Thursday, September 4, 2008

By The Way, About America's Next Top Model....

I think I'm officially over it. The screaming every time the Js walk in, or Tyra walks in, or a box is left somewhere or anything happens...I can't. It got on my damn nerves. Also, I think I'm just...well I'm a woman of a certain age and these little girls just don't do it for me anymore.

Now with that said, Isis isn't as interesting/fabulous as I thought she would be but I think it is great that she is on the show. I mean, she's clearly part of the reality show Tranny Trend but still, she's fiercer than some of the other bitches on the show and she's taping a ding-dong up her butt crack. And she had one of the best photos of the night. Oh and that Sharaun bitch who got sent home and deserved to get sent packin, she was real out of pocket tryna fuck up Isis' photo shoot. Bitch was talking to her thru the curtain talkin bout, Isis you need to burn some of that hair off. Isis you need to shave. Silly shit like that. Isis kept it mature and kept it together and gave fierce pic while that bitch passed out and cried when Tyra didn't call her name.

Anyhooo, while I won't be running home to watch ANTM, I'll still be watching when I feel like it. But unless my mood fits, don't expect any re-caps...not that ya'll even want any. Since I did watch this time, these were my favorite photos of the night AND my top four.