Monday, November 9, 2009

Yay Rih Rih!

I just watched Rih Rih's interview with Diane Sawyer and I thought she was great. She comes off to me as a really smart, mature, grown ass woman. She went thru some shit that many women do and she understands the depth of it all. She was caught up in the love and being scared for him but realized that it was about her and she knew that she could not be with someone who could Chris Brown her. I really appreciated the way she expressed how it all went down, her feelings, and why she is better because of it all. I also saw on Good Morning America today that after that interview, the Domestic Violence help line calls increased by 59%. It sucks it had to happen but I'm really glad Rih Rih's drama has been a wake-up call not just to her but to many others. Yay Rihanna!

I also can appreciate that she is makin dudes cry on Twitter.