Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Superstar Requirement: Skinny (Duh)

Ne-Yo is on video telling an aspiring singer she needs to lose weight. He says:

"You might need to lose some pounds. It depends on the type of music you want to do. If you want to go the Jill Scott route do what you want to do because there is freedom in that lane, but if you want to stand on the same stage as Beyonce, if you haven’t won an Oscar first, it isn’t gonna happen. And by that I mean Jennifer Hudson. Jennifer Hudson is a big girl. She won an Oscar and then she went and stood on the same stage as Beyonce.

It just really depends on the music you are trying to do. Jill Scott, Chrisette Michelle and that Neo soul style of music. You are okay and you can stay who you are because that audience accepts you for who you are. But these shallow muthaf*ckers in the pop world, they want you to be nice and curvy. Beyonce just barely gets by and you have NO IDEA how hard she worked. Beyonce is naturally a big girl too....Quiet as kept."

I saw this video posted on a few blogs with people saying that Ne-Yo was wrong for telling this girl she needed to lose weight and he didn't need to hurt her feelings. Ne-Yo may be wrong about many things hiding in his closet, but this ain't it. First of all, I don't think it is a secret that Yonce has to work hard to keep her figure tight...let her pop out one baby. I actually appreciate Ne-Yo keepin it real with ol' girl. Her talent means nothing, unless she really is gonna stay in the neo-soul lane....then her talent means everything. (Altho I've told ya'll before how I saw Chrisette Michele almost two years before her first album dropped and my music biz friend told me that she wasn't coming out til she lost weight....so even then.) The women of the music world all look exactly the same with very, very, few exceptions.

You have to wonder if Beyonce allowed herself to be her true size would she be as famous and fabulous as she is? We all know she is beyond talented but we would love her as much?

Ne-Yo said that the pop world is shallow, which is true, but we support it and the crank out what we like. So are we brain washed into liking we like by the people who control who entertains us OR are WE the shallow people who love our idols to look like we don't?

Just wonderin....