Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fashion Rocks!

So we'll get to see all the fun on Tuesday September 9th BUT the taping for the Fashion Rocks event was last night and of course there are pics.

Yonce took the time to promote herself as well as honor Etta James, whom she will be portraying in the upcoming Cadillac Records movie, and I must say...she has Etta down. Stunning. And she sings "At Last" which is one of the most beautiful love songs ever, ever, ever written and even more beautifully sang by Etta. I'm sure Yonce sings the shit out of this song. Looking forward to seeing this.

Of course Yonce couldn't just perform once and then sit her ass down. Nope, she had to sing one more gin. This time with Justin. And um....I just want to know what kind of Tina Knowles golden glitter fish gill creation she got goin on? The Lil Mermaid Does Studio 54. Anyhooo....

Rih Rih keeps it sexy as per alwasy. Who even gives a shit what she's singin or if she's even singing. She's just hot. The sexiest show girl rockin a peacock head piece I've ever seen.

Solo got to sing too! And it looks like Tina Knowles decided to make this dress out of the cartoon section of the Sunday paper. I like the design of the dress tho...and I'm sure she sounds great too.

Chris Brown is jumpin, slidin, and workin it out. I'd be doin all that if I were fuckin Rihanna too.

Mary and Kid Rock perform. Hmmmmmm. Mary looks dope. Her boots are sick. Yet, I'm confused. Does Kid Rock sing? I thought he just screams and looks greasy.

And Mimi. She looks like a grown woman. And she looks fabulous. I can't remember the last time I've seen Mariah look so classy and pretty. Loves it.

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