Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nic Rich's Baby Girl!

How cute is Harlow Spring Kate Spade Steve Madden?! Seriously, don't I crack you up? Heehee

No but for real, Harlow Winter Kate Madden (that's the real name right?) is adorable. She looks like Nic Rich and let's hope she stays looking like Nic Rich cuz um, her daddy.....

And since we are on the subject of Nic Rich and her baby, how gross is it that the twin brother is now fuckin Paris? Like seriously?! First of all, he was engaged two weeks ago. Secondly, how sad is it that Paris has to fuck the fugly twin? She is insecure and totally unaware of who she is. She is desperately searching for happiness through others. She sees that Nic Rich is happy, in love, and has a beautiful baby. So she has to have that too and why not get it through the twin? It's sickening. The girl who has everything truly has nothing. Ah long as she got her valtrex, Paris is gonna keep makin it do how she do. Ugh.

ANTM: Tyra Ignores Homeless People

But then she was "homeless" for a day and now she stops and gives all homeless people a quarter and a sammich.

So last night on America's Next Top Model, Tyra paid homage to homeless young women. Last season on her talk show, she spent a day as a homeless person --people whom she admittedly ignored -- and now she is using her girls in ANTM to help put a face on the homeless by doing a photo shoot with them.

But before we even get to the photo shoot....let's discuss why the black girls in the house have to be the ones with such issues? Fatima, the African, is truly gorgeous but her attitude makes her so ugly. But then you think...damn, wouldn't you have an attitude if your clitoris was chopped off and your labia was sewn together? I mean, I have a serious attitude problem and my va-jay-jay situation is A-OK. So fuck is my excuse? But then its like, really Fatima, simma down bitch. This high and mighty Coming to America role you are playing is so not necessary and you fuckin with Marvita who looks like she will knock your 88 pound block off. Relax Fatima. Seriously.


And Marvita, who definitely has a modelesque look about her....kind of like a dark skinned a lil more hood and less hot version of Omyra....she of course is dealing with being a former homeless person and being raped etc. I feel for her and I can see that she is trying really hard not to be "that black girl" and I was happy when she told Fatima that she has never met a mean African until she met her. And then once Fatima heard Marvita's story they kind of patched things up but it still annoyed me that right off the bat, the black people can't just get along.


Side note, I hate the new "Tyra Mail".....with all of the models reading the words one by one as they come out on the scroll. That is going to annoy the shit out of me for the rest of the season.

As for everyone else, I loved when new judge Paulina Porizkova (she's no Janice but she's a huge upgrade from Twiggy) told Dominique that she looks like a drag queen cuz she does. Kim, the model who has the pug face (bulbous nose and a squished face), eliminated herself because she realized that modeling wasn't for her. I agree with her that one outfit shouldn't cost $2,000 but bitch there have been 10 cycles of this show. Did you not know that models model shit that cost more than most people will see in a year? Dumb ass.

As for the photo shoot....overall, I think everyone did a great job feeling like they were homeless while surrounded by the real homeless girls in their couture ensembles. My favorite picture was taken by Aimee. Even though Pug face eliminated herself, Tyra still had an elimination and my pretty girl Atalya was eliminated. At this point, it is hard to say who is going to make it to the end because more than a few actually have model potential. More so than in the last few cycles of the show. So we'll just have to see how things go after the make-over, more fighting, runway walk training etc.

My favorite shot - Aimee

Atalya - Bye boo.

I can't believe I'm watching a tenth cycle of this show. Damn you Tyra!

When A Jacket Has A Lace Front

So last night's episode gave us a sneak peek at what the final "four" had been working on and then the final showdown between Chris and Rami. First of all, have I mentioned that I love Christian? He sleeps in a hallway in his tiny apartment. I think it so funny that non-native New Yorkers will make it do wut it do in a beyond cramped space and love it....while paying the equivalent of a mortgage payment for a three bedroom house in rent for 150 sq feet. Meanwhile, most of us Native New Yorkers who can't afford to live where we want in NYC, make a beeline straight for Jersey.

Anyway, it was great to see a lil background on the designers. Christian's designs looked a bit extra, so I hope he took Tim's advice and rezugshed with an editor's eye. Jillian's family was so Long Island but I love how supportive they are of her. Her pieces look fab, especially that jacket, but I wasn't surprised by her looks. She's proven she can make anything. I am really looking forward to seeing both of their collections.

And then there is Chris. First of all, he lost weight. Yay for Chris! Secondly, human hair Chris?! I knew Chris was going home...even before watching Project Runway last night. Chris, as he stated a few times last night, is a costume designer whose creativity and thought process is larger than a high fashion runway. He managed to show that he had high fashion ability in various challenges, but in the end, he wanted to be true to himself and this is why Chris is out. Stepping outside the box, for some, isn't always a good thing. Chris is going on to do major things with his work and more in line with what he's great at. So no tears were shed.

Rami, who doesn't look anything like he looked when he was a little boy, proved that he was more than a dress draper and added new details and construction to his pieces. Overall, Rami is high fashion, and he deserved to show his collection at Fashion Week.

Until next week.....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Muziq

I am officially lovin Estelle. She's rather dope. Here is her new video for "American Boy" featuring Kanye West. Loves It.

Jay-Z has a new video for his song "I Know". Zoe Kravitz is the sta-ruh of the video and she is definitely hot. This video is better viewed on a TV but if nothing else, I think you get the gist of the artistic approach to the video and even more importantly, this song is hot.

And then there is Mariah's new joint "Touch My Body". I love that Kenneth, my most favorite geekoid from 30 Rock, is in the video. The video is really cute. I'm not totally in love with this song and the video didn't help but it's Mariah and well, you can't help but get all caught up. I will hunt you down....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If You're Gonna Have A Something New....Shouldn't He Be A Billionaire?

So last night, The Hip Hop Action Awards took place and they honored Snoop, Doug E. Fresh, Jim Jones (for why?), Ciara and some other people. I was caught up in the fact that they also honored Mellody Hobson because I love her! She is Good Morning America's (my morning crack) financial contibutor and she's president of Ariel Capital Management investment firm. First of all, I love how cute she is (look at her smile). I also love that she can roll her hair with long grain rice and would be a prime candidate for a lace front but her hair always looks fresh and fab and she knows that she's too cute to need all the extraness.

But the point at hand is that I knew she was dating George Lucas -- yes, as in Luke I am your father Darth Vader, George Lucas -- but I didn't realize that they were still going strong. Of all Something News Mellody could pull, of course her financial ass runs down on a billionaire and got him showing up to Hip Hop Action award ceremonies talkin to Snoop! How can you not love that?

George Lucas: Hi there Snoop Dogg. So um, rollin down the street smokin indo sippin on gin & juice is my shit!

Point is, Mellody Hobson gives me heart palps. I love her business swag as well as how she makes it do wut it do personally. You better work Mellody!

Out & About: Chris B and Rih Rih!

I love this love connection. Chris Brown and my boo Rihanna are just way too cute. And guess what? He is holding on to her and floating her around the pool because she didn't want to get her hair wet. Awwwwww....nothing like a black man that knows how to make you wet without messing up your hair. Loves it!!


This Just In: Naomi Needs A Med-aVac!

Naomi Campbell has been hospitalized in Sao Paulo and is being treated by one of Brazil's top specialists in infectious disease!

Per AP, "Campbell, 37, is under the care of David Uip, a specialist in infectious diseases, and gynecologist Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, the statement said."

Um, did ya'll read that? She is in the care of a specialist in infectious diseases and GYN! Naomi I really hope that your coochie is not infected. Like really Na-na, whatchu been doin boo? Aren't you a lil too grown to not be protectin that? This might could be know for thinking you can bitch slap people, curse people out, hit people with cell phones....I'm just sayin. And yes bitches, I'm takin note. But no, I'm not sorry for kickin that bitch with my open toe.

Let's just hope all you need is some Emergen-C, some pills, an IV.....maybe a scrape out....You know just to make sure everything from the roota to the toota is all clear.

Jaslene Does The Open Toe!

Mkay. Let me find the words. Seriously, I'm very confused here. Jaslene has managed to pull off anorexic chic better than most. She'll never be Nic Rich, but um, she works it most times. This time, however, she is a fug mess of all proportions! Arrest her! She is a fug-itive! I can't comprehend the look. Tights with a strapless upside down sweater (I think that's what that is), belted, and open toed (WTF are those?!) Paul Bunyan boots?! WHY?! Who goes walking, climbing, hiking with an open toe boot? Seriously, just why? I can't.

Janet is Funny!

So with the release of Janet's Discipline album today, MTV is making it Janet week! She did a bunch of spoofs of MTV shows, Making the Band, Sweet 16, Real World...she even did Rob & Big. I really giggled. I love it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscars

So um, yeah, I didn't really watch. Lifetime was showing "Misery" and I forgot how crazy that bitch was in that movie. Memba how she breaks his legs?! Love that movie! Anyway, I did catch a few red carpet moments and I did try to watch the beginning but Jon Stewart was actually not funny, the awards given out in the first hour or so were a bunch of "who gives a shits", and that song from that movie Enchanted was when I was really like aw hell to da naw. I mean could she have at least wore her Cinderella dress to jazz it up a lil bit? Maybe a mouse or two to come out and sing with her? I had to change the channel but then turned back right quick to catch a choir and a little black girl SANGIN....but that was enough for me. I realized that I hadn't seen not a one movie that was nominated for anything important so how could I possibly care...and I knew Ruby Dee was not going to win. And that's when "Misery" got good!

I did want to show the following ensemble that was the best entertainment of the whole evening. Daniel Day-Lewis' wife showed up wearing, I think, what has to be the most fugliest ensemble I've ever seen. From the red ribbons to the velvet top with whatever that shit is on the front (big ass flower buttons?) to the ill-fitting bottom to those fuckin shoes. Thank you lady. Your fugtastic dress made it all worth it.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fugly Chud Steppin Out

Fugly Chud! Hey boo! Always good to see you out and about. I have to say that I think your dress is cute and you look like you made a real effort to pull it together. We've already discussed and understand that your face is unfixable, so you have to work extra hard at makin it do wut it do to be as cute as you possibly can. So well played fuggie Chuddie. Well played. More importantly, there was someone who managed to be even fuglier than you last night......

Ew Shar Jackson. Those fuckin blue contacts are atrocious! Those contacts alone are enough to crown you fug bitch of the day but are those tights you are wearing?! And does that dress even fit? And what are those shoes. You look a mess. That's all.

Clank Clank - This Just In!

Breaking News!!! Ne-Yo was arrested....and unfortunately, it was not because he was found soliciting trannies. He was arrested for reckless driving and for not having a valid license. It was 3:14 am and he was clocked at driving over 100 mph...speedin during the sinnin hours means Ne-Yo was up to no good. But more importantly, he should have asked the officer if he could take his mug shot with a hat on because um, his blading situation is so not a good look. Fugalicious. Ew.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

O.M.G. Christian is FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Week Ever, how I love thee! BWE but together a montage of all of my poodle's FIERCEST moments this season on Project Runway!!!!!!!! I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!!! Le Sigh.....Christian you are too fierce, the fiercest, and it just don't get no fiercer!

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow!!

I giggled watching this....yes ya'll, Paula Abdul's video is like a 90's version of her shit from the 80's. First of all, let me just say it is 1,000 times better than Boom Boom Kat's video. But why Randy Jackson?! Why is he playing his guitar like that?! And why did they let Paula do her own choreography? Memba Paula, after years of being on "prescribed" medication the brain and body don't work like it used to. Anyway, I love it. Yes, I love it. Paula and Randy are a mess of all proportions and I can watch this shizz all day. What makes it even without the sound. HAHAHAHAHA Watching Paula kickin around that microphone and then dancing with her flower bonnet in her head in silence is hee-larious. Enjoy!

Vivica Is That You Boo?!

Well played Vivica Fox!! My goodness, I don't know when the last time I've seen you out and about without baby hair greased down the side of your face. And your hair! It is has been way too long since it has been in such a current and properly colored do'! I love it!! And your lips....did the collagen melt away? Your lips actually look normal!! Your make-up looks great and you are workin that ensemble. Even more importantly, you look your age and you look like the Vivica that I used to know and love. Puh-lease continue to follow this trend boo. One time for Viv ya'll!

Mama's Boy

So last night I'm finally able to sit down, relax, and read my bible.....Essence Magazine. This month, the cover features the fabulosity that is Black Hollywood -- Kerry Washington, Ruby Dee, Jennifer Hudson etc. -- and as per usual it is so wonderful to see the young and old of Black Hollywood making history and shot callin. So I'm flippin through my pages, hittin my haler-lu-jahs, deciding to try this new hair style knowin damn well it won't look nothing like the picture, and thankin Essence for the tips when I get to a page with a nice lookin black man and the title, "I'm A Mama's Boy"......

This man is a grown man. He makes six figures, owns his own company, and he loves his mama...whom he tells everything and looks to for sound advice. On paper, the man sounds like he is most certainly worthy of a third, fourth, and then realizing your toothbrush is straight chillin in his bathroom date. But then this man proceeds to say that one woman he was dating while in college was a real contender in his eyes but then he brought her to a wedding and his mother noticed that she reached for the dessert. You see, his then girlfriend, was a bit overweight. His mother works out all the time and eats well, and pulled her son to the side to tell him that he couldn't be with this woman because of her weight. The grown man agreed.

Then there was another woman who seemed to have everything going on for her except the mother told her son that she wouldn't be able to take care of a household because she couldn't cook or clean. The grown man agreed. There was another woman who truly could have been the one BUT one weekend, he was supposed to be going with his girlfriend to Atlantic City or some place but his mother wanted him to take her somewhere. This nucca told the girlfriend a lie so he could take his mother where she needed to go. This man has let go of women, who before his mother pointed out their 'flaws', he thought were great. But he said that his mother is able to see things that he can't and that is why he listens to her. Hence why he is still single.

See, this is when all I can do is shake my head. WHY?! Being a listening ear and being there for your child doesn't always mean you need to make decisions for them. And at what point do MEN grow the fuck up and take what their mother says in stride but still decide for themselves?! And did I fail to mention that his mother was divorced and the son is her only child? These are always the ones that try to make their sons their boyfriends. Black women, as we know, tend to put their little black boys on pedastals and treat them as Kings not realizing how that is going to be such a huge factor in how these little black boys grow up to be men who still act like little black boys and how it weighs on any future relationship they have.

I am beyond allergic to Mama's Boys. Like, I've been there and done that and I can't ever again. At first it seems so wonderful that a man would adore his mother and then you find out he can't take a shit unless his mother wipes his ass! Hell to da naw!! I want a MAN who respects, loves, and take cares of his mother BUT knows how to respect, love, and take care of me too! You can do both without having to put one before the other or sacrifcing either relationship....and why should the thought of even having to put one before the other even come into play? They are two totally different relationships!

All that to say, you mamas can keep your boys.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

And I'm Back....

So I went away for a quick know, even F.U. gets tired of telling people they are fugly. While I am so confused as to why I had to return, it is all very well and good because I was gone just long enough to be fabulous, adored, tipsy, and rezugshed.

Of course while away, I lost all contact with the world...and sure enough I return to learn I missed absolutely nothing. All-Star Weekend went down in New Orleans and of course fun times seem to have been had but were the same 12 people at every function? I'm seeing pics of the same people over and over, which I'm sure you have all seen, so I won't bother posting. I will, however, ask the following:

1. Why in da hell is Mario on Dancing With The Stars? I mean it may turn out to be a good look as he may connect with a paler audience but um, are his album sales that bad? Just why Mario? And don't let you not win... (Source)

2. Why did anybody think it was okay for Lindsay Lohan to play dress-up Marilyn Monroe style? Those pics are fugtastic. Where is photoshop when you need it? Seriously. Just Why? (Source)

3. Why in da hell was my man Tank brutalized and tasered by New Orleans po-po?! He was falsely imprisoned and beat up for walking and talking while black. He ain't but two inches away from being a little person, what harm could he really have done?! Damn. Just why? (Source)

4. Did Coco (wife of Ice-T) say the following in regards to "pet names" that she and Ice-T have for each other: "I call him Baby Poo. He calls me, "Bitch, get over here." Heehee (Source)

5. I was waiting for real confirmation that Girlfriends was being cancelled and yes, it is indeed true. Why couldn't they just let them have one last final episode with the return of Toni? Why is the end so abrupt? Can't even give folk a season finale?! We been with Girlfriends for 8 damn years and we can't even get a proper send off. It ain't right I tell just ain't right! (Source) you can imagine, I need rest from my vacay. Posts should return as normal tomorrow or as I feel like it.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ewww, Don't Get Bitchy...

So last night was the final episode of Project Runway before the top designers debut their collections at Fashion Week. While the episode was drama free, all the designers provided us with their usual fun and fabulosity....

I laughed when Sweet P said, "I probably could have touched a painting, but I didn't." And you know I loved my Poodles' one liners throughout...."Every 5 seconds I was ready to cut [a bitch]"...he didn't really say "a bitch", but I knew that is what he wanted to say. I loved it when Chris laughed all loud in the museum and when he could feel his own voice echoing, he was like oh, oops. I also love that when Chris sleeps, he puts his hand on top of his big belly. I also loved that Jillian tried to tell Christian that she was over it would help if she talked faster and put more energy behind her words. Point is, I actually love all of them.

The final challenge was to create a design based on what art piece from the Metropolitan Museum of Art insipred them.

Can you believe that Chris was gone? He has come back and done the damn thing. I love his playful and dramatic nature and it shows effortlessly in his designs. While I was mad he did something so similar to the other dress he and Christian did, I still loved it. The whole look is fierce.

Rami's dress is a Rami dress. I LOVE it. He's so great at what he does and the way he can drape a dress is just spectacular....but as the judges have said, dammit Rami, what else can you do? I mean can you even make pants? Maybe something A-line?

Jillian has proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with. She takes her time with everything and ever since she made that Twizzler dress, she has shown that the turtle wins the race or beats the rabbit...what's the fable....yeah, well, Jillian is always worth the wait. Loved this.

Christian!! The winner, of course. My poodle thinks highly of himself and has a right to. He always thinks outside the box and if he would wear it, then you know its fierce. You can absolutely see how he translated his spanish art piece inspiration and made it work for the runway. I cannot wait to see what he did for Fashion Week.

Oh Sweet P. She gives it her all every time. It is just obvious she isn't high fashion. I didn't particularly like this dress and neither did the judges. I can't even imagine what her collection would look like if she made it to Fashion Week. It was fun P, but now you gotta go.

Chris and Rami were both given another chance to prove themselves because the judges were deadlocked. They have to come back and show their three top pieces from their collections to see which one will be showing at Fashion Week. I have a feeling it will be Rami but I'm rooting for the underdog as per usual.....Go Chris!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ashanti's New Video - The Way I Love

Ashanti is definitely not my favorite. There is something actually very false and annoying about her. And everything she does seems to be the bootleg version of something/someone else. In any case, this new song is actually pretty decent as is the video. She's trying. I'm going to give her a B for effort.

Now U Know This Is Love

Gary Coleman wed Shannon Price secretly, cuz you know the paps and the towns people would have caused a ruckus if anyone knew about it, in August. He's 40, she's 22. He's 4'8, she's 5'7. He sells his baby gap sweat pants on E-bay for money and she's good on E-bay. It is a match made in heaven! More importantly, Gary has lost his virginity. Yes people, Gary was indeed the 40 year-old-virgin. I wonder if Gary is learning to give good head....I mean, when they are standing upright, his head is literally right where it needs to be at all times. Ah well, Congrats!

TV-NISTAS REJOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TV IS BACK!!! The writer's strike has officially ended and writers can resume working immediately! While I think the networks have done a great job in keeping us as entertained as possible, I have missed real TV. We can now look forward to new episodes of Grey's, Private Practice, 30 Rock, The Office, Ugly Betty, DH, Dirty Sexy Money and so much more! More importantly, I am glad the writers were able to get what they wanted and proved to the networks/studios - in an excess of negative billions of dollars - that 'stealing' from the people who are largely responsible for making you your money is, well, not a bright idea.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nas Explains Why He Is Calling His Album Nigger

As you all saw, Nas and Kelis wore Nigger paraphernalia to the Grammy awards on Sunday to promote his new album. It wasn't until this CNN interview on the red carpet that I actually heard from Nas himself explain why he decided on the title for his upcoming album. He says that the word NIGGER means ignorant, so white, black, or whatever, we've all been deemed niggers at some point in our lives and we've all been discriminated against. He also has some white girls who are in his "crew" standing next to them rockin nigger-alia too. Kelis also mentions that John Lennon had a song called "Women are the niggers of the world" for yourself.

And just cause I think this is this short clip of a white boy tryna buy Nas's new album. Heehee....

What Is Fame?

During last night's boring ass episode of Making The Band -- I hope whoever edits those commercials for upcoming episodes is paid the big bucks (was I the only who thought that this ep was gonna be so good with fights after the pouring of the water and dude telling the boys he would pray for them?) -- Aubrey (as per usual) said something like, if we weren't famous and selling platinum albums I would still be happy we were sisters. The sentiment is a nice one, altho I don't believe her, but the first thing to come out of my mouth was: did she say famous? Like, really? My friend said, yeah well they kind of are famous because everyone watches MTV. I was like, that is like saying Bootz and Buckey an'em are famous cuz everybody watches VH1. Now I'm not saying that Danity Kane don't deserve their due....cuz they do. I think I've said a thousand times how much I enjoyed their first CD and am already feelin the few samplings of the new album that I've heard. I am saying that something about Aubrey saying they were famous just didn't sit well with me. But what else is new? Most things don't sit well with me. Anyway....

I know we live in a culture where anyone can be famous at any time for doing absolutely nothing BUT just in that moment, I felt like isn't fame something that should be earned? And really, I think there is a difference between being well known and famous. And you can be well known or famous for some bullshit and total mediocrity, but I think there is a thin line between the two. For example, yeah, Danity Kane is well known because everyone under the age of, let's say, 35 watches MTV. But ask a random person in the street who Aubrey is and you will get a blank stare and some crickets. For one, does this bitch even have a last name? Do we care? Then you say OK, Aubrey from Danity Kane, do you know her? If they are 35 and under the odds are that he/she might (altho it is more likely that a female would know who she is). Do you think if you asked a random person outside of the United States who Aubrey was that person would know? But ask a random person anywhere all over the world, pretty much any age, any sex, any race, who Janet Jackson is? You can even ask them who Paris Hilton is, and yeah, they will know. Not to mention, you can ask who Janet and/or Paris is sans last name and people will know exactly who you are asking about.

I think I thought way too much about this BUT I just felt like we as a culture need to stop feeding this fake fame bullshit. I spend my days bloggin about randoms, no names, the famous and the infamous, so I'm a bigger culprit than most, but I just really look forward to a time when being famous actually means something again. When those who are famous don't actually have to say they are famous.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Gist: The Grammy Awards

With all that was going on at the Grammys, you would think that it would have been one of the best Grammy nights ever.....but um, no, not so much. Part of the reason is that the Grammys have to recognize every country mofos up there singing songs about checkin his bitch for ticks. Like, really? After rollin around in the sticks you wanna check her for ticks? And then had the ticks lighting up the stage in the background! Then there seemed to be way too much talking and I mean, overall, the performances were good but I don't think any performance was GREAT.... I think I was just expecting something crazy, like some real memorable performances....having me entranced type know something along the lines of watching Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson shut it down forever singing And I Am Tellin You. Silly of me to have such high expectations...I guess.


Amy Winehouse won 5 well deserved Grammys. She performed via satellite from London and her performance was a hot ass mess. She is clearly still detoxing or I truly believe she was sober I just think sumtin wasn't right. She was moving erratically and her singing was well, bad. But I most certainly appreciated her shouting out Blaaaaaake who is incarcerated and Ray-Ray. Amy is so hood. Gotta love her. Watch both her performance and her acceptance speech:

Amy Winehouse performs at '08 Grammys
by TheDlisted

Rihanna's hair was just FAB! I mean, she's just hot. And we know this. I was happy to see The Time performing. Got real amped about that. The Time proved that black really don't crack. They all look exactly the same. If Prince performed with them, then I would have been done. But it was Rih Rih and she did a lil medley and then did the side to side dance with them at the end. I was entertained but it was just aiight.

Alicia performed twice. Once with Frank Sinatra a la Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole. I was too distracted by the rooster thing she had going on with her hair....but I loved the dress and her face was flawless. When she performed No One, I believed her. I think it was one of her best performances of that song. And I love John Mayer. So overall, she was one of my faves of the night.

I enjoyed Kanye's lite brite performance. Wasn't spectacular but it was good. The tribute to his mom at the end was emotional. I love that when he won his grammy he made the people turn the music off so he could keep talkin. Yup, I likee Kanye.

Side note. What the fuck Cher?

Then there was Yonce and Tina. First of all, Tina looks AMAZING. Her body is off the chain. And no, she couldn't keep up with the dance steps, but I didn't care. For her age, she is still makin it do wut it do and I loved it. Now as for the duet action....I mean, it was good but the problem is that Yonce was holdin back because she didn't want to out-do the legend. So I respect that. But I just feel like if Yonce did Proud Mary by feel me?

Anyway, I have nothing else to say. Congrats to those who were Grammy winners.

P.S. I am glad Janet and Mary J. boycotted the Grammys.....had Janet and Mary been allowed to perform, the show might have, just maybe, would have been what it should have been. I'm just sayin.

Friday, February 8, 2008

The REAL Best of Both Worlds Tour!

It may not get any better. Two of the best to ever do it.....Mary and Jay-Z on tour together. I'm thinking this is a concert not to be missed. Seriously. I've been waiting to see when Mary would tour and who she would be touring with....and um yeah, I'll be there.

Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige will tour this spring in what will be one of the most potent urban music bills in recent memory. The “Heart of the City” outing begins March 22 in Miami.

And while a full itinerary is still coming together, the artists are confirmed to hit markets such as New Orleans, Houston, Las Vegas, Boston, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale Feb. 15.

Blige and Jay-Z have been close collaborators since 1996, when she appeared on his early hit “Can’t Knock the Hustle.”

Here are the initial Heart of the City tour dates:

March 22: Miami (American Airlines Arena)
March 26: Baltimore (1st Mariner Arena)
March 27: Uniondale, N.Y. (Nassau Coliseum)
March 28: East Rutherford, N.J. (Izod Center)
March 30: Philadelphia (Wachovia Center)
April 2: Toronto (Air Canada Centre)
April 3: Boston (TD Banknorth Garden)
April 5: Greensboro, N.C. (Greensboro Coliseum)
April 6: Washington, D.C. (Verizon Center)
April 16: Los Angeles (Hollywood Bowl)

Kelly Ro - Comeback!

Kelly Ro! I think I might make you my girlfriend. Well at least put you in my know for when one ends up in Rehab or has to go away for a while just to um, work things out in her mind. Anyway...Kelly, I was not happy with your album Ms. I hated all of it. I was mad at you for letting Yonce and her daddy tell you all the wrong things to do on purpose. And then you said you were re-releasing your album and I was like damn u Kelly Ro! Didn't I tell you to try something else?! But you didn't give up and felt you could UPGRADE your situation...and Kelly Ro, I have to say, if this sneak peak at your new video for the single "Comeback" on your re-released Ms. Kelly due in March is any indication of the fire you are tryna bring the second time around.....then I'm not mad at you baby girl! Actually, I kinda love it. You look GORGEOUS and more importantly, watching you arch that back, show that thigh, and pop that booty....for the first time, Kelly Ro, I believe you. I'm really hoping you won't make a fool out of me Kelly Ro...I wanna believe you are for real this time. Please be for real this time.

Start Your Day Off With A Lil Just Why?!

Fantasia. Fanny. Tasia. Tay-Tay. WHY????????? JUST WHY???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am at a loss for words. I can't even describe what that shiteous shit on the top of her head is. I mean whose bright idea was it to dye the sides white blonde and then leave a greasy jet black rat tail on the top? She is literally Skunk-tabulous. I just wanna know why? Just why? I can't.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Robin Is A Bald Beauty!

I was doing too much and forgot to post this first thing. I don't know how many of you watch Good Morning America, but GMA is my morning crack. Like I can't function if GMA is not on. I've been watching GMA since the womb...hey Joan Lunden, miss you boo! But I much I loved me some Joan and Charlie, I love Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts. Like, I love them. Robin, as many of you know, announced last July that she was diagnosed with breast cancer and that she would have to undergo chemo. She documented her illness....showing us when her hair was fallin out and how she just shaved it all off. Her wigs on the show are hot. They look just like her real hair and can't see where it ends or begins. But today, during the GMA segment, I Dare You, Robin was dared to be a runway model. After going to Tyra Banks runway school, photo shoot class with Nikki Taylor, she worked her stuff on the runway for Issac Mizrahi's Fall preview at NYC fashion week.

Robin worked the runway bald and she looked fantastic! She reminded me of the time on America's Next Top Model when Tyra had them take bald headed pictures. And speaking of ANTM, Dani was in the show and she's so cute. She came out right before Robin.

To see Robin strut her stuff click: bravery in its sweetest form.

Now Whoopi Is On My Shit List

OK, as irrational as I am, I do believe that everyone has the right to say what they want, do as they please, and vote for whoever they like. I mean, it is a free country after all. BUT, normally, people usually have good reason why they do things. You know, reasons that make sense. Whoopi G. announced today on that silly ass show, The View, that she voted for Hillary Clinton. What is ree-damn-diculous to me is that she was planning to vote for Barack because she thought she heard him say something about not moving jobs away and cutting taxes. Come to find out, she was basing her decision to vote on who said this first. She thought Barack said it first but then she found out the night before she voted that Hillary said it in May 2007. So she changed her vote because she said she would vote for whoever said that first. Really, Whoopi? Really.

Ummmmmmm, why do we care who says what first? I think that is pretty least as it pertains to selecting your future president. Or maybe its just me. Maybe I don't understand. Like shouldn't we care less about who says what first and more about when they do say it, is it something you believe, have they said things before that you support, and do they have a plan of action to bring about change and actually implement the stuff they are talking about? Like isn't it about the big picture?

Take a listen to Whoopi and let me know if you think I'm the idiot here. I mean, I very well could be. My brain doesn't work like most.

Ferosha Coutura Is Fierce Bitches!!!

Have we discussed how much I love my poodle Christian. I mean seriously, shall I count the ways?

1. "Where are we going Tim. Is it fierce? It better be fierce Tim."
2. "I'm Ferosha Coutura and my thing is, I take bitches down by spraying hair spray in their eyes."
3. "I didn't want to give them to him, but you help people and they fail anyway."
4. "She is fierce! And for me to say that you know she's fierce cuz I've met some fierce bitches up in my life."
5. "Honestly, that looks like Tranny Ice Queen."

And did he spray his own hair with the hair spray after spraying his Divas' hair? Did my poodle beat Sweat P at arm wrestling?! Bitches clearly don't know. Sigh...I. Love. Him!!!

OK but Project Runway wasn't just about Christian last night. Ding Dong Ricky is finally gone....and he didn't cry! This was actually the first ep that his eyes got watery, but there were no actual tears.

The challenge was to make outfits for the WWE Divas that they could wear in the ring. Basically get you something stretchy and make it work. All types of tack....just tacky, tacky, tacky. Yet, you prove how fierce you are, when you can make something tacky actually look semi-fierce. And the top three most certainly did.

My poodle had his Diva lookin sexy and well, fierce....keeping in mind the challenge.

I LOVED Jillian's. I'm somewhat of a fake sporty bitch myself so I would have rocked this piece.

I agreed with the judges that there wasn't anything Americana about Rami's outfit (this diva was the all american girl next door). She looks like she is about to go and do the Cha Cha at Pablo's. Me no likey.

Sweet P's whole situation was just hilarious. She was scared she was gonna get her assed kicked, couldn't focus, and couldn't pull of the robe and reveal look. Total mess. Bargain basement.

The winner!!! AND I LOVE IT! Chris' was absolutely my fave! I don't do leopard or cheetah or lions, tigers or bears but if I were a WWE bitch, I most definitely would want this to be my beat ur ass ensemble.

And then there was Ricky's. I happen to like his bathing suit. Problem is, nobody is goin swimming Ricky! Pack your hats and go.