Wednesday, March 25, 2009

HMMMMMM.....Can You Tell What's Different Here?

So Complex Magazine did a shoot with Kim Kardashian and some how, the pre-airbrushed/photoshopped picture was put up before the offical final airbrushed/photoshopped pic was put up. And of course, we have to dissect and see if we can see what's different.

I have to say that overall, she looks pretty much the same EXCEPT it is obvious that they made her skin lighter, they made her thighs thinner and less cottage cheesy, they sucked in her waist, and they of course fixed her shirt/leotard with seams coming undone.

I love these can you tell what's different here games! How did I do? Did I miss anything?

Oh and speaking of Kim, word has it that Kim had lunch with Vera Wang to discuss her wedding the end of the day, no matter what, Reggie LOVES it.



Dee said...

...seems like they gave her a fuller hairline, too.

I'm mad they made her lighter, wth?