Friday, November 13, 2009

Chris Brown Is Crawlin On Wendy

Well, his video for "Crawl" debuted on the "Wendy Williams" show and I must say...I like the video and the song. And Cassie should really stick to being pretty in videos and pictures and stuff. Bitch is hot.

But in regards to to his interview with Wendy...I love how girls in the audience get all excited and screamin and whoooo for him when they know last Friday they was watchin Rih on 20/20 shakin their head at his woman beatin ass. I'm all for redemption and dude is young and he should be given the opportunity to heal, change, and grow but I struggle with listenin to him say he wants to keep his feelings about what happened private (when he was the first one goin on Larry King and Angie Martinez and MTV etc.) and how he's a changed person cuz of anger management. That shiz is a life long journey. You don't heal from that over night. You aren't just all of a sudden better cuz you singing songs about crawlin to get back to where you want to be. I dunno...I like the song and I want him to get better and become a grown man but something about him isn't sincere to me and I'm sorry...I'm Team Rih Rih (porno album covers and all). Crawl bitch, crawl.


babybrown said...

you're right he does seem mad phony! ugh