Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something New... listed the hottest interracial couples in Hollywood. I don't really have anything to say bout it, just thought I'd share.

Bobby always loved da sistas.

Big too. He was with Beverly Johnson for quite some time before he got wit his new boo and baby mother, Tara. (Am I allowed to say downgrade? She's prolly a lot nicer than Bev is tho. And we all know that personality stretches for miles and miles. Don't get Rat Face, I mean Tiny started.)

Gorgeous is as gorgeous does. What if Nahla grows up all dysfunctional talkin bout you don't know what its like growing up with the most beautiful parents in the world. People only love me because I'm even more beautiful than they are. I HATE MIRRORS!!!!

Yeah um, I prefer Garcelle with Luther Vandross. (I hope I don't have to explain that one.) Her babies are cute tho.

I think they are adorable. She even liked him when he had his dirty greasy bike messenger look goin on. What a shower and a hair cut can do!

My greedy ass would marry a Wolfgang in a minute! I mean I prefer a G. Garvin cuz I like my men and my food to have a lil seasonin but um, Wolfgang wouldn't have to do nothin but butta my biscuits.

Keshia snagged herself a hottie. LOVE me some Dr. Karev. That's exactly why they got 5 kids. I wouldn't be able to stop wipin him down neither.

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babybrown said...

Hey I should send you a pic of me and hunnyb... LOL

F.U. said...

BabyB lemme found out you down wit da swirl!!!! YES!!!!!!! I wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babybrown said...

LOL... yup, babybrown is a swirl girl... ;)

Camila said...

interesting...there were only white males??

nice blog btw...i plan on coming back. :]

and if i were halle's daughter, i'd hate mirrors too.


F.U. said...

Camila - It was an Essence rundown on black women and their Something News....

Glad you like the blog!!!