Monday, September 29, 2008

T.I. Has A Birthday Party

So first, let's all wish T.I. a happy birthday. Yay! Now here is where things just get all kinds of...mkay.

Tiny is prolly one of the most fugly bitches ever to be created. Like Rat Face actually doesn't even do her justice on the fug scale. YET, we all know that T.I. loves a great personality and that is how he decides who gets his lovin. So great, hahahaha to us all, we could be as cute as we want to be but we don't have T.I. blah blah blah. Shout out to the fuglies killin the hot boy game and snaggin dem all.

What I really want to know is, just cuz you fug why does that mean you can't try to elevate your fabulousness. I mean, why must you look fug from root to toe? How is it that your man is makin it do wut it do wit the tuxedo AND YOU come out the house with a Herve Leger (that everyone has WORN OUT) that you clearly need about 4 pairs a spanx to wear - and still you can't fit that shit wit some three toned ringlets for a hair do. WHY????????????????????? This is too much for me on a Monday mornin. I can't.

I'm tryna hold it in, but its really you think anyone will notice that my whole ensemble is a hot mess?

It don't matter. Bitches see the ring. I might be as fug as it gets but my man LOVES IT!

I can have whatever I like......sing it wit me bitches!

Did ya'll see da hair tho? Boonquisha hooked it UP! Three tones bitches. What!


iluv... said...

She did this to prove a point. She was like I can go out the house looking like a clown, at my man's birthday party for everyone to see, and he will still love me in the morning. Or she lost a bet and being a woman of her word, she let her color blind friend ShejShjonee, whose only wish in the world is to become a hair stylist, hook her up.

Chocklit~Socialite said...

i can't....

i mean...ok...we've all pretty much gotten over that fact that a top model tiny is that's is blind *apparently*...i'm even willing to not hate on the dress...cuz it is a cute dress...i just think she needs more boobage to make it work betta...what concerns me is the total disregard and blatant disrespect that her "beautician" showed...i dont understand the color scheme...i mean...who does that dark 1 and like 27/t273 color mix...why isnt it all golden blonde with red mix?...her complexion would work with that...i from there...its like she just jumped outta the chair...before a wide tooth comb ran thru the weave...why wouldn't someone think to apply a it would blend better and not be such severe curls?

i'm lost in the matrix

Carsi said...

the fact that she paired that bag and that dress together is really bugging me

F.U. said...

OMG Carsi, that fuckin bag wit that outfit is a hell and to da naw! Like I said, from root ta toe...why?

glennishamorgan said...

I'm just trippin on the chipped nail polish tho. She's always worn different toned hair so to each its own. Her shit looks better than Remy Ma's lol

Glennisha Morgan said...

And hey T.I. said she can have whatever she liiiiike so that must be what she like LMAO