Friday, September 5, 2008

Did You Buy Solange's Album?

I've gotten that question more than a few times this week. I mean, if you read da blog, then you would know that I anxiously anticipated Solo's album however, I got caught up and haven't made my way to the store yet. So um, the answer is no. Am I the reason Solo debuted at #9? I'm really surprised. Should I be tho? I mean, I know people don't buy albums like they used to (unless you're one of the millions who bought and continue to buy Lil Wayne's sizzurptastical album) but I thought that Solange was on a roll. I thought she was creating her own spotlight and showin the world something refreshingly new and different. I mean aren't we all about CHANGE right now?

So I ask you, what happenended? Was it Solo's stank attitude? Is it because she really isn't her sister? Is it because she's trying way tooo hard to prove that she isn't her sister? Was it that flamenco lookin orange outfit she wore in her Sandcastle Disco video? I bet that's what da hell it was.

The good thing is that even tho Solo only sold 30,000 copies and that sounds bad, Geffen Records claims that that is better than what they were expecting her to sell. that really a good thing? And seriously, the Mama Mia soundtrack that has been on the charts for 8 weeks sold more than Solo. Fuckin Now That's What I Call Country! sold more than Solo.

Then again, maybe at the end of the day, it's not about number of albums sold. Like Solo says, Fuck da Industry! Now as soon as I can my ass to a Best Buy.....

UPDATE: Glennisha Morgan posted Solo's 'apology'....while I still think she needs to simma down just a tad - I do believe that there comes a point where the proof of who you are just need to keep defending or talkin bout what just is - I love me some Solo! Go HERE!


Park Avenue said...

ROTFL @ the flamenco looking outfit in the Sandcastle Disco video!!!!!!

Solange jumping around on that snare drum & piano keys is the funniest thing. I still like the song & video, though.

In some parts of the SD video, Solange looks like Jody Watley.

I keep telling myself that I'll get the album from iTunes, but every time I go to click "buy," I just can't do it.

Anonymous said...

I think that because of Itunes, you have a large portion of people that buy digital and I don't think soundscan counts that.