Monday, August 17, 2009

Close Your Legs To Married Men Trashy Hook-ah!

I finally got to see the interview that NeNe was supposed to be giving about her book but then Kim calls, and it becomes a back and forth between the two of them...

Andy must LOVE his job. Is anybody else just ready for the reunion?

AND since we talkin bout da Real Housewives....Bossip did an interview wth Kandi and I'm sorry, but something about Kandi's diagonal is just off. Something about her just seems a lil slow, a lil special...I mean one conversation with her seven year daughter kinda proved who has the brains in the family. Anyhoo...she is talkin about her relationship with her fiance and all his kids. She says when they first started dating she only knew about 3 of them. Then later she found out there were really 6 and basically due to circumstances, she was cool with it. UMMMMMMMMMMMMM....there is a HUGE difference between having 3 kids and 6 damn kids (by 4 baby mothas) and what possible circumstances could there have been that he didn't just come right out and say he had 6 kids? Maybe he was waitin for his episode of Maury to come on so he could find out that he is the father. AJ's Good Good must be Dicktastical!