Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm Tryna Keep Up....

Hey there, hi there. I could have sworn that I scheduled my hiatus to begin as soon as summer was officially over and the tempature dipped below 60 degrees. Cuh-learly, sumtin ain't right cuz depsite the fact that summer is indeed officially over and when I left my house this mornin it was 46 degrees, I still haven't managed to put my ass in a seat and keep it there. Not to mention I'm dealin wit some real extra micro management type bullshit and well, let's just say that I'm followin the calming rules that I learned on a epsiode of Family Matters a long time ago. Memba Carl, the dad (is that his name?) would get all mad and start screaming and stuff and then Harriet, the mom (is that her name?) was like Carl you need to simma down. So Carl learned a counting and breathing technique that I try and follow to this day. When you feel yourself about to explode and ready to get to cussin just take a deep breath and go "1,2,3....what the heck is bothering me?" The problem is, there is a second part to that and I don't remember it, so when I go 1,2,3...what the heck is bothering me, I tell myself what's bothering me and just pisses me off even more that I can't just slap a bitch and tell muthafuckas to leave me the fuck alone.

But I digress....what's goin on in the world?

Lord. I think you've all seen this and stared. Mouth agape, with a beyond serious crooked eye just wondering why no one called 911. I mean this is clearly an emergency! Foxy Brown celebrated her birthday wit the most atrocious nappily neva afta weave I think I've ever seen. I can't even begin to understand the....is that all new growth? I can't. I actually feel sorry for her. She needs help. Seriously. The least somebody could do was give her some grease. Just damn!

Speakin of hair...the Jolie-Pitt babies were out and about. Baby Z looks a lil sleepy and she just don't got no time to be mean muggin but can we be happy that Angelina put her hair in a puff? I mean, yes she could have added some oils and maybe actually brushed her edges, but....at least its better than usual. Right?

Either Jelly Belly's belly is extra jiggly OR somebody really is expectin. Hmph.

Jessie James and D'Lila Star do couture with their parents. Those little girls are just too cute. Love it!

Tyler Perry just made history by being the first African American to own and operate his own move studio. All of black anybody who is anybody was there to celebrate Tyler who was straight up homeless and is now damn near a billionaire and runnin shit and doin Hollywood his way. But of course with success comes drama. It seems Tyler fired some of his writers after they tried to get a union contract. I would hope that this is not the case or if it is, that there is a real reason behind Tyler not offering them the contracts that they were asking for. I really just thought this picket sign was funny. Like are they really askin Tyler how he doin with his health care or are they asking Tyler, How YOU doin? I mean, cuz really, they could be askin both. Congrats Tyler.


Anonymous said...

It's 321...123...what the heck is bothering me?

F.U. said...

Thanks Anonymous. Unfortch, that doesn't help. I thought I was missing a part that would actually help me simma down. I'mma have to look into a new technique. Cuz um, 123 is no longer doin the job...