Monday, February 2, 2009

New Muziq: Ciara - 'Never Ever'

This is Ciara's new video for Never Ever and ummmmm....she looks very, very, pretty. Oh and she knows how to pop, lock and twirk and roll like nobody's bidness. But that's all. Maybe somebody should let "Supa C" know she needs to come harder. This song is wack as all hell and don't she have about 3 old songs that sound just like it? Thank goodness for her booty rolls....


blackgirlthinking said...

I actually liked the beginning of the song, then Ciara started singing and ruined the damn thing.

I agree that Ci Ci really needs to step her game up. Hasn't she heard Keri Hilson's new song Turnin Me On..that right there should have told her that she had some fierce bitches in the game and that she would have to do better than the mediocore messs that she has been coming with lately.