Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More On Twitter...

And this time it is coming from people who DON'T/WON'T Twitter. While one would think Beyonce would be Twitterin bout her movie comin out or how she and Jay just ate biscuits in NYC, she says she just doesn't get it.

"The singer, who is currently preparing for her forthcoming world tour, says she is not a fan of social networking sites. When asked whether she was on Facebook she replied: “Not really. I like to call people or have dinner”. “My sister is the Twitter queen. She told me about the twittering,” explained Beyonce. “But I don’t get it,” she continued. “I feel like I’m getting really old…I’m like, what? I don’t understand. Just call me. I don’t get it.”

Yonce I'm gettin old too cuz I just don't get it either. I've tried really hard too but my brain doesn't seem to want to comprehend the point. I'll be the first to admit that my brain cells lack power when it comes to certain things and Twitter is most certainly one of them. I just got over my annoyance of how people use Facebook....well actually, maybe I'm not over it but I can deal.

And me and Beyonce aren't alone. T.I. refuses to Twitter too.

That's a grown man right there. Love him.



[Emeritus] said...

she said to call her. well where yo number at then boo?

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