Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Are All U Gays Home Watchin Tyra?

So today is "Day Without A Gay" day and the gays are to "call in gay" to prove how important gays are to the workforce in this country and why they should have the same rights as everyone else. The gays are not supposed to stay home and upload their renditions of Yonce's Single Ladies or Britney's Circus to You Tube, rather they are to volunteer to work on the cause for Prop 8.

So how many of you gays called in gay today? I know Ne-Yo still has a show today.

I do want to take this moment just to send much love to my favorite gay ever in the world, Aaronella!! He's not talking to me right now because I am the only one who manages to get on his lastest nerve - neither one of us can ever let the other have the last word and you know a gay loves to have the last word! I don't know if ya'll can tell, but a bitch can work a nerve like nobody's business. It's kinda just wut I do.

Anyhooo, Aaronella if you called in gay today please prepare the chips and dip and gimme back my cup bitch!!

Luh u, mean it!!!

P.S. Shout out to Geoffrey! A lil birdie tells me I'll be seein you real soon....


Elle said...

I was so pissed...I only heard about this when I was already on my way to work! Dammit I woulda called in gay like a mufuck! I mean I think I'm damn near fauxmosexual...a drag queen in a lipstick lez's body? Kinda? I'll holla next year.

Geoffrey said...

I had lunch at Conde Nast yesterday and all those queens were at work. Call out gay, my ass. You better protest poverty and carry your behind to work.

Anonymous said...
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glennishamorgan said...

This was a cool attempt but,with the way the economy is I think most of us went on to work. I know I did, especially since I just got the job.