Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Plus A Lil Extra

I didn't feel like addressing a couple of emails I received askin me what I thought about the American Music Awards - and why I didn't blog about it - in a separate post, because one, I think it's old news and for two, that shit was boring as hell and I fell asleep and had to watch everything the next day online. So before I begin my weekly SYTYCD re-cap I'll just say this:

  • I will always love me some Janet Jackson but her 8 minute medley is something that I've heard and seen before a ga-zillion times and not only that, it was missing the excitement, the energy, and fabulousness of my Janet. I'm a fan of people goin out on top. Janet may want to think about that. And even if you do gain a lil weight and must perform maybe not wear...whatever that was.

  • Jennifer Lopez's song sucks ass, her performance sucked even more ass, it was funny to see her bust her ass, and she needs to stick to puttin her name on smelly perfume.

  • Mary J. Blige gets better and better with age. I will never question her talent or "intelligents". Go Mary!

  • The best thing about Rihanna's performance was her outfit and laser works.

  • If I hear Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' "NY State of Mind" one more time....

  • Whitney Houston is back! She sounded beautiful and looked gorgeous. Proud of Whitney!!!

And there you go.

So now let's get on with why we're really here. SYTYCD! (Sorry that I find SYTYCD way more entertaining) Two routines per couple tonight. Let's get it!

Ellenore and Ryan

The Lindy Hop...how fun! That was really cute and energetic. Who knows anything about the Lindy Hop from a technical aspect, not me that's for sure, but it looked hard without looking hard. I loved all the lifts, the kicks, and um "coffee grinders", and that final split by both of them. Awesome!!!

Next dance Ellenore and Ryan get is Broadway and these two just proved yet again how great they are. I totally believed that Ryan was the puppet master and Ellenore played the perfect puppet. They totally got into character, they were entertaining, and so believable. I have such a total dance hottie crush on Ellenore. She is a joy to watch. LOVED IT!!!

Kathryn and Legacy

A Jazz piece by Sonya. Mkay, this piece starts with Legacy doing an out of control backwards "crab walk". SICK!!!! This routine was great!!! I have to say that I watched Legacy way more than I watched Kathryn. Yes, it was smart of Sonya to add a lil dash of Hip-Hop into her routine, but I don't think it was for Legacy's benefit. It was to help make the routine even greater. Legacy doesn't need any hand outs or add-ins or extras. He is really a true dancer. And as he said, "I was dancing." Let em' know Legacy! Now, Kathryn did a great job as well especially with her split and back leg toe point. And I did like that leotard she was wearin. This is definitely one of the best routines all season. Loved it!!

So for their second piece, Legacy and Kathryn get the Viennese Waltz. Beautiful. That was gorgeous choreography and it was so beautifully executed. And wait, is Legacy crying about hope? OMG, he is soooo makin it to the top ten. I think I love him. But seriously, technically I couldn't tell what was wrong, I just knew that I thought everything they did was right.

Karen and Victor

These two lost their partners last week and are working together for the first time. They got the Tango and....Victor is way too gay for Karen. There was no hot connection, I wasn't turned on, and it was obvious nobody wanted to rip anybody's clothes off when it was over. With that said, technically I think they did very well. I think they hit their marks, they had the poise, the moves, and the look. So it was good and stuff but eh.

Karen and Victor get Hip-Hop for round two. Boom Boom Kat is back again. She's such a wonderful mess and she gives these dancers good stuff to work with. That said, that wasn't good. Karen was tryna dance her ass off and she did but something was off...and I think it was Victor. He needs to go. Not great at all.

Mollee and Nathan

The youngins start off with some Hip-Hop choreographed by Jamal Sims. I have to say, it was pretty decent. The routine wasn't technically difficult and it wasn't anything to "phone home about"...but it was aight. I like that it is obvious that Nathan and Mollee enjoy dancing with each other but I'm with Nigel...if they make it to next week, I'm so ready for them to dance with someone else. I think they young/dumb each other down dance-wise.

These two are doin The Can-Can with the help of Tyce Diorio. And wow, I'm totally impressed. I was just waitin for this to be a total womp womp but it was actually really great! And I finally got to see the Nathan that I loved from the very beginning. Nathan has skills! And Mollee was great too, and I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up in Circ Du Soleil (or Circus Soil Le as my friend Tee would say) or in that kind of performing dance troupe. The dance was obviously energetic and full of kicks and spins and all that great stuff. They were great. The Can-Can prolly saved these two.

Noelle and Russell

Russ and Noelle start off with a Samba. First of all, great song selection..."Hips Don't Lie" and while it wasn't as sexy as it needed to be, they tried to make it do wut it do. You can tell they give it everything every time and that's why I love them. So wish it was better, but still get an A for effort from me. I also don't ever want to see Russell in that outfit or any outfit like that ever again.

The second time around Russell and Noelle perform a Tyce D. Contemporary piece which included paint and creating art. That was an amazing routine. They absolutely hit their marks, executed wonderfully, and effortless. And you could tell from the very first move that it was going to be worth watching. So happy they ended with such a strong routine. Excellent!

Ashleigh and Jakob

First let me say that Ashleigh is gonna miss Jakob cuz he is the reason she's still on this damn show. But anyway, their first dance is a Lyrical Jazz piece and it is another Sonya original beauty. And another opportunity for Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob to dance circles around Ashleigh. So here is the thing. I just need to know how Jakob is splittin, liftin, spinnin, leapin and boundin while Ashleigh is doin like a kick and walk? It is obvious that the choreographers enjoy giving Jakob the major moves cuz he can do them. You can't help but watch him and love him. Now I do think this was Ashleigh's best piece all season. And this piece was fantastical. Loved it.

Leaps and Bounds and Ashleigh end the night with a Cha-Cha. Finally, something Ashleigh knows how to do! This was the first dance that I actually paid attention to her throughout the dance. She managed to put Jakob in the background a lil bit. It was sexy, it was hot, it fun, it was entertaining and not much else to say but they worked that. And I stand corrected...THIS was actually Ashleigh's best piece all season. NICE!

So seriously, dancers were dancing tonight and the choreographers were giving the dancers dance! So many of them brought their best tonight like Ryan, Ellenore, Legacy, Kathryn, Jakob and dare I say Ashleigh. Even with that Can-Can I think Nathan and Mollee should be dancin for their lives but Karen and Victor are the two that I can actually put money on. And while I think Russell and Noelle's Contemporary piece was great, I think they might be in trouble too.

We shall see tomorrow! Good work people, good work!


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