Friday, January 16, 2009

For Da Luh Of Miracles....

On this beyond freezing cold day, I've decided not talk ish about anybody. While I would like to share my thoughts about my god-mother Oprah's supposed ex-boyfriend and how he and Oprah used to smoke crack together - he's writing a book about it - I'm not gonna discuss it cuz for one, who cares? O done obviously found her way. And for two, Oprah done already talked about the time in her life when she dabbled with "a drug" but who knows if this guy is even really the boyfriend? See, and I'm gonna stop now cuz I'm bout to get ugly on this loser.

Anyhoo, I've decided to simma down for three reasons:

1. I'm just cold and I don't feel like it. One would think that since I live in a place that experiences all four seasons that I'd be used to a lil winter. But I'm not and I can't! Thank all that is mighty for hot toddies and brown juice. Seriously.

2. After learning that EVERYBODY who was on the plane that crashed into the Hudson River survived, who feels like talkin ish after witnessing a true miracle? I don't.

3. And speaking of miracles, I'm on my way to D.C. to witness history live and in person. So in the spirit of ridiculous joy, I'm gonna keep it on simma.

With that said, you also won't hear from me until after Inauguration. So have a fantabulous weekend and a Happy Inauguration!!

Luh u,