Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Whitney No Longer Loves Bobbeeeeeeeeeee

Now that I've seen parts 1 and 2 of Whitney Houston's sit down with Oprah, I can speak on it.

I watched part one with my body tense and my hands clenched literally scurred of what I was going to hear. As much as I wanted to know er'single last detail, there was a part of me that didn't want to know about the destruction, the mess, and the pipes. But what do you know, there were no pipes...only coke laced weed. Sigh of relief on that one. But seriously, I was thinkin Whitney would either be very defensive or way too telling...and I am so glad that she was neither. She spoke her truth, in an elegant matter, with a lil of Newark, New Jerz on the side. Cuz she will fight you back.

If there was nothing else more obvious, it was the fact that she loved Bobby Brown. Even referred to him as her drug and says she was weak when it came to him. They loved hard and fought harder and then became coke heads together...he was also an alcoholic and an angry one. In his fits of rage he would be emotionally abusive to her, he smacked her once, and spit in her face. He also spray painted evil eyes around the house and cut her head off a family picture. Bobby Brown, indeed, is a piece of shit. But it also sounds to me like he's bi-polar...and his mouth is crooked so you have no idea what kind of added trauma that causes.

While Whitney was at the height of her career, Bobby was doing whatever he could to destroy her. His career had been faded and she was the reason for everything...some men have trouble dealing with that. Especially when you are in the same profession and people see you only as the husband of an Iconic Megastar. Oprah asked was Bobby jealous of her. In a way, I kind of feel like Oprah was directing Whitney in what she wanted her to say. Of course he was jealous of her...but I think Oprah should have let her suggest that on her own. It was obvious that Oprah was TEAM Whitney (and we all are) but I do feel like Oprah asked questions that were leading and part of her own perception of what she thought was going on at the time. Like yup girl, I knew it was Bobby all along. I knew it!

Anyhoo...I came across this comment made by this dude named "Onion" on The Root after part one aired. He said:

"Where would women be without a bad man to blame? The question asked by Oprah in her promos for this show was, “What was the worst thing he did to you?” A better question is, “Why the hell would you marry a man who was so bad in the first place? What was it about you that made you desire a person of such low repute?” OK, that’s two, sorry. But once again there’s nothing like a good dose of victimhood and sense of entitlement to warm the hearts of women all over this country. Whitney got what she deserved. Maybe she was just a shell to begin with and all she was was a voice. It was known that Bobby had babies and babie’s momma’s. So, again why Whitney? I think it was because she wanted to ride that ride, and so she did, and she ended up with a very bad hang over. It’s what she deserved because it’s what she asked for. He didn’t force her to marry him. Be a woman and own up to your own mistakes. Your own worst enemy was not Bobby, it was you, Whitney."

Minus the angry black man part, I had to agree with this Onion dude. I think Whitney would agree with him too. Especially since in part two of interview she says she has no regrets because it was in divine order...and as she sang, she didn't realize her own strength until now. It is real easy to sit back and say Bobby did this to her. Yeah, of course he was a bad influence. Of course he used the fact that she loved him so deeply and the fact she took her vows as seriously as they should be taken, to take her down in any way he could once he realized that he was officially a loser. And yes, he is the scum of the earth. However, Whitney played a role in this too. She made the choice to marry Bobby, to breed with Bobby, and smoke coke laced weed with Bobby. And it was her money buyin the shit. She could have at any moment walk out the door....altho she said he wouldn't let her. Now Whitney, how about we just say you didn't want to leave, you weren't ready to leave, and you couldn't leave because you didn't realize your own strength and that had nothing to do with Bobby.

But despite all that, the best part is that eventually she did find the courage and the strength to leave...and she's back and I for one, am so happy for her. She sounded way better than I thought she would during her performance and I teared up. I feel proud of her, genuinely proud and excited for her. Whitney feels like family. She's so familiar, she's so real, she's so every woman.

So now that that is all said and one, I just want to know two things...am I the only one who heard Bobbi Kristina singing on Good Morning America and heard that she did not get the sangin gene and has no business tryna be in the sangin business? And no matter what was going on in their lives, did not nary a person notice that Bobbi Kristina needed braces dumb long ago to fix that 5 mile gap in her teeth that she unfortunately inherited from her crazy ass daddy?

Luh u Whitney, mean it!!

Part 1