Friday, November 14, 2008

Kim Needs Her Ass Beat!

Sooooo, I'm sure you've all heard by now that on the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show, Lisa had to slap a ho. And that ho would be that fugly ass tone deaf plastic bitch Kim. Now, when I first heard about this, I was like DAYUM, if anybody got to slappin bitches, I would have thought it would have been NeNe. But if Lisa is bringin da five fingers then that means Kim cuh-learly done crossed the damn line. And I for one am so glad that somebody felt it was time to show this bitch what time it is.

So now Lisa is scared for her life and done hired a lawyer and wants a restraining order agains Lisa. She even is claiming that Lisa is leaving her threatening messages. Well Lisa tells Essence just what da hell is goin on:

ESSENCE.COM: Your costar Kim Zolciak has accused you of threatening to kill her. Is that true?

LISA WU HARTWELL: Never would I threaten to kill anyone. Kim made a very heinous statement about me. She said I was a crack whore [Zolciak denies making this statement.] and that's the reason I don't have my kids [Justin and Jason]. Not only did she lie and insult me, but she insulted my children and my integrity. I have never done drugs in my life. I am a businesswoman.

ESSENCE.COM: Wow. Who did Kim tell that you were a "crack whore"?

HARTWELL: She was on the set of Demi Moore's new film "The Joneses," which costars David Duchovny and Chris Williams [the brother of "Ugly Betty" star Vanessa Williams], and the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast was invited to star in as extras. I declined, but she and Sheree went. She didn't realize the people she said this to about me were friends of mine. I'm a businesswoman-an actress, writer and producer of movies-and to have her making up lies about me to people I could potentially work with one day is crazy! She said those things in front of Demi Moore.

ESSENCE.COM: Did you leave her threatening messages on her voicemail or text her messages to her cell phone?

HARTWELL: Yes, I did call her and told her she needed to call me because I wanted to address the lies she'd been spreading about me. I was never threatening, but I did tell her that I would show up at her house if I didn't hear from her to talk woman to woman. I believe she's trying to extend her 15 minutes of fame, but why at my expense? I have a life outside of this show. It's unfortunate that Kim has made me her target. Perhaps it's because throughout the whole show you don't see me engaging in any drama like this. What she said was very hurtful. She insulted me as a mother and a wife. She was once a wife and is a mother, so I don't understand why she would do this.

ESSENCE.COM: Allegedly she's put out a restraining order against you. Is that true?

HARTWELL: I had heard that, but how could she? I've never threatened her or laid a hand on her. In fact, last week we did a talk show together and I didn't say one word to her. Honestly, I really don't think Kim is dealing with a full deck. She lies constantly. Of course when I asked her about what she said about me not having custody of my kids she denied that she ever said I was a crack whore. [Zolciak denies filing a restraining order.]

ESSENCE.COM: When we last spoke you said that you were a "sparring woman." Does that mean you'd be willing to get physical?

HARTWELL: Would I engage in any physical activity with Kim? Absolutely not. She's not worth my time. Do I know how to defend myself if I were attacked? Yes. When I said I was a "sparring woman" I simply meant I'll spar with anyone in the ring. Martial arts teaches you self-control especially when it comes to your emotions. You can't just react to everything. I would only use it in self-defense. The weird thing is when I spoke to Kim she said, "Lisa, this is water under the bridge." And then now I find out she's claiming that she fears for her life. I wonder if all of this was staged. She knows how I feel about my kids and if anyone were to insult them it would strike a nerve. Again, I didn't threaten this woman and I only made one call to her and absolutely no text messages. If I did, don't you think they would have shown it on

Well there you have it people. Kim is dumb lyin ass bitch who needs attention. You know if she would call NeNe a low budget bitch that she would absolutely call Lisa a crack whore.

And I still haven't learned that gettin physical is a waste of time, so I'll beat her ass for you Lisa. Lemme at her!

Oh and one more thing, if you've heard rumors about Kim and Big Poppa splittin up, this is what this home-wreckin skank said about it:

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Kim Zolciak spoke with this week to confirm that she and secret boyfriend otherwise known as Big Poppa were going through some problems. While Kim admits that her mystery guy is in the midst of a divorce, she also says that she and Big Poppa are currently taking time off from one another."We're on an off right now. The show has definitely taken a toll on our relationship too so we will see what happens. We're still engaged but the footage, the gossip, the show, the rumors are all the reasons why I didn't have him on the show. It was completely my decision and it had nothing to do with him being married."

Ugh! Lemme at her!!!



Anonymous said...

See, the problem s bitches aren't afraid to get snatched bald headed anymore.

Somebody needs to get a clump of Kim's hair and scalp.