Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alicia Keys....Really Boo?

Am I the only one who refuses to believe that Alicia Keys is a home wrecker? I mean for one, AK is hot and can have anybody she wants....WHY IN DA HOT LAVA HELL would she want skinny ass Swizz Beatz and even more importantly a married man with a new baby? I just don't think Alicia is that desperate or that silly or that tacky or that pressed. I mean seriously, is Swizz Beatz even worth this drama? I think not. HOWEVER, it seems Mashonda (da wife) knows more than I do and prolly doesn't give a fuck what I think. She is confirming that Alicia has been having relations with her husband.

Take a listen to Mashonda on Angela Yee's Shade 45 Lip Service show....

Just damn! While I need more proof, this is prolly all the proof necessary for most. Seriously, should this really, really, really be true....big ups to Mashonda for keepin it classy. And you can do better boo!


Elle said...

No way! I woulda swore on my clip on bang that this was totally made up and Lee Lee was above such scandalosity! Well I feel better...celebs can be whores just like us regula folk! What am I saying celebs are bigger whores than anyone.

ToshaRenelle said...

I'm with you, this clip is still not enough. I just can't imagine Alicia playing second fiddle to anyone's WIFE! Let, alone breaking up a marriage. It's not about images to me, either. It's about just how deeply intelligent she is, how grounded she is and how respectful and classy she is. I don't know. I just refuse to accept or believe she's Swizz Beats' mistress. Even like you said, from Kerry Brothers to Swizz?! IMPOSSIBLE!