Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Eat Dried Grits On Toast....

And you stan HARD for Beyonce. He knows "the Hilson sisters"...he knows "Niki Hilson and Paris Hilson" but "who the fuck is Keri Hilson???!!!!!" Ummmmmmm, all I have to say is Keri Hilson please watch out because he will "hit a bitch" and "bite your muthafuckin nose off"...JUST WHY?! WOW.

And since we're talkin bout Yonce....TV One Access aired a special which featured their list of the 16 Sexiest Black Women alive who are as follows:

Halle Berry
Tyra Banks
Alicia Keys
Jada Pinkett
Serena Williams
Joy Bryant
Gabrielle Union
Alex Wek
Naomi Campbell
Kerry Washington
Angela Bassett
Paula Patton
Beverly Johnson
Janet Jackson
Vanessa Williams
Lauren London
Laila Ali

I am actually shocked and RuPauled that Yonce didn't make this list. Thank all that is good that Keri Hilson didn't make the list. Dude might have thrown his TV out da window and broke all the chairs in his kitchen. Who else do you think is missing or do you think this list is more than right?

And let's just make this all about Yonce...please watch these little Filipino boys WEEEERK IT OUT to Put A Ring on It!!! And they even added some of their own choreography....don't tell these little boys they aren't killin it in their poom poom shorts....LOVES IT!!!


Geoffrey said...

This is why Osama n 'ems have a problem with the US. THIS RIGHT 'CHEER IS WHY!

The F$%K it List said...

I can't! I agree with Geoffrey.

Obama take me away!

babybrown said...

The angry man in the video reminds me of a poor man's Tyler Perry...lol

And as far as the second video... wow, um, they start very very young over there, that's the culture that's known for the effeminate shemale prostitutes... WOWSERS!!!!!!! I guess gender identity is fluid over there...???

Anonymous said...

lol I agree with Geoffrey. Hell Keri got her lil swagg on right now but the gum bumpin isnt doing her any good.

I like her music AND her style, but trying to start mess to make yourself hot only makes you look like a shit starter...I thought everybody learned that from 50cent