Thursday, September 25, 2008

John McCain Needs To Go Kick Rocks

Besides lying to David Letterman about not being able to go on his show due to the meltdown of the economy and then going on Katie Couric - seriously what a jerkoff - he now is tryna cancel the debate scheduled for tomorrow.

HELL NO! Of course Barack is like nah dude, this is goin down. I don't know what you think this is, but I'mma be there with fuckin bells on and not only rip into your scurred ass on everything from your bullshit decision to switch up your campaign motto to "change" (fuckin beef biter) to the fact that you know nothing about this economy or how to restore it or how to implement a new system so that shit never happens again.

McCain says that he won't be debating because he has to be in Washington to work on the solution for a bail out. You dumb fucker! Shouldn't you be at the debates telling us all why we are suffering economically to begin with and what your plan is? You idiot! What exactly are you going to do in Washington? You aren't on any of the committees and everyone in Washington knows that you are only two grade levels smarter than Bush, so how really, McCain do you plan on helping? Are you just gonna walk around the halls of Congress patting congressmen on the back and tellin them to keep up the good fuckin work?

I swear to goodness....breathe. Lemme breathe right quick. The blood is boilin.

And by the way, this whole economic crisis thing is sickening. The people who don't have any money are the ones who are paying to fix the problem - and it won't help anybody but the rich, who by the way, are not worried at all about this economic issue. Tax payers got this.

Watch Letterman....


Sadiqua P said...

mccain is running scared...he knows Obama got something for that azz...the country is jacked up, but what are you going to do about it?

if mccain could promise that what he does/says would fix shyt by Monday, i would back him up about putting the debate on pause. but ah, we all know that aint the case...Palin needs to bytch-slap some sense into him and tell him he can borrow her balls...

iluv... said...

I think he thought this was a good idea but it only showed what we are already knew, he is not ready to be president. We are in a crisis, and his solution is to take up space at a meeting (not providing any worthwhile contribution) in oppose to instilling trust in the American people that he could bring us out of this.

F.U, have the bloggers taken a personal day today. I NEED my daily dose of gossip in the morning to start my day. I made my rounds to the three sites I frequent on a daily basis and NOTHING. Who do I complain to?

Just so you can know, I blame you for not getting any work done today. My motto is: No gossip/news, No work.

P.S, I had to be bored to waste my time commenting on McCa.... (it hurts to even write his name).

And,I already know, I need therapy.

F.U. said...

Sadiqua P, I don't know if Palin can do anything for McCain or anybody else but feed them dead moose. But um, McCain is indeed runnin scared. He's a total bitch ass.

Iluv you crack me up! Let's go to therapy together, k? We can eat Cheez Its while we tell the therapist why we're so special.

OK so here is the thing, this has been like the slowest news week EVER. Also, I've just had shit to do. So you can complain to me - at least about this site.

Let's hope there is more to talk about next week other than how this country is in ruins and how Barack smashed the shit out of the debate!!

Have a great weekend dollface!

Luh u, bye.