Thursday, November 6, 2008

Wendy Williams - Da Hell Is Goin On???

Mkay, so if you don't know, now ya know that I love me some Wendy Williams. I listen to her most er'day and recently, things on her radio show have just not been good. First we lost the bonus hour - or should I say, the Tri-State area lost the bonus hour. Then all of a sudden she's playing songs er' 2 minutes and commercials er' 3.5 mins and she and Charlamagne just kinda talkin bout bullshit and ackin like they really don't care. Gettin on my nerves really, but I'm addicted and I have to listen.

So THEN, I had heard that Wendy's whole crew got fired on Election Day and that while they can't just fire her, they are not renewing her contract in 2009. And do you not know, I tune in yesterday and she's hosting the show by herself - no Charlamagne.

And then as her show started today, she says "It's Wendy Williams. The last man standing." Then she said she is holding a press conference today at 4:08 PM EST...something about the pink elephant in the room. And then as she was about to play a song she said, "I guess its time to get to a song. I was only trying to have fun but I forgot that that is illegal around here."

Cut to 4:08 PM EST. Wendy said:

"My side kick, my friend, Charlamagne da God is no longer part of this show....(blah, blah, blah, something about the economy) and that is why Charlamagne is no longer with the show. He's still la familia, it was to my surprise as well, and he's got a ton of job offers, and he's still my friend, and the boy will be fine. And the changes won't end in 2009."

And that's that. There is obviously way more goin on behind the scenes and shit just ain't right. This is also clearly due to the case made by Nicole and they settled with her out of court for a large sum of money (GO NICOLE!!!!! Get dat paper boo!!!!) and now they can no longer afford Charlamagne. He was never my favorite. I still miss Art, so I'm not mad. BUT, when she says that the changes won't end in '09, I'm guessin that means that this may definitely be it for the Queen of all Media and that makes me sad but we must make room for the up and coming Queens! (F.U. clears her throat)

On another note, NeNe from Atlanta Housewives will be coming on the show by herself and is going to tell everyone who Big Poppa is and why Kim is a fraud!

I'll be tuning in until the very end....

Quick SIDENOTE - When I say this may definitey be it for the Queen of all Media, I mean her radio show on WBLS. She of course has her TV show coming back in July and she has her movie coming out at some point AND as we've seen on more than one occassion, Wendy always lands on her feet.

AND here is an official news statement per Radio and Records:

"In a cost-cutting move, Inner City Broadcasting urban AC WBLS/New York has released most of the behind-the-scenes team of syndicated afternoon show “The Wendy Williams Experience.” Executive producer Tarin Donatien, production director Trev Hollywood and co-host Charlamagne Tha God have all been let go. Goose will remain with the “Experience” and continue to run the boards.

Talent booker and publicist Nicole Spence has also exited WBLS. In March, she filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, accusing Williams’ husband/manager, Kevin Hunter, of sexual discrimination. This case has reportedly been settled.

On Monday, July 13, 2009, "The Wendy Williams Show" will return to television on Fox affiliates around the country. "


anderson said...

This is NOT the end of the Queen. Wendy will find another radio show. Also, don't forget that The Wendy Williams Show will go nation wide next year.

I am so made, I don't get to listen because I have school and then work.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know what is exactly going on over there. But like the guy above me said trust that aint the end of Wendy. I can't wait til her show airs next year.

F.U. said...

Anderson you are so right, this is NOT the end of the Queen. I meant to say the end of her reign at WBLS. We know she has her movie and TV show. She'll be fine!

The F$%K it List said...

I'm happy as long as the TV show comes back on. WBLS, Hot 97 have all shown they can't deal with Wendy's swagger. There are plenty of other shows they could have cut back on if that was the case, because who actually cuts the show that is bringing in advertising dollars.