Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The New Danity Kane

So last night it was made official - Aubrey and D. Woods are out of Danity Kane and the above three will continue on as Danity Kane.

Ummmmmmmm....WOMP WOMP!!! These bitches are not Destiny's Child. And for another thing, seriously, look at 1, 2, and 3. How you gonna have a group wit a chipmunk, a cute boy (I do love you Dawn - you know you my fave!), and a random? Seriously, as much as Aubrey gives us all Eye Herpes with just lookin at her skanky ass, she brings something to the group that is much needed - a fuckin personality! And how da hell do you get rid of D. Woods??? The one cute bitch in the bunch. Rooster hair cut and all.

Aubrey came on the finale last to air her grievances and fight for her rights and let the world know that she's good and fuck all the blogs who call her a hoslutbag. Aubrey clearly wanted her last hoorah - she's an attention whore as well as hoslutbag and she just had to get her shine on cuz she knows its prolly for the very lasted time. D. Woods didn't have time for none of it and didn't bother. And she shouldn't have bothered cuz what da fuck for?

Even with all this drama - we all know Diddy is good for gettin bitchy and throwin his power around and kickin people out of shit. But then, things change and the next thing you know, Boom Boom Kat is back in action. For all we know, this is all a publicity stunt to get "Ebony & Ivory" aka Aubrey and D. Woods their own show, or their own group and Diddy will say some shit like we had our differences in the past, but I make stars, and these two were the real stars and now go out and buy your Ebony & Ivory CD in stores today!

Should you care, this is Aubrey's farewell speech...


Carsi said...

Dawn is thinking "2 down, 2 more to go, then it's all about me"

Elle said...

Okay that picture says it all...BOOOOOOOO! Danity Kane is a wrap.