Monday, August 31, 2009

VOGUE: Rihanna Shows Em' How It's Done

Rihanna is servin up sumtin fierce and fabulous for Vogue Italia. This photo shoot is off the chain. She is more than makin it do wut it do. Rih could definitely just stick to takin pics for a livin...leave the singin to those who really can, boo. Ella, ella, eh, eh, eh...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kelly Is Finally On Top!

Even if she had to release singles in Lebanon to get there. Kelly is looking beyond gorgeous and telling USA Today that she's FINALLY at a place in her life where she feels empowered and fearless.

Seems she spent much of her time feeling complacent and not believing in her own talent and capabilities. And who can blame her? When you spend your entire life/career walkin in the shadows on that bad B and being managed by (your real father who won't claim you) the father of the bad B who only has her best interest in mind...feeling like you can't make it on your own sounds about right.

But now that Kelly left da Knowleseses, got new people, is experimenting with new music, and embracing the love from overseas she is fulfilled, happy, successful and is ready to make it do wut it do.

I for one, am very happy for her. Yay Kelly Ro!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Muziq: R. Kelly feat. Keri Hilson

Damn this pedophile...he knows how to make a hot song. R.Kelly & Keri have a new joint called "Number One Sex" and I'm diggin it...uh-lot. Not that it doesn't sound like er'thing else that's already out...but R-uh seems to know how to put a lil sumtin on a track that makes you can't wait to get to da club and show em' watchu workin wit. Nasty ass.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Close Your Legs To Married Men Trashy Hook-ah!

I finally got to see the interview that NeNe was supposed to be giving about her book but then Kim calls, and it becomes a back and forth between the two of them...

Andy must LOVE his job. Is anybody else just ready for the reunion?

AND since we talkin bout da Real Housewives....Bossip did an interview wth Kandi and I'm sorry, but something about Kandi's diagonal is just off. Something about her just seems a lil slow, a lil special...I mean one conversation with her seven year daughter kinda proved who has the brains in the family. Anyhoo...she is talkin about her relationship with her fiance and all his kids. She says when they first started dating she only knew about 3 of them. Then later she found out there were really 6 and basically due to circumstances, she was cool with it. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM....there is a HUGE difference between having 3 kids and 6 damn kids (by 4 baby mothas) and what possible circumstances could there have been that he didn't just come right out and say he had 6 kids? Maybe he was waitin for his episode of Maury to come on so he could find out that he is the father. AJ's Good Good must be Dicktastical!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Those Atlanta Housewives...

Seriously, what is in da sizzurp that the shemale Sheree is sippin on?! It don't even matter, whateva it is, keep sippin it boo...Sheree has become the reason I watch! When she explained her goal in grabbin Kim's wig: "I did not try to pull if off. I did not want to pull it off. I just wanted to shift it a little bit"....I was good for the rest of the night. If you notice, Kim's wig was definitely shifted.

I can't with these bitches. Heeheeee...such a mess!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You Will Literally Die Over Spilled Milk

Just why??? I know parents and grandparents get on our lastest nerves but why little girl? Why did you have to kill him over some milk?! Take a look...

I bet that grandfather was doin way more than pourin milk down the drain. He was prolly torturing that little girl and she snapped. All she wanted was to eat her Lucky Charms in peace and he couldn't just let her have her milk. Even if she did get stank, the girl still gotta eat. Let her know she can put that where, but don't pour the milk down the drain grandpa!!! You lost your life over spilled milk. Just daayum.

I blame Facebook.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Idiots on Facebook

Some thoughts/comments shouldn't be made on Facebook, however, if you are going to say whatever comes to that special mind of yours, make sure you remember NOT to add your boss as one of your friends, k?

Hahahahahahaahahaaa! I would LOVE to be in on that office conversation while watchin her dumb ass pack her shit. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Facebook takin people's the future folks. Lettin people in on er'aspect of your life for no reason...such a bright idea. Try and be mindful. Try. Heeheeeeee....


Oh Tameka Foster "Jelly Belly" Raymond....

You falling prey to societal standards and deciding to get a tummy tuck had everything to do with the fact that your jelly belly situation just isn't cute and nothing to do with you being dark skinned. Sigh....she done made F.U. have to speak on it!

Tameka "Jelly Belly" Raymond, Usher's soon to be ex-wife, wrote an article for the Huffington Post about her having to deal with internal racism/color complexes due to the fact that she's a dark skinned woman. I'll be the first to admit that she makes some good points:

"Often dark-skinned women are considered mean, domineering and standoffish and it was these very labels that followed Michelle Obama during the campaign for her husband's presidency and which she has had to work tirelessly to combat. I was appalled when I heard a Black woman refer to Michelle Obama as unattractive. The conversation turned into why President Obama picked her as his mate. No one in the witch-hunt made reference to the possibility that Michelle Obama was smart, funny, caring, a good person, highly accomplished or brilliant. Nor did they mention that she previously was President Obama's supervisor. If she were fair skinned, petite with long straight or wavy hair, would the same opinions be linked to her? I seriously doubt it. It is believed that for the dark skinned, dreams are less obtainable."

There is an adage "hurt people, hurt people". If this is true then we must examine the root of negative words and judgments that are passed on people. Unfortunately, we have internal stereotypes based off of skin color and facial features that stem from years of programming, dating back to the "Willie Lynch" method for creating a slave. In this infamous formula, one of the main factors in separating and creating division was placing the lighter skinned blacks in a higher position in the house, while those with darker skin were made to stay in the fields and deemed "less desirable". Much like the Caste System in India. No matter what strides we make as a people, these issues continue to plague and rot our souls, causing significant decay to a portion of our population and truly hindering our progress. Perhaps we show progress in our wallets and lifestyles but not in our mind set.

Reading magazines, social media sites, watching our music videos, and television shows feed our appetites for all things 'beauty". Rarely, however do I see depictions of grace and elegance in the form of dark complexioned women. I Googled one of the more ethnic models, Alek Wek and I was saddened by the tone of what the bloggers wrote in reference to her complexion, features and hair texture. Ms. Wek's escape from Sudan, her journey, philanthropy, and groundbreaking success as a supermodel in America is not only beautiful, but it displays her tenacity and character. African-Americans seemed to have lost their eye for character. These comments are evidence of the confusion that lies within many black people. It's the cruelty and prejudice that has spilled into the fabric of our everyday lives. It makes me wonder what have we collectively lost as a people? Our Minds."

Of course when we see athletes like Reggie Bush with Kim Kardashian, or when her ex- and sex tape partner Ray-J has a reality show in which his final choices in women are a white girl, a light skinned blonde, and a psycho who da hell knows what, or we see the Kobe Bryants, the Taye Diggs, the T.O.s, the main girl in the videos and the list goes on and does seem like Black women with darker skin are not the preferred choice.

However, I personally don't feel like dark skin women are still fighting the paper bag syndrome like we once had to. From my own experience, the chocolate is MORE than desired, wanted and sexy as all hell. I see dark skin women in all kind of power roles, and yes a beautiful Black woman and her Black little girls are first and foremost in the White House. I know the color complex and the internal hate that Black people in general have for themselves is still relevant and still very much alive in our culture, but I can't say that the reason Tameka Raymond gets all the flack she does has anything to do with her skin tone.

She said: "In fact, I have read similar comments about myself that I am "dark, aggressive, bossy and bitchy." Ummmm, I don't understand why people would refer to her as dark followed by all negative characteristics. One has nothing to do with the others, yet ignorance is more than prevalent so it could very well be true OR Tameka could very well be upset by the fact that she isn't loved by the public and choosing to take much of what is said about her out of context and make it a racial thing. Who knows?

Real talk, Tameka is a nice looking woman. She isn't gorgeous and she isn't fugly. She's just a regula schmegula pretty woman. I think the comments regarding her attitude, personality and the way she treats people could stem from truth. Why would people make it their business to say such things about her...just cuz she's dark skinned? Come off it. Yes people may have wanted Usher to be with someone younger, who didn't already come with three or four kids, who wasn't already married, and wasn't the rumored reason that his relationship with Chilli was destroyed. I'll be the first to tell you that as spectators and consumers of all the hype and bullshit all these artists, athletes and entertainers sell us, we in turn have expectations for what these people do and who they do it with. Yeah, I thought Usher should have been with someone younger, without kids, and more on his level in terms of fabulousness. It don't have shit to do with her skin complexion but everything do with the fact that I personally didn't think they had that beautiful connection that I think two people in love have. I say the same shit about Hello Kitty - I mean Mariah and her little boy and Mariah is light and bright.

Point is, please don't blame your current situation on your skin tone Tameka. Dark skin women are loved, rejected and hated just as much as all women, and even if darker women are still shunned a lil more than the next, it isn't the reason that YOU suffer from your possibly self-inflicted psychological wounds. Maybe YOU don't love who you are, Tameka, and you are choosing to blame your own hurt on the reason you don't feel acceptance within the Black (woman) community.

Just a thought...

Doin' Too Much...

Me, that is. First of all it's hot, finally, but I'm not complainin. Secondly, it's summer, so you know, I just don't feel like it. And #88 my mind has just been preoccupied with stuff other than the usual bull shiz that seems to be relevant...I mean seriously, Sara, from Da Band, is in a Domestic Disturbia situation? I can't. On the other hand...

I am thrilled the Jennifer Hudson is a new Mommy!

I think it is hilarious that Kelly Clarkson (my 2nd favorite American Idol after Tasia) was on the cover of Self magazine, discussing confidence and pride in her body fat and not caring what others say about her, only for the mag to completely photo shop her to "make her look her personal best"... beyond hypocritical...this world sucks. Seriously.

And I love that Wendy Williams is the only person that could get people talkin bout other people's business...whether it's true or not. Fancy, why you puttin Jamie's bizness on blast? YISIAWers, I'm here, just not really and thanks to the two of you who are wondering where my posts are. Luh u, mean it!!

But the real point of this post is to let those of you who are in NYC or those of you that will come from far and wide just to do a party in NYC, that I've got one for you that is prolly gonna be one of the best you hit up all summer.


This event takes Place annually in Los Angeles This Year shes taking her show on the road.

547 West 27th Street Bet 10th & 11th avenue

Open BAr from
Red Carpet at 11 PM for media inquiries
all others please rsvp to

And please come in all white or you will be turned away. I know. I hate functions that dress you, especially in all white (do they know I will leave that piece wit vodka and cranberry spots all over me showin all my fun?!) BUT trust when I say, this will be worth the dress code.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: I Mean, I Guess...

So yet another season and the favorite dancer wins over the best dancer. Great. Congrats Jeanine.

You know I'm addicted so til da Fall SYTYCDers...

New Muziq: Maxwell "Bad Habits" Video

I looooove this song and the video just made me loooooove it more! This man's sexiness is just too much.

Boy do I know about bad habits...

Congrats Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor!!!!

Judge Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed by the Senate, by a vote of 68-31. Whooooooooooooo!!!!! You better wuuuuuuuuurk Sonia! Now figure out how to make reality television against the law. Thanks, boo!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: The Finale

FINALLY! This shiz is finally over! As much as I love this show, this season has not been as fun as usual. My addiction to this season has been more like I'm on crack but I'm kinda no longer enjoyin it anymore cuz somebody keeps puttin baking soda in my rocks. Anyhooo, hopefully tonight's show will really be amazing and Brandon blows us all away as he most always does and tomorrow he wins and I can start watching Top Chef. Let's get it!!!!

So for the openin football/cheerleader routine...I just wanna say that Brandon shook dem pink pom poms like he knows how he's doin and I LOVE HIM!!!!

Mkay but seriously Brandon's solo.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! He killt that!!!! His body is reeediculous, sick, outta control but his skill is just too much. I can't wit his amazingness!!!!! And that split and that face as he held da betta wuuuuuurk Brandon!!!!! Seriously if he don't win....I can't.

So um, Boom Boom Kat's choreography for Brandon and Evan to 'Nasty Boy' Brandon smashed it, of course, but that dance should not have been to Janet's 'Nasty Boy'! Boom Boom you gotta choreograph for your dancers! Brandon made it believable and Evan couldn't but seriously, I couldn't really focus on anything else but the song. The song goes, "Nasty...LADIES!" Wasn't a lady in sight and wasn't nothin really nasty bout neither one of them. I can't.

"That was like watching the world's longest wardrobe malfunction". - Adam Shankman. Love him! He was referring to Mia Michael's routine for Jeanine and Kayla's dance. I thought it was aight...but not great. I will say that Jeanine is tryna win this.

Anyhooo, kinda stopped watchin a lil bit, in and out wit Jivin, boring solos, and then a Pasodoble with Brandon and Jeanine that was hot to def!!!

So the bottom line is I'm already no longer watching American Idol now that my sizzurp sippin Paula Abdul is gone. Puh-lease don't make this the last time I get to watch SYTYCD. I know it's about America's favorite dancer - which means the best dancer may not win but seriously...seriously, Brandon is the bestest thru and thru. Do the right thing America. Do the right thing.

Just For Giggles...

Only if you've ever watched NYC Prep on Bravo. Heeheeeeee.....

Mandigo Baby Kenzo!!!

OK! Mag has the first official family pics of Kimora Lee, Djimon, Ming Lee, Aoki Lee and baby Kenzo Lee! How cuh-uuuute!!!

I so love that Kenzo is gonna be all chocolate-y like his daddy. They are all so gorgeous is sickenin. And that Aoki...I really just want to take her home and stare at her all day while she tells me to put that where.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

My president Barack Obama is 48 today! So not surprised he's a Leo. Happy Birthday hotness. Luh u, mean it!!

"Barack Obama celebrated his 48th birthday today by presenting Hearst columnist Helen Thomas, who turned 89, a plate of cupcakes.

Today marked the culmination of a monumental year for Obama in which he accepted his party's nomination, handily won the general election, and took office as the nation's first African-American president."

Just For Giggles....

Speak On It Nas!

Side note, in Wendy Williams' latest chronicle RITZ HARPER GOES TO HOLLYWOOD! which I featured in the F.U. Giveaway in June she actually points out such buffoonery, racism, ignorance, and stupidity that goes on in all facets of the Entertainment world....and how for a dollah, Black people will do more than shuck and jive.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yeah Um...I Just Had To Say Something

I chose not to discuss Mariah Carey's silly new "Obsessed" song for oh so many reasons, but the most important being that the song is wack as hell, she's talkin bout a dude she was fuckin years ago and she's married now, AND in the video she's still wearin hair clips like she's 10 years old. Like, how many times can I tell Mariah to grow da fuck up? So I didn't.

But of course, of all people to sing about, she chose to sing about Eminem. Did she really think he wasn't gonna have a response?! And who really is obsessed here? Shouldn't Mariah be singin bout rainbows and unicorns and how great it is to be in love and stuff? How do you marry a little boy and are supposedly so happy with, and then sing songs about a rapper who prolly really isn't obsessed with you? So confusing. Yet, and as expected, Eminem comes back at her.

I'm sure you all have heard both songs. If not, I'm not even madachu. Click: Womp Womp and Mariah no likey when he busts on her stomach.

Anyway, I'm writing this post cuz of Nick Cannon. The lil boy Mariah is married to. He chose to go on Twatter and decide to get his 'grown' man on and NOT come back at Em. He says...

"Quote of the day, ‘Never argue with fools because from a distance people can’t tell who is who.

Never take your own revenge, but rather give place unto the wrath. For it is written vengeance is mine, I will repay… PREACH! ‘I will bless those that bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.’ Genesis 12:3.”

Be patient in the moment of anger and escape a hundred days of sorrow!

People who project negativity ultimately are crying out for their own broken souls. Trying to save a hater is like trying to teach astrophysics to a wino!"

Now my problem here is not that Nick is choosing NOT to respond to "beef" and takin the high road and writin down what Rev. Run said in the tub da otha day. That's great. My problem is WHY COME NICK DIDN'T TELL HIS WIFE NOT TO BE STARTIN SHIT WRITING SONGS ABOUT SOMEONE WHO PROLLY HASN'T THOUGHT ABOUT HER HELLO KITTY ASS IN YEARS????!!! And even if he has, isn't she like 40 years old, married, and grown and all that good stuff? Shouldn't she not be projecting negativity? And then she doesn't even own it, talkin bout the song is not about him. Well who da fuck else is about???? She took the time to DRESS UP like his ass in the video!!!! From a distance Nick and up close, your wife is more than a fool. And if nothing else, if nothing else, if she was gonna start this fuckery, why come the track couldn't at least be a hot one?

That's all.