sucks. So um, let's get it!

Ellen DeGeneres is a judge tonight. She's sooo funny. So before any dancin even happens I'm already gigglin cuz Ellen talkin bout she had trainin in the streets...I can't wit her.


Travis Wall is tryna get is choreography ON! I am so happy for him! To be a contestant on the show and then go to being creating the best routines is amazing. I thought his futuristic dance was hot. I will say tho that Brandon stands out. I'm so ready for him to just win this.

I just want to say that if a girl ends up winning this year (which is not likely) it will have to be Janette. She's amazing. And I'm not just sayin that cuz Mia Michaels said that Janette is her favorite this season.

Did Ellen say "Are you two carpenters because you nailed it?!" No, Ellen. No!!!

And Mary, you ain't neva lie...Ade's ass stays high and visible...but I thought that was a good thing.

I kinda hated Melissa and Ade's Cha-Cha. And while I hate to agree...I think Mia is right...this was Ade's worst performance all season. But its not his fault his butt prevents him from Cha-Cha in.

OOOOOMMMMMMMGGGGGGG Boom Boom Kat aka Laurie Ann Gibson is doin choreography in SYTYCD????? Diddy isn't the only way she can get a job!!! Sooooo excited for you Boom Boom!! And her routine was great! Brandon killed that. His body is so amazing. He is just sick. Jeanine did a good job but you can tell she was workin to keep up with B. Go Boom Boom Kat! But I will say this honey...your weave? Boom Boom why? Fix that. Luh u, mean it.

Ade and Melissa made up for their horrible Cha-Cha with their emotional and riveting Tyce Diorio Contemporary piece. Reminded me why I enjoy watching them. They are amazing.

Mary, you really need water-proof make-up. Seriously. Now your face looks dirty.

With that said, with the exception of two dances, seriously this was the wackest SYTYCD ever. Ever. Boring.

Janette and Brandon need to be the final two. They were the best tonight. Honorable mention goes to Jeanine....

After her amazing performance last week with Jason and then tryin her bestest to work it out with Brandon, plus she gave good solo...I want her to stay in it.

We'll see tomorrow....

Oh SupaHead...You're Such A Donkey

WOW. Supahead gets kicked off a morning show after getting mad because the news anchors were asking her to explain who her book is for....literally getting mad when the anchors speak the truth. She said this book teaches lessons to young girls that she wasn't taught...which is obviously the best way to position your lips as you suck a dick. Hence, why the book has a ban on it and can't be sold er'where to er'body. If you need a giggle today....

And, if I'm not mistaken, didn't she say her husband Eddie Winslow was beatin her and didn't he say she's a dumb bitch? How she really tryna act like she's some happily married mother who was neva a coochie supplin' dick sucker? Yeah...this is what happens when you think the protein you swallow from the millions of dicks you suck makes you smart or something.

By the by, SupaHead has just taken on the role of Sex Education Director and school librarian at Dumb Bitch University.

Michelle O's Fabulous New Do'

Let the bitin begin...

You better wuuuurk Michelle O! The First Lady's new cropped cut is most certainly makin it do' wut it do'! Do you love it? You know your mother is on her way to the hair dresser

UPDATE: Seems the First Lady did not cut her hair, rather her hair guru worked an elegant and serious tuck and swoop. But um, you know your mother is STILL on her way to hair dresser right.about. now.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

VH1 Divas....How Dare You???!!!!

I am beyond shocked and Ru Pauled, I am PISSED. Da fuck is wrong with VH1???!!!!, out, up, down, round and round...mkay. So VH1 decided it was time to have another VH1 Divas concert after four years on hiatus. That would normally be a fantastic idea unless you are the fuckin retard that picked Miley FUCKIN Cyrus as a Diva. A DIVA!!! MILEY SHITTAY CYRUS!!!!! Jesus take the wheel and steer me out this bitch cuz I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are the new "Divas":

Kelly Clarkson - Love her, but she's beyond chunky right now and she ain't nobody's diva.

Leona Lewis - Leona can sing her ass off but da fuck else has she done other than Bleeding Love and look like Mariah from her Vision of Love days?????? And she ain't nobody's diva.

Adele - I enjoy Adele, I chase pavements, but seriously, I would prefer a drunk ass Amy Wino wit her beehive fallin off and her skin peelin. And I can't say for sure, but I really don't think she's nobdoy's diva.

and Miley Muthafuckin Cyrus. She can't even sing, VH1. She can't even sing. How does Hannah Montana step into a place that Whitney Houston has been? I can't. I really can't.

Is VH1 trying to say that there aren't any more Divas left? They had to scrape the bottom of barrel to put together a show? I'm just so confused. If I was Whitney, Mariah, Celine, Aretha, Tina, Diana, Patti, Cher, Beyonce, Erykah, Jill, Alicia, or even damn Barbara Streisand I would roll up to VH1, five fingers iced da fuck out, and back slap bitches til Hannah Montana no longer sounds like she's singin from the back of her damn anal cavity.

So what if Whitney is just comin out her crack stupor or that Mariah is married to a little boy cuz she's a little girl? Is there nooooobody else? I mean call Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper!!! Mkay maybe there is nobody else and if that is the case, that means you just don't put on the show. Or maybe have your stupid show but call it something else. You can't start off with the best of the best and then go to the worst. It just makes no damn sense.

I'm boycottin VH1 til Real Chance of Love comes back on (Yes, I hate me too.) Fuckin assholes.


Good Work Outta You Tyler Perry....

I was told that one of these children, a seven year old, asked her mother if she was “too black to be in a pool.” How do you answer that? Again, it broke my heart and I wanted to do something, and I feel like you all would want to do something, too. So what I did was on Aug 1st thru 3rd, I’m sending these kids to Disney World, and then to a Disney water park. I want them to know that for every act of evil that a few people will throw at you, there are millions more who will do something kind for them. This is all about the kids.

This made me so angry.

Since Michael Jackson died I have not watched the news. I have just been so disgusted at how the mainstream media has riddled this family with disrespect, and no matter what anyone, you or I included, might have thought of him, the truth of the matter is

-the man was still a human being and his kids and family deserve some privacy and space. And I know that I’m not the only one that feels this way, so I purposely kept the TV off. Anyway, I was walking through the house, and I don’t know how this TV was on, but I saw a little boy on the news crying his eyes out. So I turned it up. Here is this kid talking about being kicked out of the Valley Swim Club outside Philadelphia because he was black. Did you hear me? I said, “No way, this can’t be! It’s 2009. I don’t believe this!” But, I know it happens even in this year of Obama.

As I listened to the story, the anchorperson went on to talk about a woman named Althea Wright. This young lady started a non-profit called Creative Steps to help inner-city children. And apparently she had booked the Valley Swim Club’s pool and paid for it to be used by the children throughout the summer. As we all know, this is such a great thing. During the summer our kids can get into a lot of trouble if they don’t have something creative to do. Anyway, as the story went on, I was shocked to find out that it wasn’t just him but 65 children in all, black and Hispanic kids, that were kicked out of the pool. You should Google this story and read it online for yourself. It’s crazy! I went from being mad to being furious.

The news reporter went on to say that the president of the club and its members said, and I quote, “We don’t want to change the complexion of our club.” The president refunded the money of the children and asked them not to come back. WHAT?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I said I have to do something for these children. I can’t let them think that they are inferior because of the color of their skin. Then that night I saw the president of the Valley Swim Club on the news again saying that he misspoke and that it was a safety issue and the club wasn’t able to accommodate so many children. But the children themselves reportedly said that members were taking their kids out of the pool, and that they were saying things like, “Why are they here?” and “They’re black,” even insinuating that these kids would steal or maybe hurt their children.

Now get this. A few days later I catch the story again on CNN. This time the club was inviting the kids to come and swim. WHAT?! I’m confused. If you refunded the money because there was not enough room in the pool and it was a safety issue then why are you asking the same 65 kids to come back?

This is awful, and for anyone that has grown up in the inner-city, you know that one small act of kindness can change your life. These kids see the images of President Obama on TV and then they see the drug dealers and thugs on the corner. Which do you think is more their reality? One act of kindness, one person telling them that they are special, one moment of encouragement can make them move mountains. I know it to be true because I was one of them. They don’t need to be called names and be told that they are less than, because of the color of their skin or because of where they come from.

That’s why I’m telling you this. Since you all have put me in the position to be able to do something I feel like by me doing this we are all doing it together. This is all about the kids. So, thank you for letting me do this. Thank you so much. And do me a favor please. When you see these kids coming through the airport, (I’m sure you won’t be able to miss them. I imagine they are going to be super excited) when you see them in the park and in the hotel, let’s show them a whole lot of love and respect. Show them that they are just as good as anyone else. And show them that they can do or be anything they want to be no matter what anyone says!


Tyler Perry

Oprah's pay it forward done certainly rubbed off on Madea. Love it!

Black Harvard Scholar Arrested Tryna Get In His House....

Black kids can't swim in a pool in Philly and now prominent Harvard professor and scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. was arrested opening a stuck door at his own home. I can't with the racism. I really can't. You ain't neva lie Henry! This IS what happens to black men in America. SMDH.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., the nation’s pre-eminent black scholar, is accusing Cambridge police of racism after he was arrested while trying to force open the locked front door of his home near Harvard University. Cambridge police were called to the home Thursday afternoon after a woman reported seeing a man “wedging his shoulder into the front door as to pry the door open,” according to a police report.

An officer ordered the man to identify himself, and Gates refused, according to the report. Gates began calling the officer a racist and said repeatedly, “This is what happens to black men in America.” Officers said they tried to calm down the 58-year-old academic, who responded, “You don’t know who you’re messing with,” according to the police report.

Gates was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge after police said he “exhibited loud and tumultuous behavior.” He was released later that day on his own recognizance and arraignment was scheduled for Aug. 26. Gates referred comment to his lawyer, fellow Harvard scholar Charles Ogletree, who was not immediately available. Cambridge police declined to comment, and the Middlesex district attorney’s office said it could not do so until after Gates’ arraignment. The woman who reported Gates did not return a message Monday.

Many of Gates’ African-American colleagues believe his arrest is part of a pattern of racial profiling in Cambridge, said Allen Counter, who has taught neuroscience at Harvard for 25 years. Counter has said he was stopped on campus by two Harvard police officers in 2004 after being mistaken for a robbery suspect. They threatened to arrest him when he could not produce identification. “We do not believe that this arrest would have happened if professor Gates was white,” Counter said. “It really has been very unsettling for African-Americans throughout Harvard and throughout Cambridge that this happened.” Counter said he spoke to Gates, who told him police continued to question him after he showed them his license and Harvard identification. “They did not believe him when he said that he was in his own home,” Counter said. “He was totally mistreated in this incident.”

Gates is the director of Harvard University’s W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research and served for 15 years as chairman of what is now the Department of African and African American Research. He joined the Harvard faculty in 1991 and holds one of 20 prestigious “university professors” positions at the school. He also was host of “African American Lives,” a PBS show about the family histories of prominent U.S. blacks. Time magazine named him one of the 25 most influential Americans in 1997.

Somebody needs to go ring the bell of that dumb bitch who called the police on her neighbor (whom she has prolly seen er' friggin day) and back slap the shit out of her ass. Now she has a reason.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Just For Giggles...

My day just got even better. I just sat in amazement, full on Audrina eyes, mouf wide open, and ear drums have been hilariously tortured thanks to Lil Kim and Cyndi Lauper singin Time After Time. Er'body talkin bout how horrible Lil Kim sounds tryna sing but Cyndi sounds like she's rollin marbles in her damn mouf. They both sound like whinny, windy, farts. I love it! Heeeeeeheeeeeeee!!!! Putcha lighters up!!!! I come from BedStuy!!!! Happy Birthday Nelson Mandela!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

NeNe Leakes Does Wendy Williams...

So have you guys been watchin The Wendy Williams Show? I'm sure you have cuz since it's debut on Monday, she's been #1 in her time slot and the number one rated show on BET (altho that's not hard to accomplish...fuck else is there to watch on BET?). You guys know that I love me some Wendy. She's most certainly a friend in my head. I listen to her on the radio most er'day. So of course, just like er'body else I was pumped and waitin for her show to come back.

Now I watched her first show on Monday and I wasn't impressed....the way she was reading her notes for the hot topics and the randomness of it all plus I felt like Vanessa Williams was interviewing her....perfect for radio, but TV....I dunno. Anyhooo....I think she just had to get back into the swing of things. I just watched her interview with Atlanta Housewife Nene Leakes...

All I have to say is, only a fabulous host like Wendy would be mixin liquor and servin her guest various Nuvo drinks. That's my kind of show, and that's the Wendy I know. LOVE HER!!!! By the way, can't WAIT for Real Housewives of Atlanta. I really hope Sheree pulls Kim's wig all the way off.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10

We've reached the point of the season that we know who is going on tour and who is clearly the best of the best. Now we find out who finally is gonna win this shizz! The couples are no longer together, everyone is dancing with someone new, and the judges no longer have a say in who stays and who gos. As Debbie Allen reiterated, at the end of the day, unfortch it isn't about the best dancer but your favorite dancer. So, it's up to YOU...don't piss me off people. Let's get it! (Sort of)

I'm tired tonight and there is too much going on - group numbers, solos, couple dances....I can't. So I'm just gonna give my overall opinion on who was the bestest and who needs to put it in a seat.

BEST dance of the night hands down, Jason and Jeanine. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Contemporary number choreographed by Travis Wall from SYTYCD season 2 was AMAZING. That was literally one of the best routines ever on SYTYCD. Jason and Jeanine finally got to show their talent. They showed us all why they are here. They were so sexy, so passionate, and they executed that dance reediculously well. Travis is the reason Jason and Jeanine were able to show how talented they are. And spectacular are you?! Somebody tryna give Mia Michaels a run for her money, eh? In this dance they had this heart necklace that they throw to each other and use as part of the dance, the lifts, the rippin of the costumes, the synchronicity.....superb. Well friggin done.

(I did also really enjoy Brandon and Melissa's Broadway routine. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Brandon??!!)

Evan danced a fantastic solo! He really is Gene Kellyish. He dances so much better by himself. He needs to be on Broadway.

But again....dancin for his life, takin the solo to new heights, Ade showed them all what a solo sposed to be!

And ummmmmmmm I thought the boy's African dance piece was off da chain!!!!!!!! Did Evan really dance that damn dance? I'm so proud of him! He held his own!!!! They worked together, they hit their marks, and they smashed it. Loved it!!!

(I also loved how Debbie Allen had to let them know that African dance is where most all dance forms originate. Speak on it Debbie!)

Overall I don't think anybody needs to put it in a seat. I thought everyone was great, however, I'm ready to see Randi go. Over her.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nia Long Says Stay In Your Lane....

The gorgeous Nia Long, who covers and is interviewed in U.K. Mag PRIDE, was asked about singers who try to act and was specifically asked about Beyonce's performance in 'Obsessed'. Nia said, “I didn’t see ‘Obsessed,’ so I can’t comment, but it’s just not about how talented you are anymore. It’s about, ‘How much box-office revenue will this person generate?’ When you see certain people – we won’t name names – they just don’t have the skill, and no one in their team has said, ‘You need acting classes.”

I didn't see Obsessed either, even tho my sexual chocolate lover Idris Elba was in it, so I can't comment on Yonce's performance BUT I will say that I think if you ARE multi-talented, triple threats, and all that good stuff then you should be makin it do what it do it er'lane possible. Like, it's not the singer's fault that she can sing AND dance AND act. However, in the case of someone like Yonce...she has the means to executive produce her own movie, hence, how she got the lead role. It was her movie, Nia. She made $87 million in one year. When you can finance your own movies, fuck an acting class, boo. Do you.

But Nia...on the low low, I feel you. I even did a translation of an interview that Idris Elba did where "he" says that you would have been better. For that interview click: Luh u, Mean it Nia!


Friday, July 10, 2009

Snaps For Da Kids!

Sweet Dreams....I can't.

Blatant Racism Still Exist In 2009? What A Shock...

So a groups of kids from Creative Steps Day Camp in Northeast Philly paid $1900 for one day of swimming each week during the summer at a swim club. The kids get all excited and make their way to club only to have their money refunded and told to leave. The president of the club then went on to say, "There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club."

While it is obvious that racism is more than prevalent today and everyday, I mean the fact that Bill O'Reilly is on television proves that, it still makes you clutch your pearls in total disgust that black children were literally turned away from fun times at a pool that they PAID for. One of the kids (boy pictured above) who was turned away said he hear a lady say, "'Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?' She's like, 'I'm scared they might do something to my child,'"...and you know the dumb bitch was more than serious and probably really scared.

This is just more proof - not that we need it - that whether they call you a nigger to your face or behind your back after they just smiled and shook your hand, that a large majority of the pale people really believe the beautiful darker nation to be just that.

What else is there left to say? The earth will explode before racism is truly abolished. And since I truly believe that be the case, when kids can't swim in a pool because the pale people are scared they might change the complexion of the club, all you can do is remember that our president is a Black man. As far as I'm concerned, I'll take joy in my own ignorance and believe that Team Black is winning.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: ADE BETTA WORK!!!

So seriously, how Ade and Melissa ended up dancin for their lives is truly beyond me. I mean are you friggin kidding me. How in da hell did the dancin Oompa Loompas Randi and Evan (and I say that with love) get a pass over Ade and Melissa?! Their Disco number was better than both of Evan and Randi's dances. But I guess that doesn't matter cuz there was no way in hell Ade or Melissa were going home....especially after Ade DANCED FOR HIS LIFE!!!! His solo was the best dance for your life EVER on SYTYCD. So you can put that where Tyce Diorio!

So we lose Phillip and Caitlin, which wasn't surprising. I think it is great that they still get to go on tour. Phillip is definitely a favorite and people will pay to see him do some out of control poppin n' lockin and crazy I'm happy for him. I'm also really happy for Caitlin and her metal hip. But...

I'm ready for Brandon to just win this already.

Yonce and Solo: Muziq and Beatdowns

So Yonce's new video for 'Sweet Dreams' has been leaked...

This is absolutely my favorite song on I Am, so even tho I don't love it, I like it uh-lot and it is waaaaaay better than her last two snoozes (three if you count the boring ass Ego remix video...but I talked about that already).

And since I'm talkin bout Yonce, I guess I betta watch what I say cause her baby sista Solange might try to knock my block off....I giggled as I typed that. Wish a bitch would....

BUT I feel her...I can talk all the shit I want about my sister, but let anybody else say sumtin...I don't give a fluff how true it is either....beware of the left elbow hittin your right jaw. Anyhoo...this is about Solo and her Twatter rant. She said:

"…Sick of people thinking I’m gonna be my sisters enemy.You are FAR out of line.Take your fake “love and healing “somewhere else. Next person who hits me with some negative energy about my sister is gonna get Fox news all over again.Ya hear!

Don’t try to love ME becuz u want 2 be the “anti Beyonce”.I am the “all for” Beyonce.Now kiss both of our Knowles asses if u don’t like it! Call me whatever u want to, but next time I say “yo momma….” don’t flinch. See how u feel. Now back to your regular scheduled programming. I’m back in the booth creating & she is somewhere shutting down a sold out show:) kisses…"

And there you have it. Don't flinch cuz she's comin if you don't watch ya mouf!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 12 Plie and Releve!

Double Time! Our top 6 couples are doing two dances tonite....let's get it!

Melissa and Ade: Disco
Whooooooooooo!!! That was supertastical!!! That was an amazing disco routine! I mean, they killed it with all the lifts but that lift with Melissa doin the full split over Ade's head was SICK!!!! That was enough for me. And Ade was tryna tear that up! He was pumpin it...shake your booty down to the ground Ade! Melissa kept up and worked it out. LOVE IT!

Side note....hated Ade's costume. I thought that purple plastic mess was gonna rip off him.

Dance 2: Waltz
Ummm, when Ade dances he makes me want to feel like a natural woman. These two can do no wrong. I thought that waltz was fantastic. They make dancing just look effortless and beautiful. I love that Ade got a lil solo with his spins and stuff but Melissa really makes me believe her.

Side note...did Mary tell Nigel to "pipe down English muffin"? She's such a mess.

Kayla and Kupono: Contemporary
Well when it's a Mia Michaels piece what else do you say but beautiful. I think that Kupono was the star of this piece. He took that dance to heart. This routine was about addiction and Kupono felt it. Kayla executed wonderfully too but I'm givin this all to Kupono...and Mia of course.

Dance 2: Broadway
I couldn't tell that they were in love and I didn't see any character. They did what they were supposed to do but there wasn't anything excellent about that. Good, not great. I expected a whole lot more from them.

Caitlin and Jason: Fox Trot
That was good but it wasn't great. I wasn't bedazzled. Caitlin was definitely the better of the two and together they were obviously tryna work it out

Dance 2: Lyrical Jazz
Thank goodness they had two dances tonight! That was great! That is what I call dancing. They looked great, they executed wonderfully, and they were in synch the whole time. I loved the choreography and I think on a technical level they did a great job.

Jeanine and Phillip: Russian Folkdance
Mkay. They tried. They tried really, really hard. I believed they were Russian Folkdancin. However...I felt like I was on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World. I don't think it was their fault that the dance was kind of wompy. They both did really well with what they were given.

Dance 2: Jive
Who knew the Jive could be sexy? I liked that uh-lot!! They danced that extremely well. When I heard they got the Jive I was like aw hell, can they get a break?! I mean Russian Folkdancin and now the Jive! But they pulled it out and handled their bizz and....I get the feelin these two like each other for real, for real. Jeanine was tryna give it to him with her tittie shimmies and boot shakes....she smashed it.

Randi and Evan: Hip-Hop
Nope. Didn't like it. Hip-Hop really isn't for er'body. Honestly, they looked like white people tryna dance. Yes, they had all the steps down but it just didn't look good. When these dancers dance, they usually make it look effortless...this looks like they were tryin real hard to get it right. I think Tab and Nap did a great job with the choreography and the pregnancy story they were telling but um, yeah no.

Dance 2: Samba
OMG Pasha!!!!! Mmmmmmm Pasha. Yum. Mkay, focus. Randi and Evan. Maybe it's cuz they're short but that wasn't sexy or hot at all. Can you imagine if Brandon and Janette or Ade and Melissa did that routine? I mean, they tried and as per usual, did er'thing they were supposed to do but um, yeah no.

Janette and Brandon: Argentine Tango
Tell me these two are not insane, off the chain, reeee-diculous!!! Seriously. Tell me they aren't the shizz!!! Sex-ay!!! Just hot!!! Just toooo damn hot!!!! They killed that. Nothing else to say.

Side note...have I mentioned that I LOVE Brandon? LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dance 2: Jazz
I have no more words for these two. I'm done. They are as hot as it gets. These two just dance and do it better than everyone else. I'm just sad that they are no longer going to be partners. I think I said a few weeks ago that Ade and Melissa were my favorite them but, no. It is ALL about Brandon and Janette.

Side note...have I mentioned that I LOVE Brandon? LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So who is goin home? Not Brandon, not Janette, not Ade, and not'body else is up to get a two fingas. I do hope that Phillip and Jeanine get a pass tho...I like them too.

We'll see tomorrow....

Just Why???

Soooooo...I'm finally back in functionin mode and seriously, what is there to focus on? I can't cry over Michael anymore...he knows I love him very much and we were both wonderin if Usher was gonna jump in the casket during the memorial (and why he didn't know the correct lyrics to the song)....but you know, we can't talk about that.

So what else does my schizo brain think about...Steve McNair. I learned about his death a couple of days ago like everyone else but it has now been confirmed - not like we didn't already know - that his death was a murder suicide and his sideline ho shot him twice in the head, twice in the chest and then shot herself. Sigh....

There are so many different ways I can approach this. Do I go the "how dare you die cuz your sideline ho is crazy??? Don't you test for this shit before you start fuckin dese hos?" or I could say, "Seriously, Steve...but she's fugly" or I could say, "But you have a beautiful wife at home, with four boys, and um, she's a fugly bitch who works at Hooters. Did they not have any other non-psycho hotter bitches slangin wings?" or I could say "See what happens, Kobe? Next time it won't be a law suit...bitch will just kill yo ass".....

But I think what is more appropriate is that I say how sad I am by this...and I mean that. Steve was so young and had four boys to turn into men and overall, from what we all know, he was one of the good ones. We all have poor judgement er'now and then and sometimes our decisions....well, we can't come back from. I just feel bad for Mechelle. How horrible must it be to learn that not only was your husband cheating on you BUT the bitch killed him! I can't even imagine. How do you mourn that? She gave 12 years to this man and this slutty ho took it all away after a few months of her gettin a lil money and some NFL dick. I mean daayum! When is it ever THAT serious?! I can't. How is Mechelle supposed to go on after this? What does she tell her boys? Beyond devastating and horribly pointless. Sigh...RIP Steve.

I'm sending strength, courage, and wisdom to Mechelle....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Still In Vacay Mode But...

I did want to let all my SYTYCDers that I was soooo wrong with my predictions for the bottom three. I was rather shocked at who ended up dancing for their lives but once the solos got started, I knew Karla and Vitolio were going home. One of my besties Tee and I did a tribute to SYTYCD and Vitolio in the middle of the street somewhere in Chicago...yeah, um Blame it.

Speakin of Chicago, I wanna give a special shout out to the old drunk man who followed me around and gave me a LOVE check. An actual real life LOVE check. I'm still thinkin bout cashin that in boo! And a even bigger shout out to my new friends from Detroit...I actually stole the old drunk man from one of them AND they saw the crack head from the bathroom who made sure my friend had toilet tissue actually smokin crack from the crack pipe outside da club. Fun times homies!!!

As I continue on my happy jaunt I just wanted to say I came across something that made me think very differently of this particular young man and had me thinkin that something has to change with the development and molding of child stars. Soulja Boy you actually get the F.U. Star of the Day for NOT Twatin on Twitter and articulately and effectively expressing your thoughts and feelings. At least you are learning such lessons now. I see a grown ass man in progress...or so I'm hoping.

"A lot of people talking about what I twittered the other night…so I want to address it, now that I have had some time to do some thinking. At 18 years, having grown up in the Mississippi Delta, I never thought my life would take me to where I am now. All I wanted to do was make music. All I thought I loved was music. I would die for that motherf*ckin music. But, once I got a record deal and all these people around me trying to tell me who to be, what to do and how to do it, I realized that I wasn’t making music any more for the love. I got into this weird place where I began making music for the money. And I was making a lot of money…more money than I could ever imagine. And with that money, of course, I could buy a lot of things…but to be honest, you can only drive that brand new phantom around the corner oh so many times… and when you are done driving, it really don’t mean sh*t. I thought money was gonna bring me happiness. And that is the farthest thing from the truth. Money f*cks you up.

I know I might sound crazy, because a lot of you who are reading are probably like, I wish I had this ni**a’s money. But, the truth is that money got me twisted. All I want to do is go back to making music for the love of it. The accolades and the awards are for everyone else. The music is for me. The music is my happiness. So, of course I am struggling in my mind right now…cause I wanna get back to place where I woke up, thinking about what I was gonna write that day. Where I went to sleep ready to dream about what I was gonna write the next day.

I know my fans. And I know they will understand this. This ain’t got nothing to do with y’all. Oh yeah… sorry to all my white peeps out there. I’m not racist But I guess time will heal all wounds…"

Anyhoo, I hope you all enjoyed your holiday will return to normal...when I feel like it.

Luh u, mean it!!!!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: 14 Dancing Machines!

Oh boy...Mia's a judge tonight. Nothing else to say. Let's get it!

Janette and Brandon: Cha-Cha
What a way to start the show!!! HOT!!!! I loved that Cha-Cha!!! Brandon is AMAZING!!!! And Janette was totally in her element and she worked it! The foot work, the technique, the skill, the sexy, all of it was just proof that these two are tryna win this shiz! You betta work!!

Side note...Mia Michaels gave Brandon the best compliment there is. She only tells people that they suck when she knows that they are special, brilliant and talented. I now forgive her for being so mean to my Brandon!

Kayla and Kupono: Contemporary
Wow!! I actually really saw the battle in the dance. Kupono tryna bring Kayla to the dark side and Kayla fightin for her life. I really, really, really liked that. You know what, this was the first time Kupono really showed his skills AND this is the very first time I've seen why the judges like Kayla so much. Both of them have amazing technique, the way they encompassed the story, and each movement was on point. That was actually quite fantastic.

Side note...what am I missing about Kayla? I am finally gonna admit that she is a great dancer but Mia said that they make a gorgeous, Kupono is a cutie yes, but Kayla...just NO. I don't want to have to say that anymore.

Randi and Evan: Broadway
Randi and Evan work so well together. This Broadway routine was good but not amazing. It looked good, like they got the gist of the routine but I just felt like it was missing something. You know, it gets hard to talk about the dancing when technically, it is really good and they hit all their marks and you can tell they are really tryna kill it. I think the major problem is that when you follow two performances that get you on your feet, if you don't do the same, it is like you have no choice but to pale in comparison. With that said, it was a good job but needed to be a whole lot better.

Caitlin and Jason: Pop Jazz
How creative! Caitlin has been charged with being an alien and she comes down from her planet to impregnate the last man on earth...Jason. Brian came up with a great routine and I thought it was different. I think both Caitlin and Jason did what they were asked to do and they did it well...I'm just not sure if it will be enough to keep them out the bottom for the third week in a row.

Side note...Caitlin's costume did not look like an alien costume. She looked like a Godzilla with pleatha skin.

Jeanine and Phillip: Hip-Hop
Mkay, that was DOPE! Dope concept, Dope choreography, Dope dancers! Jeanine surprised me. This was a harder Hip-Hop routine than the one they had the first week and Jeanine had no trouble keeping up with Phillip. For Phillip he's in his element and his Hip-Hop ability is just ridiculous. They were dancing chained together!!! This could have gone so wrong but it was HOT! Loved it!!!!

Side note...why come when Mia is giving a compliment it takes so long to realize that it is an actual compliment?

Melissa and Ade: Classical Pas de deux
That was so beautiful! Ade and Melissa performed a Romeo and Juliet ballet routine that was simply beautiful. I absolutely believed that they were dancing for their love and I felt like that could have been on stage at The American Ballet Theater. Amazing. Love, love, love these two!

Side note...I think they are purposely putting Ade in those pants that show his serious rock hard booty!

Asuka and Vitolio: Quick Step
I liked that Quick Step! Great choreography, fun to watch, and that quick spin to change Karla's costume was fabulous. Vitolio and Karla actually look really good together and it looks like they had fun and that's most important...right? Vitolio is just so fun to watch. He puts everything into his performance, you can tell that he's giving his all all the time. Excellent number to end the show!

Ok so what a fun show! Overall everyone was rather fantastic. I'm thinking that Evan and Randi, Jason and Caitlin, and I'm not sure who will be dancing for their lives.

We'll see tomorrow...

Side note...not that any of you heffas care, but F.U. is goin out of town so post will be coming (I think) but sporadically.