Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Muziq: Mya & Robin Thicke & Solange

Mya has a video for her new song called "Paradise". I happen to like Mya, but it is just more than obvious that her lane is very...well let's just say she is more than talented but she's just missing that star quality. Like for example, this video. Besides the fact that this video looks like I could have made it in my basement, it's a cute song, the video is cute, even a lil zexy but nobody is gonna be talking bout this video, nobody is gonna care about this song, and really, I don't think anybody cares about Mya anymore. What do you think?

Robin Thicke's new video is for his song "Sweetest Love" premiered yesterday and I only love it because one of my girlfriends IS the video. That would be the chocolate hotness that is Jessica White. Good gravy she's scrumptious. Anyway, I'm not a fan of the song. Robin needs a lil power behind his voice with this one. It kinda sounds like air is singing this...if that makes any sense.

Solo's video for T.O.N.Y is pretty serious. She's makin you think with this one. I really like this song...a lot. I love her voice and the instrumental....and the video adds that extra that makes you love it all even more. Enjoy!


blackgirlthinking said...

That Solange song was WONDERFUL...Solange is the shit..but I think I've said that before..somewhere at sometime or another..

As for Mya...she just doesn't have that "IT" factor. She can't compete with the other leading ladies out here, so she gets overlooked..and so will this song...sorry Mya :(