Monday, June 29, 2009

The Gist: BET AWARDS 2009

I was soooooo ready to be give The Gist and talk about the amazingness that was the BET Awards. Yeah ummmmmm, not so much. I completely understand that BET only had three days to re-vamp the BET Awards so that they could pay tribute to Michael Jackson because there was no way that the show could have gone on without a serious MJ tribute....HOWEVER, something tells me that if Michael were still alive and the show went on as normal, he would think that show was a boring ass hot mess just as I did.

The best part of the show was Jamie Foxx. His hosting and his Michael Jackson tributes were all highlights. I love how all the media is making sure to include one specific line in their editorials and recaps and that is when Jamie said: "He belongs to us and we shared him with everybody else. ... It didn't make a difference what he looked like. It matters what he sounded like." You know there a certain people who don't want to hear that. But people do need to know that no matter what, he is ours forever and always.

The most important moment was when Janet came out to let us all know how she and her family are feeling. Ultimately, Janet's moment was the show.

I could talk about how Tiny really is the fugliest smidget in the world who can't speak English. But how many times can I say that? I could recommend that Ne-Yo keeps a hat on...I understand that er'now and then you wanna switch it up, but let's stick with what works boo. I could also talk about how boring Yonce's Ava Maria performance was or why her tribute to Michael Jackson was being all shy and acting like she never won an award before. Ciara singin "Heal the World" Audrina eyes were on full blast. Maybe Keyshia Cole shouldn't duet with people who can out sing her on ridiculous levels. (Props to Monica for sangin as per always.) Should Lil Wayne's daughter and other lil girls be on stage while he and his crew are performing songs about how many girls they wanna screw? Especially when he 'allegedly' has babies coming at the same time from two 'girls' he likes...I dunno. I could talk about such things, but I won't.

I will say that New Edition's "Stop the Love You Save" performance was really good, I enjoyed Tyrese, Trey Songz, and Johnny Gills tribute to The O'Jays (all three of them looked great and sounded even better), Maxwell was luscious and fantastic as I knew he would be, I am very pleased Jay-Z got a hair cut, and I loved the Humanitarian tribute to Alicia Keys and Wyclef. I will also point out that Alicia looked amazing - gorgeous.

That about sums it up. Joe Jackson was in the audience and on the red carpet he said he wished we had done this for Michael while he was still here. He's bigger now than he ever was. I think I understand where he's coming from....somewhere along the line we all kind of let Michael go and do his thing where ever he was doing it. However, I think while Michael was alive and doing what he did best - entertaining us all - we showed him how much we loved him. I take comfort knowing that no matter how or why he had to leave us, in his heart he knew that he was our King, that it all started with him, and that there was no one before him, there will be no one after him and he is LOVE.


Tarneka said...

First I want to give a special thank you to DVR and Skyy Vodka for making the show enjoyable. I also want to thank all the artists from the '90s for allowing me to sing along to some oldies but goodies (Probably need to thank the drug rehab centers for allowing them to come). Two thumbs up to Keke Palmer for making me think the next generation isn't going to hell (Damn you, Soldier Boy Tell 'em). Thanks to Beyonce and Jay-Z for getting me ready for bed with their snooze of a performance. Big shots out to the Ojay's for reppin' Cleveland with their dancing and shit. And a big hug to Janet for actually coming. I don't know how she did it. Did anyone see Joe Jackson look at Beyonce's bootie when she walked by him to accepted her award?

F.U. said...

Skyy Vodka sure does make er'thing better, doesn't it Tarneka! Damn me to hell for not takin my shots before watchin this mess. I missed KeKe but I heard she did do a great job - so yes big ups to KeKe! And did Joe really check out Yonce's bootiliciousness as she walked by? Missed that too...but so not surprised. And the O'Jays did rep Cleveland (and Canton) with their dancin and shit.

Lovin your Gist T!