Tuesday, May 19, 2009

So Today....

Midget Dupri gets half of his pint sized body covered with a tat of his lady love Janet J. I'm assuming this just means that even if he and Janet don't last, it won't matter who comes next, there will never be nobody better. Even if that is the case, and as dope as Janet is, I just don't get why somebody who only has 4 feet and 8 inches worth of skin would use up half of it puttin a full on portrait on his body. Just why?


While Russell Simmons is suing Def Jam (how crazy is that?), his silly bitch is bloggin and losing her damn mind....

I have been spending “special time” with Russell for about 4 months and in that time I have learned some subtle things about some in the black community that have surprised me. I must say that while it has been a bit of a challenge for me, it has also been a wonderful learning experience. I realize that in this day of Obama and change that there is still a tremendous amount of poverty, suffering and pain in the black community, and for that I am deeply sorry. But, I have to say the angry responses to those realities are sometimes misdirected….Just for the record, I am nobody’s white b*tch, gold digger or fame chaser. Nor am I any of the other mean things I have been called lately. I don’t need anything from anybody, I come from a good family and I’m a young independent “successful” model making my way in NYC. (If you don’t believe me google me or go to juliehenderson.net).

Finally, I just wanna say that Russell has been a great “special” friend and I’m sure as sh*t not giving him up cause some in America object to our friendship. I wanna close by saying, what Russell always says, Namaste. (That means the goddess in me recognizes the goddess in you)….Or, b*tch get your own man.


You know F.U. has a word or two. *clears throat*

Dear Bitch,

Let me start by saying that I can't even believe Russell Simmons allowed you to post this ignorance on HIS site. I can't even believe that anyone who would be a "special friend" to a dumb bitch such as yourself is the father of my precious babies Ming and Aoki. More importantly, I can't believe that Russell still would want you in his presence after you proved yourself to be the dumb donkey that you are.

How fuckin dare you?! I don't know what the hell you think you learned - those "subtle" things - in four months of being Spits When He Talks special friend but thinking that you gained any insight into the "Black Community" and the poverty and the suffering for which you are "deeply sorry" means you haven't learned shit. If anything, you have only reinforced the fact that you are totally oblivious to depth that is the "Black Community". Attending charity events that may be raising money for those who live in poverty who may happen to be Black or African, or a concert with Black people, or whatever it is you may be doing while spending time with your special friend for four months can no way in hell teach you anything about Black people and the Black community. And who the fuck are you apologizing to? And fuck are you apologizing for? Nobody needs your pity or your stupid ass unnecessary apology. The Black Community is GOOD, Bitch.

And seriously, no matter what kind of great family you come from, you probably really are a gold digger. Cuz be real ho, would you be taking the time to "learn" about the Black Community OR would you be fuckin a weird lookin shorty with a lisp if he wasn't RUSSELL SIMMONS???????!!!!!! NO THE FUCK YOU WOULDN'T. So don't act like you are with your black special friend just cuz you think he's hot and you really like him. Like you said, you are a "model" (which I can't believe cuz ain't shit cute about you. Tyra would have sent your ass packin the first week if you was on ANTM) tryna make it in NYC and don't act like you aren't using your relationship with this Black man to help you continue to make your way. So every name you've been called - and don't think Black people are the only ones who recognize that you are a white bitch, cuz your white counterparts see it in themselves and are prolly the ones who are actually taking the time to call you names - is every name you deserve to be called. Cuz funny enough, now all of a sudden, more than a few know your name. Yeah fame whore, tell it to somebody who gives a fuck.

Put that where,


P.S. No matter how many stacks Russell Simmons is standin on, you can keep your special friend boo. Get over yourself.


Simone Craig said...

Dear Bitch ... LOL !

babybrown said...

"Or, b*tch get your own man"...bitch please... she's nasty and fake, I wish that someone puts a stilletto up her stinking ass... I have so many thoughts on this, I've got to hold back...