Saturday, February 28, 2009


Soooo, I don't know about you, but the winter is really rough for me. Like believe it or not, in the winter, all I want to do is snuggle. Yes bitches, F.U. actually likes to snuggle and cuddle while wearin thick ass sweat socks. This means that I prefer to go into what I call my winter hibernation. All I need is my sweat socks, some good food and my television and I'm good. Going out becomes like a chore. It's too cold to try to be cute, standing on lines, and I fuckin HATE coat check! However, when a good opportunity for fun times comes my way, I thank all that is good for Tivo and On Demand and make it do what it do. When I know it will be worth it, I come out of hiding and that is just what I did.

I went to the FREE Magazine Winter Heat party in the penthouse of Dwell95 in NYC. First of all, I love FREE Magazine. They have the best photo shoots with hot ass models and fly celebs and they have articles that are fun to read that are more than interesting and sometimes applicable to your life. B., the penthouse at Dwell95 is off the damn chain. The interior was beyond fabulous, the view is sick, and seriously, any party in a penthouse with an open bar is my kind of damn party.

So I want to thank FREE for making me not regret missing Private Practice. Spring is upon us, so my resurgence back onto the scene is gonna be slow but definite, however this FREE party has definitely gotten me excited and lookin forward to the next event and I do indeed hope it is as Dwell95 again. I must do that balcony....while blamin it on the alcohol of course.


Anonymous said...

I also made it out to the FREE event and had an amazing time. So I can add my praise to the chorus..please..please..please keep doing it.

Young Euro said...

I will have to agree. I wasn't really feeling like leaving home to go to another so-so event ... but I am very glad I did. I had a blast. This is the first of their events that I've been to but it won'r be the last... and shout out to Keith from the FREE team for making me that "Glass of delisciousness". You are lucky I was too distracted by the models to find out what was in

Geoffrey said...

Small world. I had dinner with the editor/publisher last night after the Harlem Heights event at Apollo.