Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Daily Wackness

I think I'm late on this but so da hell what. It seems that since Beyonce has made having an alter ego the hottest shit since, well since the other day, it looks like er'body and they mama gonna try to follow the trend. It looks to be Ciara's turn.

Ciara says: “When I’m performing, I’m just having fun, letting go and not even trying to think too much about what’s going on. I know that I am here to perform and it’s time to rock it.

You become another person. Another person inside of me totally surfaces when it comes to performing - Ciara, buh-bye, all right Super C. Super C is a character that people will learn more about on this record.That is my alter ego. Super C doesn’t hold back. She is definitely aggressive. She goes hard. Super C can do some magical and funky things. She works hard. She dances to the 10th power. She does everything to the 10th power.”

First of all, what da hell kinda low budget wack ass name is Super C? Sounds like you're a vitamin that I don't want to take Ciara. And secondly, don't this sound just like what Yonce says when she talks about how she becomes Sasha Fierce?! Beyonce talks about herself in third person and how Sasha Fierce is the one that goes on stage and blah blah blah. Like at least tell the truth and say well since Beyonce got to do it, I want to do it too. I mean damn!

This annoys me to all high hell. Just because your new single ain't do too well and now you have to push your album back because there was no way you could compete with Beyonce or Sasha Fierce, now you gotta go and create some fake ass alter ego. And most likely it is true that 'somebody else' takes over when performers go on stage, I just think it is really not a good look that you wait to bring out the alter ego after Yonce done did it and did it way better than you will. If you bite off somebody, you have to do it and then take it to next level. Ummmmm, Yonce is a pro at that. Step your game up, boo.

And who is next, huh? Is Ashanti gonna start talkin bout you know, when I get on stage, that's not me, that's Bananas Girl?! I can't!


Talisa J said...

Ghetto azz, black bitch, you're too ignorant to even set straight!

F.U. said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Talisa J, how I luv thee! Thank you for your kind words :) And let me just say, I would love it if you could look past my 'ignorance' and PLEASE set me straight. Really, I think it could help me and the YISIAW readers. I mean, I understand this comment stems from the fact that you are a psycho Ciara fan, so I get where you are coming from. Can't nobody say nothing bad about Ciara because you're obsessed and stuff. However, I bet there is an inkling of intelligence somewhere in that special brain of yours and I would love to know just what you could tell me to set me straight. So please, do me a favor and get back to me on that, mkay?

P.S. I haven't been called "Ghetto" in a long time boo, thanks!

Elle said...

Dayummmm..."black bitch"? Dem's fighting words...over Super C? I will never understand. And FU you are stupid for this post. LOL!

F.U. said...

Yes, Elle, this silly heffa done lost her mind....over Super C! WACK ASS Super fuckin C! And you know I loves it! Hilarious!

Geoffrey said...

I don't even know where to begin with all of this. First, I'm tired of Beyonce and Ciara ripping old Thierry Mugler looks. I mean in this pic Ciara's itty bitties are being held up by 2 ice cream scoopers and a chin strap. It's just all too Robocop meets Tron for me. I'm not fooled by all of these smoke screens to hide the lack of talent therein.

I'm now returning to listening to Micel Jackson's "That's What You Get for Being Polite" and tryng to forget these career missteps.

Geoffrey said...
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Geoffrey said...
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F.U. said... cream scoopers and a chin strap? I can't witchu!! heehee

iluv... said...

Not just a ghetto bitch but a ghetto BLACK bitch. Over "super C" (super in small caps on purpose), you have to be kiddin me.

FU I'm surprised, that was such a mild response from you. I see your therapy is working.

F.U. said...

iluv, you have no idea how great therapy is! :) No but seriously, yes she did call me a ghetto black bitch over super c (I still giggle every time I even say super c, like seriously, super fuckin c?!)and if we were on the street, she would catch a beat down like her name was Rodney King BUT we're not on the street, I don't know that dumb ass, AND she's the president of the Ciara psycho fan club so she can be mad if she wants. We're all allowed our opinions, right?

So I said it, and what? Her and what, was to call me a black bitch. I've been called all kinds of bitches, but I got a lil giddy when she called me Ghetto. That's so funny!

Kjen said...

Glad I found your blog!
Alter egos are common or all performers. You have o be over the top on stage in order to really give a good performance. In previous years, most performers just kept their mouths shut about how they had to beef their egos up to perform - now everyone wants to tell you about their 'hidden divas' and give them names that the kidz would approve of.
But I wish alter egos would give interviews. I bet Sasha Fierce would dish on how Jay-Z rates in bed.