Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why I Love My President

I'd be here all day typin my list of all the reasons why I love my prez and how superfantastical I think he is but last night, he helped me add one more reason to my list. As I'm getting dressed to go out, I'm listenin to his press conference (shout out to the bestest lint brush user in the world...and the bestest lots of other things too) and I hear him letting these reporters know the real, what's the deal and the fact that he is trying his best to fix the major problems and trillions of dollars of debt he inherited and I'm like yup, that's right, let 'em know 'Bama! But then this one jackass got up and asked him, real stank too, why it took him so long to go public about something and then Barack said, Because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak....all right?" Shut that jackass up right quick. I mean duh, dummy. Wouldn't you want your President not to speak out on shit until he knows all the details, knows what he is talking about, and knows the best way to go about handlin the situation? Makes sense to me Mr. President. Love you, mean it!!


emptysuit said...

'trillions of dollars of debt he inherited' Obama didn't inherit nothing, nobody gave him this position, he ran for this position and was a senator, If he was a good senator he would have known what he was facing while running for this office, he is showing his lack of knowledge as president. he's talking about a $3.6 trillion proposal and haven't one report from the money he has already invested, yeah somebody needs to ask him does he know what he's doing, because the public now see that he doesn't.

F.U. said...

Ummm emptysuit, he ran for this position because of the fact that this country was being destroyed by an idiot and group of people who only want the haves to continue having and the have nots to continue suffering. WE voted for him and GAVE him this position because we knew he would be the best for the job. He isn't showing his lack of knowledge as president. He is showing that in his few months since taking office, the problems that are before him will be ridiculously difficult to solve due to the mismanagement, poor judgement and horrible decisions made by those who were there before him. The public sees exactly what is he doing and we see that he will do what is best for all of us. And if that means the horrible fuckers who make more money in a day than the average family makes in a month are going to have to lose a bit then oh damn well.

Babybrpwn said...

that was my favorite part: " I know what the f*ck I'm talking about, okay son'... okay okay, I'm improvising but it was still my favorite part, because I would have said the same thing!!!!!! I Love IT!!!!!!!!!!