Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Bye Kevin and Channing

So the bottom three couples were Channing and Victor, Kevin and Karen, and Mollee and Nathan. I wasn't surprised by any of these couples landing in the bottom but after they danced for their lives, I was surprised that Karen got picked to stay over Channing. I thought Channing's solo was better than Karen's and Mollee's AND I thought that Channing, even tho I forget about her, has done better than Mollee throughout the season thus far on a technical level. But I thought the judges would be over Karen and her "smoldering sexy". However, if anybody should have gone, it should have been Mollee BUT I knew she and Nathan weren't going anywhere when Nigel said he knew they were gonna give great solos....and Mollee did flips and stuff and because she and Nathan keep the young and deaf people watchin.

Now Nathan's solo was indeed pretty dope and Victor's solo was filled with way too many pirouettes, but Kevin didn't dance for his life and he hasn't gotten better each week (like say, Russell).

So peace out Channing and Kevin. You won't be missed, but it was nice having you. And Kevin, look into botox for that top lip. Please.


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