Friday, January 22, 2010

What Would You Do If Your Lover Leaves You For His Wife?

Make big ass billboards and post them on buildings in three major cities of course!! 41 year old YaVaughnie Wilkins got pissed when her married boyfriend decided to end their affair and return to his wife. The married man happens to be businessman Charles E. Phillips, who also happens to be an advisor to President Barack Obama. How bout that.

She spent $50K of her own money to create these billboards and post them in NYC, Atlanta and in San Francisco where Mr. Phillips lives. She also included a quote said to her by Mr. Phillips: “You are my soulmate forever!”

Note to jumpoffs, mistresses, hos and heffas: they will always tell you what they want you to hear as long as you keep fuckin them. I mean, duh.

Note to YaVaughnie Wilkins, you could have spent your $50K on maybe rezsughin your weave piece and find you a man who isn't married. Just a thought. But you do get an A for thinkin big tho....made me giggle.


always4evamoi said...

Oh wow.....I don't know even know what else to say.....

Juanita said...

laughing! eff a cheating man. eff a knowing mistress. too bad about the wife, but I guess she keeps her hubbie if she wants him, so what do I know.

iluv..... said...

I hate DIPS. Know your role. Once a DIP, always a DIP. Did she think this all the way through? She put herself on blast and let everyone know that she is a LOSER. Whose going to date you now, dumbazz!!!

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