Friday, March 27, 2009

I Can't Pay For My Lights But My Hair Is Tight!

Black women and their hair! I came across a very interesting article at The Root that talked about how the economy is hard on everybody but when it comes to black women, they will sacrifice a car payment if that means they can't get their hair did. This isn't only because black women have to stay looking good and new growth or a lace front that's liftin ain't cute, but it's also because the beauty salon is a place to go so we can gossip, buy bootleg DVDs, and get away from home to be pampered.

How many of you are that serious about your beauty salon visits? How many of you wouldn't pay your cable bill for a touch-up?


babygirlga said...

I pay my bills so I can't say that...but I have turned down a vacation invitation from a boyfriend because it was going to cross over my "standing appointment day"....he was playing in a tournament in Palm Springs and was going to be there Thursday through Monday...I ALWAYS get my hair done on Saturday mornings at 7 am....and, my stylist is BOOKED OUT so there was no option to move the appointment. So, I drove him to the airport and kissed him goodbye....sorry....

I have a friend that joked that the worse thing that would happen to me is for my stylist to die, because I wouldn't have anyone to do my hair to attend the stylist's funeral.

F.U. said...

Babygirlga I can't believe you turned down a Palm Springs vacay with your boo for your STANDING APPOINTMENT! Doesn't that mean you could have gotten your hair done the next Saturday you were back in town? LOL! And then drove him to the airport and could care less about it...SMH. Well, I guess that's better than skippin a car payment for a lace front.