Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Star Got A Man....Like A Real One

I am shocked and RuPauled!! A straight man is diggin Star Jones. Wow. And he's a nice looking man too. I don't know who he is, but I kinda want to know what is wrong with him. I mean he is kissing and loving up on Star in public and he seems to be happy to do it! But for real, he looks like he can do better than Star. No offense Star, but you aren't the cutest...but I will say you rock the saggy skin and bobble head look better than almost anybody. I don't think Star has as much money as she once did but maybe after marrying a gay man and getting knocked off her pedestal she has learned to be humble and is like, a nice person now. I'm still suspect and not sure what this guys motives are but I'll say that I'm happy for Star. Er'body, even Star, deserves a lil love.



glennishamorgan said...

I really don't see what anyone would see in her saggy ass. Everytime I see photos of her she just looks a hot ass mess.

iluv.. said...

I heard on the radio that he is a chef.