Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Big Mac, Filet-A-Fish, Quarter Pounder w/Cheese, Icy Cold Milk Shake, Sundaes, and Apple Pies....

You deserve a break today, so get up in the morning and HAVE YOUR DAMN WEDDING RECEPTION AT MCDONALD'S!!!!!!!! JUST WHY??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T! I REALLY CAN'T!!!!

This special young couple decided to jump the broom. Seems they spent all their money on the dress and tuxedos and there wasn't quite enough left over to have a their reception some place special. So when you only have $35.75 left in your budget, you have that shit at McDonalds'. That's right. Bride and groom told the wedding party that the fries were on them.

See, I love him and stuff, and I know he's trying to explain that our love is deeper than some fancy reception with steak and lobster, but if we can't even have our reception at Popeyes, then this may not have been a bright idea.

I'm married homeys! I didn't even have to order off the Dollar menu. And I'mma have $4.23 left after we eat. Just enough to get us gas to get back home.

The wedding feast! Those fries look GOOOOOOOOOOD!

A groomsmen enjoys nuggets with BBQ sauce. I mean, them nuggets do be bangin. Who needs shrimp when you got a 6 piece?

Best wedding reception ever!!!!



Elle said...

They can't be serious.

ToshaRenelle said...

Hot Ghetto Mess! I can't even fool with McDonald's on a regular day, so absolutely not on my wedding day!