Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are You Ready To Be........

Overloaded with everything Beyonce??? Um, here is the thing. I just a said a couple of days ago that I'm realizing why I love her. I love her cuz she won't stop, cuz she can't stop and she is simply a master at takin even the most simplest concepts to the next level and makin it doper than anything you or anybody else could have attempted.

BUT THEN it's like Yonce....I can't witchu! WHY must you go overkill??? We all have limits of how much we can take. Whether its you as Beyonce or you as Sasha Fierce, its all you and its all too much!

Mkay, so you're thinkin, F.U. da hell you talkin bout. Well, last night Daddy Knowles let the media listen to Yonce's new double disc CD and explained all that she has goin on. Are you ready? You best be, cuz she's comin.

"’s a 17-song double-album. However, if the economy has you looking to save a few bucks, you can instead buy a condensed 11-song single-CD version; both editions will go on sale the same day. The first disc in the deluxe package is on the balladic side, while the second disc focuses on more upbeat, rhythmic material. What’s more, the two discs have separate titles. The first one is dubbed I Am… BeyoncĂ©. Papa Knowles said the name of the second disc will remain a secret for now and revealed in connection with an upcoming promotion; he would only refer to it as “I Am dot-dot-dot.”

Well it shouldn't take a genius to know that the title of the second disc will be I Am....Sasha or I Am Sasha Fierce. And please tell me you all know about Sasha Fierce. I can't even get into that so if you don't click: Yonce, seriously. We all know its you boo. Like stop it. Mkay? Luh, u bye.

And in case you still can't figure it out, here is the mechanical glove or whatever kinda glove that is that Sasha Fierce put on her Mysapce page...funny, it looks like the same glove that Yonce/Sasha Fierce is rockin in the Single Ladies video. (I mean, duh. But I'm talkin bout it so the very smart mystery marketing and all that jazz is clearly workin.)

I'm not done.

So er'time a single is released, there will always be two singles released at once. Right now we got "I Am... BeyoncĂ©'s “If I Were a Boy” and I Am...'s “Single Ladies” and next to come are “Halo” and “Ego”. And then, in just a few days, another single will be released - and not one that is on her album. It's her version of Etta James "At Last" which is from the soundtrack of the movie Cadillac Records (talk about perfectly planned timing).

Then....memba how she released a B-day video compilation when the Deja' Vu single wasn't doin as well as it what supposed to and then Ring da Alarm just gave er'body a headache and they couldn't take it? (side note I love that damn compilation and those videos made me love most all the songs on that album and I thought that was GENIUS) Well she's not even waitin this time for you to need a video album. In February, you will gets you the DVD of videos of all of her new songs and at the same time, the Spanish version of her new double disc is comin out.

And don't forget about the movie she's been workin on with my husband Idris. Yes that's right, the same time the Spanish cd comes out, her movie "Obsessed" will be released in theaters.

And after you take that all in, then its time to see Yonce/Sasha Fierce live and in full effect. Here is the part where we all get ready to be entertaaaaaaaaaaaaained!

Yonce/Sasha Fierce is goin on a world tour starting in April. "A 110-date tour in April, starting in Canada before going on to Europe, the States, Mexico, South America, and a week-long stint in Vegas, before wrapping up in Japan, Africa, and Australia."

Dayum. I'm tired. For you true blue Yonce fans this must be Christmas, Crack, and the best orgasm in your life all at once. For the rest of you who can't tolerate Yonce, I suggest you turn off your radios, your televisions, your computer....bitch is here and whether you're ready or not, she's bout to take over. Again.



Elle said...

Just wow. Every other young female R&B singer out should just look down.