Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Mean, I Can Say I'm A Millionaire Too..

How the hell is Farrah Franklin on Millionaire Matchmaker and NOT as a bitch who is tryna win a date but as a millionaire lookin for a date????? I had the serious screw face on and was like mkay before I run off at the mouth, let me do some research. And according to Wikipedia (and just plain ol' common sense) Farrah ain't do enough in her career for to be a millionaire. Like not even enough to front like she's one...but it seems that is indeed what's she doin. I was thinking that maybe she wrote some shit that she is still gettin royalties from....um, no. And you know she was only in Destiny's Child for 5.6 seconds and Yonce wasn't gonna let her contribute shit...I'm sure she done spent whatever lil DC checks she got. The only other thing she's done is some acting (in independent films that you know don't pay shit) and some modeling. Maybe she's a trust fund baby?

And even more importantly, why da hell is she on this show. I mean, Farrah can't get a date? Seriously? And is going on Millionaire Matchmaker supposed to help her career? I'm just all confused...but I'll be watching.

Watch this clip of Patti goin off on Farrah for showin up four hours late to the meet 'n' greet. Don't make no damn sense.


n0days0ff said...

i STAN for farrah and her fine ass but 4 hours??? i might have had to dip