Friday, January 23, 2009

Kanye, I Just Don't Like Da Mullet. That's All I Wuz Sayin!

Kanye's mad at me and er'body else who has been talkin bout him. I never said he wanted to do porn or anything and I haven't hacked into his accounts BUT I did say the nappy dug out mullet was not the move and I thought that he might be ill. But after reading his message, I've decided I'm going to let Kanye be great. It's not fun talkin bout the sensitive ones. Oh who am I kidding! Kanye, get over it!!! Who cares what people say bout you?! YOU are the one rockin afro mullets while performing for the first black president. YOU are the one debuting your specialty line of sneakers for Louie. But WE are the ones who have to love it and if we don't, we're gonna - maybe I should speak for myself here....I have to love it and if I don't, I'm gonna say some shit about it. Sorry you have to deal with hackers and bloggers and such....but even still....Kanye West's world doesn't seem so bad.