Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Teddy Riley Beat His Daughter With A Rock Band Guitar

As in the video game Rock Band. He took the guitar and beat the shit out of his 18 year old daughter. Why you ask? Seems Teddy, his daughters, and his new girlfriend were beefin....ON TWITTER. First of all, what grown ass man goes back and forth with his daughters on Twitter? I'll never understand why anybody does anything on Twitter, but WHY Teddy Riley, would you put your bizness with your children on blast on the bullshit that is Twitter???!!! I can understand the daughters going in on the girlfriend and telling her she's a gold digger and to stay in her land and play her position...I mean they are all like 18 and 20 years old (and yeah, Teddy's girlfriend is the same age or very close to the same age as his daughters) and this is what youngins do all day but damn you Teddy Riley. And maybe if his daughter was a son, I could see him beatin his ass like a man, but why would you beat your daughter down like she's some bitch off the street because of some new lil girl in your life???

But wait...Teddy and his daughters and girlfriend all fight on Twitter, somewhere in the middle of all of that, he leaves, goes and beats his daughter's ass, kicks both of them out of the house, and then gets back on Twitter to let everyone know what he did and not to bite that hand that feeds them. I am simply beyond shocked and Ru Pauled. I'm disgusted. My side eye, screw face, and unhinged jaw are all poppin off. I can't.

I think the Internet is the devil. No Diggity.

Should you want to see the entire Twitter reediculousness, Necole Bitchie has it all. Happy Holidays.