Thursday, October 9, 2008

Beyonce: I Think I'm Just Realizing Why I Love Her

I'm sure you've all seen Yonce's Essence cover - most of you are prolly Essence subscribers and will be getting your copy in the mail in a day or two - and have read leaked pieces of her interview where she basically reiterates that she isn't talking about her personal life cuz its personal. She does let us know that she thinks engagement rings are silly, she and Jay don't need photo ops and that fake shit cuz what they have is real, and that she and Jay have been together for a long time and they knew that they would be married one day. Nothing we all didn't already know but thanks for sharing, Yonce.

The thing is, I totally agree. Their life is personal and why should she talk about the details of her relationship? The little bit that we do see is more than obvious. But then I ask myself....well then why do I get so irritated when cornballs like Ashanti and Nelly try not to talk about their relationship? I'm like seriously, who da fuck are you that you can't answer a question about the fact that you two are more than friends. I mean, have you heard your wack ass song together? Should you want anybody to care about that shit, I recommend steroids and donkey milk and maybe stoppin with the bullshit. But then really, even if Ashanti and Nelly or some of these other couples talked about their relationship, would you really care? And at least for me, no I wouldn't. But why was it a ring da alarm situation when Yonce finally had a ring on? Why do we care so much about them? How and why have Beyonce and Jay become the end all be all of ridiculous fabulousity and no one can compare?

Then I watched the video she sent out to the media to give everyone a glimpse of what she's workin on for the new album and what we can expect from her first two singles and I think I understand now. Beyonce has reached levels of success that is simply impossible for most. She no longer has anything to prove. She doesn't have to sing another note if she doesn't want to and would be set for life. She's happily married to a man that has upgraded her and she has indeed upgraded right back. And as she says, she is in a really happy place right now.

But if you watch this video, its like she's still hungry for more. There is still a fire in her that is entrancing and amazing to watch. World domination - for real for real. She's singing and dancing like its never over, like she won't stop, cuz she can't stop. Beyonce is simply dope. She has something more than talent, more than beauty, more than brains. It's so easy to hate on someone who has it all but I watched this and today, I was inspired.

Just in case it says this video is no longer available - click: Yonce

P.S. I do think its kinda grimy that Kelly is now a UK resident cuz no one in America cares, Michelle's album got pushed back a million times and it came out on Tuesday and the next day Yonce is releasing her singles and talkin bout her marriage in Essence and thankin the media. Like really Yonce, couldn't Michelle just get a good week to have er'body look at her album with Audrina Eyes? I'm not sayin, but I'm sayin.


Anonymous said...

I swear Beyonce is the shit! lol
In everything she does you can tell that she loves what she is doing. Like you said there is just a fire in her eyes when it comes to her music and performing.

On my lunch break today I heard her new song Single Ladies..I damn near wrecked I was jammin so hard!

like I said..Beyonce is the SHIT!!!

Elle said...

Yeah the video was a nice lil sneak's funny that she was saying that she is going a lot more natural in her photo shoots and videos, I definitely noticed. I guess she is getting more and more comfortable just giving us her without all the hair and drama. Gotta love it.

The F$%K it List said...

Personally I never really cared about her relationship with Jay. It was clear to me what was going on and more power to both of them. Real love is a hard thing to maintain its probably twice as hard with the paparazzi following you and all over the place.

Why Yonce annoys me is the exactly what you addresses in the latter part of this blog! And its not so much her, its her machine aka Papa Knowles. I need a minute to miss her so I can love her again, and why can't the rest of the girls EQUALLY as talented get some shine.

F.U. said...

f$%k it list - you may be one of a handful that never cared about B and Jay's relationship and that is prolly because they don't have time or the need to flaunt their relationship for me, you or anyone else. but i think that is what makes their relationship more intriguing, more mysterious, and more interesting. people would LOVE to know what's goin on in their world - other than the fact that we know they all in love and stuff.

the other thing i want to know is, how is it Yonce's fault that she's dope and she does it better than all the rest? and that is a really good question...why can't the rest of the girls who are equally as talented get some shine? is Yonce holdin the game hostage? what's stoppin them? Rihanna made it her business to get her clearly there is indeed room for er'body. seems to me bitches need to step their game up.

The F$%K it List said...

I think I didn
t care because I'mm so far from a celebrity but I know what its like to have folks all up and down in your business. so when it came out about their relationship I was like "Oh their in love, that's cool I wish them the best" The only time I ever really cared was when I couldn't get home because of their damn wedding. haha.

I don't think its her fault at all. she is awesome, quintessential super star, but her dad is the machine. He puts out single after single, video everything so you never forget. But I need time to digest and I don't get that with her. Then look at Michelle she was on fire for a minute, every blog had something to say about her and then BAMM her album gets pushed back and Yonce is coming out. And who reps her that's right Papa Knowles. Kelly yeah she needs to step up.. she's way too talented for the not so great music she puts out.

Rih Rih has the machine that is Jay Z behind her so there will be space for her. jmho