Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 8 is Gre8!

So Ashleigh's shoulder popped out and couldn't dance tonight...yet, we're still supposed to call in and vote for her. Um, she spent the first few weeks as Leaps and Bounds' (aka Jakob's) prop. Unless somebody fucks up royally, hell and no.

So let's see, shall we?

Kathryn and Ryan

Kat and Ryan start the night off with a Disco. Ya'll already know that unless these two can top best of all time Brandon and Janette's Disco from last season, then I'm over it...and I'm over it. Next.

For their second routine they get a Cha-Cha. Nice song selection (Put ya hands on me by Joss Stone...love me some Joss.) Anyway that was pretty great. Super energy, nice partnership, and they technically hit the Cha-Cha moves. I'm just not excited about them. I did love that final move where he was holding her upside down with the one leg and he held that position. That was hot.

But is Mary fuckin kiddin me. She put Ryan and Kathryn on the hot tamale train and not Legacy and Ellenore. Mary and her big ass teef need to go somewhere.

Mollee and Jakob

I thought this was an interesting pairing. Mollee and Jakob start with a Viennese Waltz and first let me just say that Vanessa Carlton's song "Ordinary Day" is still one of my faves so I literally sang and watched Mollee and Jakob create dancing fabulousness. That was so pretty. Great choreography but it's still Leaps and Bounds. He has this way of taking even the simplest steps and making them grand and then of course his leaps and his bounds...He's friggin amazing. And he made Mollee look like she could actually keep up with him. That spin at the end where he just holds her around the waist and she held on to his hips...that's dance people. Fantastic.

So now Jakob and Mollee do Broadway. You know Leaps and Bounds will tear some Broadway up...and he did. I didn't like the song selection(it was a remixed song from the Annie soundtrack) BUT I was entertained and just enjoy watchin Jakob spin, leap, kick, and just kill the stage. Mollee kept up. Good for her. But I love Jakob.

I think Adam Shankman has a crush on Leaps and Bounds, I mean yes, Jakob is indeed one of the best dancers ever on SYTYCD but Adam says it a bazillion times and with a giggle. I know Adam...

Ellenore and Legacy

Mkay. Ellenore and Legacy...this is exciting. But then we learn they are doing a Travis Wall Contemporary routine for their first piece. My mouth is agape. Where da hell do I friggin begin? Dare I whoooooooo like Mary. WHHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW. OK, first of all, the concept: Legacy and Ellenore are married assassins who are in love but are tryna kill each other. Ellenore's costume was sexy as hell and she's fuckin hot. Legacy was the damn man. That head stand on the table when he lands on top of her and she slides up under him...YES!!! They hit their marks reeeediculously and they were so passionate, so sexy, so hot, so serious, so majorly sick. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Legacy and Ellenore get a Nap and Tab Hip-Hop number for their second routine. OMG, did they not luck da fluff out tonite or what?! Well, not really. Not my favorite Nap and Tab routine. Legacy and Ellenore did what they were supposed to do but the concept of the choreography was about weird strange people or something and I think it made it a bit hard to focus on the actual dancing, not to mention that Legacy and Ellenore are better than that routine. So that makes me mad...especially since Nap and Tab are the usually the bestest with their concepts. Dammit.

Ashleigh and Russell

Why come Russell's partners always get hurt and he always ends up with a fat girl replacement? Anyway, their first routine was a Shane Sparks Hip Hop routine and Russ was workin it out as he always does. He was makin it do wut it do, tryna show us all that he don't care who is partner is, he was gonna smash it. He definitely gives 1,000%. Go Russ!

Russ and "Ashleigh" get Bollywood. Russell doin Bollywood....I don't need to see that again. With that said, Russ worked it out like he always does. He makes everything fun and exciting and he does it all with a smile on his face throughout the routine. Not to mention, technically he was amazingly on point. He has dancing personality for days. How can you not love Russ?!

So in my opinion, the married couple needs to go home. Ryan and Ashleigh, it's your time. I got it right last week...who knows if that will happeb again. All I do know is that Ellenore and Jakob are the best male and female and that's just that. Legacy and Russell should get votes too.

We'll see tomorrow!