Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lauryn Hill? With Martha Stewart? Da Hell?

Lauryn Hill does not look happy to be at this Martha Stewart book signing at a Williams Sonoma store in New Jersey. Her kids, on the other hand, look more than happy to be gettin some cookies! Especially that little one. He is cheesin and thinkin this is the best damn cookie ever!!! The one next to him wouldn't even stop chewin for the pic. They prolly are not used to treats.

No one seems to know if Lauryn just likes Martha Stewart or if she just happened to be in the store but at least her afro was picked out and her clothes were normal. I wish she had a little more joy in her eyes. At least her children look well adjusted, normal, and happy.

Oh Lauryn, please sing a song about it. PUHLEASE!



Anonymous said...

***still waiting on Lauryn to sing something***

On that pic she looks like she ran out the house to get something from the store and ran into Martha Stewart by mistake lol

Its like damn I was just trying to run out and back in and damn here is Martha!

Babybrown said...

'They prolly are not used to treats.' I know, she probably feeds them raw granola and splenda... kids ain't used to that holisitc stuff... heck I'm still trying to get used to it ;)

Babybrown of Mommabrown.com

Imani said...

Wow' Mrs. Hill is even beautiful on her regular laid-back days. So nice to see her again. She has beautiful children as well...Go Lauryn, much respect!