Wednesday, December 9, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: I Can't! Da Wuh?! Ummmmm...

I think it might really be time for me to let go. America ruins it all the time. How in DA FLUCKIN HELL did Ashleigh make it into the finale, without even performing, over Ellenore who is the best female dancer in the whole group. HOW?! Yes she's a lil tardy and speaks in an alien voice, but she's hot and she can dance her ass off ANNNNNDDDDDD when she dances with Leaps and Bounds aka Jakob, she makes HIM better (if that is even possible!) instead of tryin her best to keep up and skippin around the stage while he leaps, spins and bounds around her. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

THEN, NO WAIT, THEN...just when it can't get any worse, some Korean pop singing group "The Wonder Girls" perform and they are the worst piece of shit performers EVER. No for real, for real, the worst.piece.of.shit.performers.ever. HOW IN DA FLUCKIN HELL does So You Think You Can Dance have a group of non-singing ass singers who are the most NON-DANCING ASS DANCERS on the show? What sense does that make. Seriously? I just need to know. The choreography was literally swaying side to side and finger shaking. I CAN'T!

I don't know if I can keep watchin this show. This show makes my stomach bubble. Sigh...

Anyhoo...I guess the good news is that Ellenore made it to the finale. So peace out Mollee. She shouldn't be sad. She's friends with the High School Musical people. She's gonna be in the circus. She'll be fine. And she needs to thank the deaf people that got her as far as she did. One time for the deaf vote.

The SAD news is that Ryan somehow made it to the finale and Legacy is GONE. I'm confused. This is so wrong. Scuse me while I go drink a bottle of Pepto.


Anonymous said...

Amen. Peace out Legacy. :(